The 5-Minute Stress Solutions

The Minute Stress Solutions This isn t about avoiding stress It s not about ending stress permamently It won t require you to redo your entire life to avoid the unavoidable The Minute Stress Solutions was developed understandi
  • Title: The 5-Minute Stress Solutions
  • Author: Clarence Oliver
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  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • The 5-Minute Stress Solutions
    This isn t about avoiding stress It s not about ending stress permamently It won t require you to redo your entire life to avoid the unavoidable The 5 Minute Stress Solutions was developed understanding that Stress is part of Life It s always going to be there But it doesn t have to be a burden.
    The 5-Minute Stress Solutions By Clarence Oliver,
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      331 Clarence Oliver
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    Entreperneur, Author, Visionary, and Creator of Maximum Potential Conditioning There is no greater way to change the world for the better, than by changing ones self for the better Who we are as a people, who we are as a nation, who we are as a species, is determined, first, and foremost, by who we are as individuals For even in the finite existence we have upon this earth, life is still too long to feel anything but happy, healthy, wealthy, and loved Clarence OliverYou can Contact Him At TySkinny aolVisit His Site at WwwmplediettricksFollow Him at Twitter SimpleDietTrickOr like His Facebook page facebook simplediettricksClarence Oliver is a man driven to succeed through a life of hurdles and adversities that he does not allow to define him, as much as he looks back on as his motivators to continue success From dealing with a heart too small for his obese frame growing up, struggling with obesity for all of his youth, suffering from depression, insomnia, and apathy for years, and ridiculed, insulted, and beaten by pipes and bricks through school, he had developed a negative image of himself and others that kept him from ever going out and truly accomplishing what he wanted to accomplish.He was unemployed, a college drop out, living at home with his parents, with no friends, no relationships, and fatter than ever, weighin 347 pounds He was living a life that was going nowhere.Until one day he decided enough was enough, he would take control of his life, or he would die trying Then and there he began to develop the strategies that would define the method he would take to the world He took an audit of his life and began to realize that the solutions to his problems were out there to be found Devising the first and most major part of Maximum Potential Conditioning, Information Synthesizing, he delved into hundreds of books on diet, fat loss, weight loss, exercise, phyisology, metabolic science, nutrition, and general health, until the pounds began to melt away Realizing if one solution could be found for one problem, all his problems could be solved He dove deep into the works of human excelence and change, studying philosophies, neuroscience, psychological frameworks, communication, influence and persuasion, hypnosis, quantum mechanics, visualization, and much much , until he had found the most effective information he could.In a matter of a year, during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Clarence went from unemployed to twelve job offers to living out his dream of helping to change the world for the better by helping others change their lives for the better He went from 347 pounds to 235 pounds and dropping He went from a depressed insomniac who could barely finish reading one book, to an organized, happy, and well rested person who reads two to five books a week.But most importantly, he developed Maximum Potential Conditioning a system of ever evolving techniques, methods, strategies, and thoughts to allow people and businesses to gain Personal Mastery over their own domains A break through in modern self help, not restricted to it s own devices, but teaching others how to go about and create their own methods and techniques, with the understanding that everyone has the ability to change that have the want to change, as long as they can find the proper tools to allow them to do it.In 2012 he decided to bring his information to the people, with the vision of growing his message and reaching larger audiences and helping people accomplish their Biggest Dreams and Their Biggest Wants.


  • Amazingly helpful for a free bookI can t believe this was a free book There were so many simple, easy ideas for dealing with stress instead of the usual suggestion of trying to eliminate it which the author rightly points out is unrealistic I ve already put some of the ideas into practice with positive results I will definitely continue to use this book as a resource in dealing with stress.

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