Teen Titans, Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight

Teen Titans Vol It s Our Right to Fight As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New event of September writer Scott Lobdell X Men The Age of Apocalypse and artist Brett Booth Justice League of America deliver a fresh new take on D
  • Title: Teen Titans, Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight
  • Author: Scott Lobdell
  • ISBN: 9781401240639
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Teen Titans, Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight
    As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, writer Scott Lobdell X Men The Age of Apocalypse and artist Brett Booth Justice League of America deliver a fresh new take on DC Comics teen heroes, the Teen Titans.Tim Drake, Batman s former sidekick, is back in action when an international organization called Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E seeks toAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, writer Scott Lobdell X Men The Age of Apocalypse and artist Brett Booth Justice League of America deliver a fresh new take on DC Comics teen heroes, the Teen Titans.Tim Drake, Batman s former sidekick, is back in action when an international organization called Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E seeks to capture, kill or co opt super powered teenagers As Red Robin, he s going to have to team up with the mysterious and belligerent powerhouse thief known as Wonder Girl, the hyperactive speedster calling himself Kid Flash and few all new teen super heroes to stand any chance at all against N.O.W.H.E.R.E But as Superboy meets them for the first time, the Titans have to wonder, is he a friend or foe Collecting Teen Titans 1 7
    Teen Titans, Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight By Scott Lobdell,
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    Scott Lobdell born 1963 is an American comic book writer.He is mostly known for his work throughout the 1990s on Marvel Comics X Men related titles specifically Uncanny X Men, the main title itself, and the spin off series that he conceived with artist Chris Bachalo, Generation X Generation X focused on a number of young mutant students who attempted to become superheroes in their own right at a separate school with the guidance of veteran X related characters Banshee and Emma Frost He also had writing stints on Marvel s Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight, and The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini series with artist Gene Ha He wrote the script to Stan Lee s Mosaic and an upcoming film from POW Entertainment featuring Ringo Starr He also participated in the Marvel Comics and Image Comics from Jim Lee s WildStorm crossover mini series WildC.A.T.s X Men.


  • B 74% More than SatisfactoryNotes Bright, buoyant pablum colored by contrivance and quirk, it lacks teeth and flesh seeking in vain to be hip and edgy.

  • Holy Batman this shit sucks I had to go and check out my Redhood and the Outlaws Rebirth volume 1 copy to make sure this is the same writer So take Teen Titans but make almost all of them completely unlikable Then got that N.O.W.H.E.R.E organization from Superboy comic after them And this is where Superboy comes into play as well when he wrecks the titans The Titans here all must unite and become a team or otherwise they will die Good Uhhh some decent art Bad Tim is so out of character it hurts [...]

  • A shadowy government organisation called NOWHERE is collecting teenage metahumans for some undoubtedly diabolical scheme and even have the clone Superboy as their wrangler Can Red Robin and co escape their evil clutches Scott Lobdell writes a very 90s book for a 21st century audience NOWHERE what an awful name I guarantee the acronym came first, the meaning second, and I couldn t even begin to tell you what it stands for It s just an ominous sounding name that ll suit the bad guys.Tim Drake Red [...]

  • Not as good as it could have been, but I didn t think it was unreadable.Very middle of the road kind of plot, especially for a Teen Titans originish story.Also, are Skitter and Bunker new characters Anybody I guess I m waiting to see if it gets better or worse before I decide anything.It could get better, right

  • The three stars is largely for something that Lobdell has no control over, the continuity issues I m starting to hate this New 52 thing Why Because the Bat family books and characters did not reboot with everybody else, as far as I can tell Which means that we have Red Robin Tim Drake both forming Teen Titans for the very first time, while also having been a member of Teen Titans for years, with Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Superman, who he is both meeting for the first time and has been friends [...]

  • This one wasn t even on my radar last fall when I started buying DC New 52 issues online But I saw the library had a copy, and so I gave it a try Lots of fun The story is a little bit fluffy, and the conflict between the characters can be forced at times The art s variable, but I suppose it fits the tone of the book I think the series has potential I am definitely on board for at least another trade, thanks to the prominent role of Red Robin I really like when Tim acts like Batman, Jr and watch [...]

  • I ve just started getting into graphic novels and am a huge fan of the Teen Titans However, I ve just seen the TV shows the original one and the new spinoff comedy version which pales in comparison This is very different This reminds me of the Young Justice animated series, if you ve seen that.So in this one, we ve got Robin called Red Robin here , Superboy, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl Then, there s lots of other characters I had never heard of they may exist in other comics Solstice, Bunker, Sk [...]

