Winter Pilgrims

Winter Pilgrims February in the bitter dawn of a winter s morning a young nun is caught outside her priory walls by a corrupt knight and his vicious retinue In the fight that follows she is rescued by a young
  • Title: Winter Pilgrims
  • Author: Toby Clements
  • ISBN: 9781780891699
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winter Pilgrims
    February, 1460 in the bitter dawn of a winter s morning a young nun is caught outside her priory walls by a corrupt knight and his vicious retinue In the fight that follows, she is rescued by a young monk and the knight is defeated But the consequences are far reaching, and Thomas and Katherine are expelled from their religious Orders and forced to flee across a land caFebruary, 1460 in the bitter dawn of a winter s morning a young nun is caught outside her priory walls by a corrupt knight and his vicious retinue In the fight that follows, she is rescued by a young monk and the knight is defeated But the consequences are far reaching, and Thomas and Katherine are expelled from their religious Orders and forced to flee across a land caught in the throes of one of the most savage and bloody civil wars in history the Wars of the Roses.Their flight will take them across the Narrow Sea to Calais where Thomas picks up his warbow, and trains alongside the Yorkist forces Katherine, now dressed as a man, hones her talents for observation and healing both on and off the fields of battle And all around them, friends and enemies fight and die as the future Yorkist monarch, Edward, Earl of March, and his adviser the Earl of Warwick, later to become known as the Kingmaker, prepare to do bloody battle Encompassing the battles of Northampton, Mortimer s Cross and finally the great slaughter of Towton, this is war as experienced not by the highborn nobles of the land but by ordinary men and women who do their best just to stay alive Filled with strong, sympathetic characters, this is a must read series for all who like their fiction action packed, heroic and utterly believable.
    Winter Pilgrims By Toby Clements,
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    Toby Clements Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Winter Pilgrims book, this is one of the most wanted Toby Clements author readers around the world.


  • This book has thrilling characters, brilliant battle scenesand well established historical foundations The opening is immediate and swift From early on in the book we know what to expect, as a reader, and from the ending of the book those expectations are met The two central characters in this book are very well rounded and exciting Their lives are believable which helps to express cultural issues of the time Both Thomas and Katherine were both members of a priory and strongly religious When the [...]

  • Clements debut novel is, in a word, magnificent Every historical novelist tries to pitch his reader into the time about which he writes, but few succeed to this degree, or with this degree of skill This book oozes historical authenticity, yet the details are subtly painted, softly delivered Through the various characters lives, we learn about the religious, the peasants and ordinary soldiers, and the nobility We see that the existence of most people in the 15th century was short, sharp and bruta [...]

  • Boring and thoroughly predictable, rich in set piece fight and battle scenes that too rarely do anything to develop character or move the narrative forward Full of cliche, stock characters pilfered from the history as televisual melodrama genre the girl dressed in boys clothes the anonymous and irrational giant the unaccountably evil feudal lord, all set in the inaccurate filth and stench of the late Middle Ages as imagined by those who ve never looked at the scholarship on daily life in 15th ce [...]

  • Kingmaker Winter Pilgrims is a unique look at the Wars of the Roses among a large supply of novels focused on this era Rather than following the addled King Henry VI, ambitious earl of Warwick, or the illustrious earl of March, our main characters are the accidentally paired Brother Thomas and Sister Katherine.The opening scene of the book places these two together through life threatening circumstances thanks to the lawlessness of Henry VI s England Though they have been living at the same Prio [...]

  • This is a really well written, solid and very interesting history book about the War of the Roses A period I haven t read a lot about yet The story is rather complicated, I had to look at the historic organisation chart the heritage tree in the beginning of the book regularly Who is who, who is connected to who Weird, the English fighting the Englishe Yorkist faction against the Lancastrian faction Anyway, the story starts in 1460 with Thomas, a monk and Katherine, a sister, who are attacked by [...]