  • It has been a few years since I have collected comics so I frequently check the DC comics giveaways here on I was ecstatic to win this and get a glimpse into what is going on in the DC Universe I don t know much that has gone on in the past three years but I know there was a big even that changed everything and DC is rebooting all of there characters in the new 52 I was pleased to see something stayed the same Before I gave up comics I was reading the series Red Robin and I was very happy to see [...]

  • Did not expect to like this Not really been a fan of the Teen Titans or Tim Drake in the past But this book is really fun and full of action.Tim Drake To me Drake has always been a lesser Robin He lacks the strength of Dick and is the kid who came off as useless in Knightfall This Drake is decisive, smart, and a leader And he clearly is part of the Bat family in temper Though I am really glad Bruce Wayne does not visit I really want him to have a romantic relationship with Not Wonder Girl.I like [...]

  • I LOVE TEEN TITANS but let me explain how I got here Sowhen the New 52 first launched I decided which titles I wanted to read and started by buying the first issue of several titles and reading reviews of other ones that I was mildly interested in reading Time went by September will be the one year anniversary and I whittled my list down to four comics Batman, Justice League, Aquaman, and Flash However, then Scott Snyder s Night of Owls Even happened and it forced me to read actually, I chose wi [...]

  • The first thing that someone needs to know about the Teen Titans in the New 52 is that they are actually fun I ended up reading this series only because it was the only book that Tim Drake was appearing in, and I was expecting the usual misery I was very pleasantly surprised.As expected, Lobdell put together a very good team Tim Drake is one of my favorites, and I have no complaints about how he has been written so far Superboy is one of the characters that I normally have no interest in, but he [...]

  • I ve been a Teen Titans fan for over 40 years It was one of the first books I collected that is, I looked for it every month on the newsstand when I started back in 69 So I ve been through the Titans in their many, many incarnations, both good and bad The most recent Teen Titans book was a lot of fun, utilizing both traditional characters and new characters long a Titans hallmark The new 52 version is, in a word, blah Tim Drake, as the former Robin, now Red Robin, is the center of the story, but [...]

  • I am really enjoying the New 52 run of everything really I enjoyed this obviously as well as Red Hood and Harley Quinn, and Suicide Squad.Just a moment to shout out to Hoopla at my local library I decided to try and read the whole series of the parts of Death Of The Family that I really liked, so I got on there to see what I could find And I found this, Nightwing, Batgirl and at least the first three of Batman and Robin, which would at least take me to Death Of The Family there As for Catwoman, [...]

  • Another of The New 52 titles I decided to sample Some of the series are soft reboots, where little has changed Some are closer to full reboots of a series such as this one Some things have remained from the last version of the series Superboy is still a clone, and Tim Drake is the brains of the outfit For better or worse Cassie Sandsmark is now a tomb raider, instead of student who followed her mother to digs Bunker is so out of the closet Gay he might offend Gays, but he comes off as the most w [...]

  • I d actually give it 3.5 stars, but I can t should get on that.Anyway, I thought it was pretty good There were some moments where it felt like it jumped from one thing to another improperly, but that s not too big of a problem.I think I m in the minority when I say that I actually really like Tim Drake s New 52 costume Especially since the wings are retractable I don t think I ve had any prior exposure to Brett Booth s art, and I really like it.I don t know how long this first story arc is, but [...]

  • It was a comic book A fairly good example of one, I suppose or, at least, character development, and no plot holes big enough to drive a truck through Cliff hanger ending.Part of why it got a 4 instead of a 3 is that I very much liked that there were several female characters, and not one of them looked like a stick figure smuggling melons No rape backstories, either In fact, 2 of them were not really in any reasonable sense sexy a spider woman and a woman surrounded by a black cloud , and the o [...]

  • 2.5The art is gorgeous but the story is forgettable It s like an early 90 s Image comic, Brett Booth did the art for Backlash back then and its nice to see his art has only improved, but the story I wouldn t recommend this volume to anyone, you can defiantly skip it But I will say if you ever find an issue pick it up it s a fun read Confused The problem is while one issue is an ok read, 7 issues is just too much, and it s not even the conclusion in the 7th Lobdell is a good writer, but here he i [...]

  • PROS I really enjoyed the colourful, 90s inspired art and a lot of the repartee Also, the protagonists are considerably diverse than a pre New 52 version would likely have been, so that s refreshingNS As with many team titles, time and space on the pages gets invested on an awful lot of characters over a few short issues with the end result that a few Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Bunker seem well developed and interesting whereas others Skitter, Solstice a character so on the margins they can t be b [...]

  • Grasping for straws that s the first thing that comes to mind when wanting caption this in a reviewIt wasn t bad, but it just left me with kind of an empty feeling Just right up until the last frame, and then I get a little excited Okay, I have to admit, you re starting from scratch here, so you re shaping the world, the characters all over again and that takes time You could feel that, throughout the entire issue, that it was missing some deeper meaning But it probably IS building up to someth [...]

  • The first volume of TEEN TITANS from the DC New 52 is good but not great It ends on a cliffhanger, which is sometimes unavoidable with graphic novels due to the serial nature of comics, but it was still a bit of a drag Overall the art is good, the characters are interesting and it is a good start to a new Titans series This volume features the Titans vs Superboy as well, for reasons I won t get into here, and I m sure were resolved later in the series.Overall, if you are a Titans fan you ll enjo [...]

  • The dialogue and plot are very choppy and often they don t sync up well with the artwork The story arc seems promising and I like the direction the Titans are heading in.It does do a good job with the characters Each Titan s personality is clear as day and the group dynamic between these personalities is interesting I like the new members of the team I like the new costumes on Kid Flash, Red Robin, an Wonder Girl Not sure how I feel about Danny the Street though.If the story were told smoothly, [...]

  • One of my favourite teams, who flourished in the beginning and previous years of their creations, has been butchered in this volume One of the cases of New 52 ruining a good story and characters.

  • There were two things that surprised me the most about the New 52 reboot of DC s TEEN TITANS First, I m surprised I bought it I was NEVER a Titans fan, never read it, never wanted to, never felt I was missing anything by not reading it Plus the reboot was written by Scott Lobdell, a man who, in my opinion, totally ruined The X Men after Chris Claremont left it in the 1990s But there was something about it, something about that first cover, something about the ad I kept seeing in all the other bo [...]

  • You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields thefoundingfields 2012 11 My only previous experience with Teen Titans is with the cartoon series from a few years back I saw the whole show from its pilot to the last episode, but I never grew to like it The anime approach to the animation is what did it in for me The stories, episode to episode, were decent enough but the anime style always ruined the feel for me These days I even wonder why I subjected myself to that show Fortunately, S [...]

  • An entertaining, action packed introduction to New 52 s Teen Titans It s Our Right to Fight is a graphic novel that is flawed, but very fun The Founding FieldsIt s Our Right To Fight was the first trade paperback volume that I picked up in print of DC s New 52 series, and my first non Batman or Watchmen related DC Graphic Novel that I ve in my rather short history of reading comics Well, you could argue that Teen Titans is Batman related, mainly due to the inclusion of Tim Drake, aka Red Robin b [...]

  • Public library copy I was not impressed with the direction of this re imagined New 52 Teen Titans In fact, much of the plot involving Superboy was quite similar to season one of the Young Justice Cartoon Network show I was not a fan of the art or the choices made with their respective new costumes I didn t understand Wonder Girl s narrow minded feminist attitude in the book If she doesn t want men staring at her body then perhaps she might wear something , I don t know, modest, and get rid of th [...]

  • After leaving Batman, Tim Drake as Red Robin, finds himself the target of N.O.W.H.E.R.E, an organization determined to either capture, control, or kill all young metahumans Red Robin quickly realizes he, and many others, are in over their heads Whether they actively seek each other out, or stumble upon each other, these young heroes must unite and become the Teen Titans Things happen at a rather steady pace for a story focused on teen superheroes, especially considering the energetic style with [...]

  • Pardon the profanity, I m not usually this mean towards books But this is an exception I went out this weekend and bought a ton of comics because I thought it would be fun to try something new, something that wouldn t take as money or time as novels Unfortunately, this was the first volume I chose to pick up I m so mad that I wasted my money and time on this absolute piece of shit At least I only bought the first volume Now I don t read a lot of comics and I ve never been super into superheroes [...]

  • Well.I m no fan of the DC reboot I was kind of nervous to see that Teen Titans was going to be redone But, I ended up liking the first volume It was interesting to see the rebooted characters I m still a little unsure about how I feel about the rebooted series, but I guess time will tell I liked the new characters introduced Their back stories weren t fully explored, giving us time in the future to go back to them hopefully And of course, our old favourites were there Red Robin, Wonder Girl, an [...]

  • This first volume left me feeling very pleased and very upset Pleased because it was actually very well written, and brought back some of the joy I had as a kid when reading super hero books That enjoyment in simple heroics doesn t happen much these days as and books become darker and foreboding, with stories full of dread and revenge and less and less in the way of heroics This book pulled out the heroics, mixed in some interesting complexity, and in the end left me hanging on the knife edge [...]

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