  • 2.5 starsThis is what I ve been doing most of the time in the last few weeks listening to audio books I m still very new to them which means I can t really compare it with other narrators That being said, I enjoyed Jack Hawkins narration As for the book itself It was okay It covers the time from 1460 1461, ending with the Battle of Towton, won by the Yorkist faction, making Edward of York king and dethroning Henry VI who had turned out to be a weak monarch, unlike his famous father, Henry V Alth [...]

  • This sweeping, historical novel , is set during the Wars of the Roses although our two central characters are not really aware of worldly matters when we first meet them Sister Katherine is a young nun, left at the Priory of St Mary in the County of Lincoln as an infant Brother Thomas is a young monk, who spends his time thinking of the manuscripts he works on However, one cold morning in February, 1460, their lives change forever Sent out in the snow to release a fox from a trap, Brother Thomas [...]

  • I have to confess to knowing next to nothing about the Wars of the Roses, and have never been overly interested in the period I am always amazed that people can get so het up about whether Richard III was a good king, or a ruthless despot So, despite having heard great things about this book, I had put off reading it for longer than I should have In the end I picked up the audio book on Audible, and I cannot believe I waited this long to read it.Story The blurb on the book is as follows February [...]

  • I have Ben Kane to thank for this fantastic read, When an author of his calibre posts about a book Magnificent An historical tour de force, revealing Clements to be a novelist every bit as good as Cornwell, Gregory or Iggulden Kingmaker is the best book I ve read this year by some margin Ben Kane You have to sit up and take notice.What I didn t expect was the scope and style of the book Having just read excellent Stormbird by Conn Iggulden, set in roughly the same period, i had some expectations [...]

  • This is a well written historical action adventure novel Sure, the storyline is predictable, some of the secondary characters one dimensional and even the main characters conveniently versatile view spoiler e.g Katherine is an illiterate nun raised in a isolated environment, but she manages to becomes a skilled surgeon after reading a book, a wise military tactician, an astute political advisor and to pass for noblewoman hide spoiler , but overall it is an engaging adventure tale The aspects of [...]

  • They say you should not judge a book by its cover Nor by its first few chapters At first, I thought I d made a mistake when I bought this book However, I persevered, and gradually the story took over By the end, I was wishing the book was a lot longer.It is basically an adventure novel There are a few things that made my historical pedant meter twitch for example, I doubt very much there was a Prior of All or that the friars acted as a kind of ecclesiastical military police But if you shut these [...]

  • There is gritty and then there is an in depth account of a 15 century operation on a fistula In The Winter Pilgrims the fistula of infamy is light relief from the buckets of gore and by far not the most revolting thing I read in the book But here is the thing, it never seems gratitous Itfelt to me that as life in this time during the War of Roses was nasty, brutish and short the author in love with non sugar coated historical detail just let loose the viscera cannons I loved it just as much.

  • interesting read historical fiction about 2 people a former nun and monk who end up in some of the early battles of the war of the roses cousins war with mortimer s cross and towton will read with interst the next in the series

  • Yet another great book on the War of the Roses I completely agree with Ben Kane s review of this book, it is utterly Magnificent Beautifully written story centering on two characters who lead common if somewhat tortured lives, experiencing the grim fallout of the fighting between Yorkists and Lancastrians around the years leading up to 1461 I appreciated the battle scenes written from a foot soldier archer perspective, information about Church practices priories, and unflinching medieval medical [...]

  • Kingmaker Winter Pilgrims a fast paced highly entertaining historical fiction novel set in the infamous English War of the Roses.We follow two main characters, Katherine and Thomas Their friendship grows throughout the book and at the end of this novel you have really come to love these two characters.Toby Clements is a fantastic writer He paints such an accurate picture of Medieval England, the grittiness, the horror but also the fellowship and the brotherhood If you like historical fiction thi [...]

  • I think this is the first historical fiction I have ever, ever read Winter Pilgrims caught my eye on a give one take one bookshelf in a hostel in Mt Cook, New Zealand Always a sucker for a well designed cover and reeling from the miserable The Sympathizer I longed for something to give in order to take Alas backpacking left little room for paperbacks, and so it took seven months until I finally got round to reading it.Winters Pilgrim is the story of a young monk and nun who flee their respective [...]

  • Disclaimer This review is of the Audible version of this story.When I first started on Winter Pilgrims I didn t get on with it It had been the book selected for our final installment of the Super Duper Book Club, and I wanted nothing than to love it Sadly though, I couldn t get over the present tense writing and found it a jarring read That said, I recognised this as my own personal taste and decided to make a switch to the Audible version about an hour in This version, expertly narrated by Jac [...]

  • Um livro com um come o maravilhoso principalmente porque n o sabia praticamente nada sobre ele, apenas que se passava durante a Guerra das Rosas na Inglaterra, o que foi bom, mas que durante o virar das p ginas certos acontecimentos foram me irritando demais, entre eles uma insistente interfer ncia divina , personagens secund rios cegos em todos os sentidos, e outras coisas que n o valem nem a pena comentar, lerei suas continua es apenas pelas refer ncias hist rias de uma poca que em muito me in [...]

  • 3.4Kingmaker was the last book in season one of the book club I m in, so I was hoping it would allow us to go out with a bang before our hiatus Unfortunately, because of this, I built this book up as something it s not, I made the expectations a bit too high and it fell short That s not to say it wasn t a good book, it was, just not great The story was good and the setting was different to what I ve previously read, following a young man through a volatile and war ridden England and his rise fro [...]

  • What a magnificent read This was another one of those books that I just couldn t put down It started just like any other piece of historical fiction these days but rapidly took on another life as the cold snow and mist enveloped it Suddenly it became brutal and dangerous and then calmed down a little as we scrambled back onto safer ground A monk momentarily forgets himself and acts spontaneously, saving the lives of two nuns In the aftermath he is almost killed but, perhaps through a mixture of [...]

  • Honestlyis book wasn t my cup of tea It doesnt mean this is a bad book at all but alas i struggled both with the writing style very fast paced and set in real time which many people would like however I really struggled to immerse myself in the historical backdrop which the author was describing and also with the perception which I could not shake off that the writing was aimed with a television deal in the crosshairs which for me personally makes for superficial reading again not necessarily a [...]

  • This book was passed to me by a family member who enjoyed it, so thought I d give it a try, and I m glad I did It is an engaging tale of two characters Thomas and Katherine travelling and surviving a lawless and war ravaged 15th Century England I did on the whole enjoy the detail, the descriptions and research that clearly has gone into the book which made it really easy to imagine what life was like that back then The grim, the mud and the cold Although I m now going to contradict myself by say [...]

  • I m hooked, I m going straight in to the next book which is rare for me A brilliant cast of characters, real dialogue and immersive descriptions make this the best escapism read I ve had in years.

  • A sweeping, dramatic, gritty look at The War of the Roses from the perspectives of a monk and a nun, both apostates and in the eye of the storm of the most bloody, hard fought battles Thomas and Catherine disguised as a teenaged boy bump shoulders with the Kingmaker, Lord Riven, Lord Hastings and other important figures of the period while Clements avoids using the typical aristocratic view of the civil war I would recommend this highly readable, well written, and well researched first novel in [...]

  • Full of action and details, very pacyenjoyable, but a tiny bit lacking in depth, especially with regard to character, but then this is a very fine action book, I suppose the characters don t have time for reflection, too busy fighting battles and there were very many battles, lots of death and horrible injury I would read the sequel if, as it seems by the ending of this novel, there is to be a sequel

  • As has been said, this is a scorchingly good book on all levels the characterisation is excellent different, engaging, unique which is something in this crowded market and clever The plotting is perfect, plausible, engaging, exciting, and the sense of history couldn t be better This isn t 21st century in drag, this is the real thing definitely worth a read.

  • This read well mostly but got rather angsty in parts and I looked at the second in the series and it looks even angsty than the first so I think I ll leave the series at having read just this one Also, for me, there is just too much need for willing suspension of disbelief la Cornwell the dust jacket comment likening it to him was accurate sadly it was credited to Manda Scott

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