The Courageous Princess

The Courageous Princess Collected for the first time get all volumes of the acclaimed fairy tale adventures of Princess Mabelrose and her companion Spiky the talking porcupine in this special deluxe megatrade
  • Title: The Courageous Princess
  • Author: Rod Espinosa
  • ISBN: 9780972897860
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Courageous Princess
    Collected for the first time, get all 3 volumes of the acclaimed fairy tale adventures of Princess Mabelrose and her companion Spiky the talking porcupine in this special, deluxe megatrade
    The Courageous Princess By Rod Espinosa,
    • [E-Book] Ã The Courageous Princess | By ☆ Rod Espinosa
      449 Rod Espinosa
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    Espinosa s work on The Courageous Princess Antarctic Press got him on the nomination list for Promising new talent and also Best artist for the 2000 Ignatz Awards and the 2002 Eisner Award nomination list for Best Title for Younger Readers.As both writer and artist, he has also authored the Neotopia series 4 volumes, 140 pages each , which was published in graphic novel form In 2006, Novotopia, the German edition of Neotopia, got a nomination for the Max und Moritz Prize in the category Bester Comic f r Kinder best comic book for younger audience.His past work include the Battle Girlz series, a manga adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, The Alamo and Metadocs He has also written and conceptualized popular Antarctic Press titles such as I Hunt Monsters, and Herc and Thor His work is also be featured in a series of American History comic books dealing with the subjects of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lewis and Clark, The Boston Tea Party, The Alamo, Jackie Robinson, The Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, Cesar Chavez, The American Revolution, the Transcontinental Railroad, and Clara Barton He has also worked on Classics such as Around the World in Eighty Days, Moby Dick, William Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet, and William Shakespeare s Midsummer Night s Dream His latest graphic novel from Antarctic Press, is called Dinowars He is currently working on an online graphic novel entitled The Prince of Heroes Taken from here.


  • When I first read the back of the cover and looked it over, I was expecting some kind of Rapunzel spin off the princess is captured by an evil doer and instead of being saved by a prince, gets out of there herself and lives the practical happily ever after I was wrong.Mabelrose, although it is told that her education is limited, is one of the wittiest characters and my overall favorite in the book Although she is sometimes very stubborn and sentimental, her attitude and hilarious personality mad [...]

  • Loved it Aladin married into the Charming family and has a lovely daughter who is kidnapped by a dragon The dragon explains to Princess Mabelrose that he took her because she s not very pretty so no one will ever come to rescue her and so she ll be his plaything for the rest of her life But Mabelrose is her father s daughter and isn t about to let a self esteem crushing lizard steal her blissd then she escapes The dragon is shocked And now on the hunt Thus begins our exciting adventure.

  • I thought this book was gonna be full of action when it came to the overall artwork I was wrong.This book is a fairy tale story of a Princess named Mabelrose, who in retrospect is extremely similar to Snow White in reference to humble and selfless personality Her parents taught her how to treat everyone with respect and kindness and to pray She attends a ball only to be ridiculed by other princesses and one day she wishes that she had gold to buy jewelry and better clothes so that way the prin [...]

  • This little story has a lot of good reviews Mine is not one of them While I did like some of the artwork and the mentioning of other fairytales, all in all I found this book to be pretty lackluster I felt like the ending was rather abrupt and felt unresolved and the characters weren t very interesting The dragon didn t seem threatening because he was just done Perhaps very very young children would like it, but honestly there are better stories out there.

  • I m not sure why this was YA A curious, inquisitive princess grows up with loving parents who teach her to be generous, humble and kind However, her first ball is not a success She is kidnapped by a magical dragon When the dragon tells her no one is going to rescue a second class princess from a poor kingdom, she decides to escape herself I m not usually a graphic novel fan, but this was a grand adventure with talking animals.

  • Loved this story, but it felt incomplete As though there should be a sequel Hoping that there is indeed a sequel, because the story of the lovely young princess was compelling and called for stories, focus on her life.

  • This is a good read, especially for kids I liked the emphasis on faith and family The princess relies on herself and friends to escape, and it s her father who goes out to rescue her, not a prince A good tale.

  • Really fun I wasn t bored at any point while reading it A simple, almost manga like, graphic novel Best buy ever only.25 at my local booksale But this is definitely worth reading than once a year.

  • Oh how I wish that people knew about this SO GOODI really loved all the references to all the other fairytales.The story is so cute and the illustraions are fabulous.It s a little on the thick side, but well worth the read.Definitely recommend this adorable graphic novel 5 5.

  • long and cheesy at first Once the narrative slows and the plot gain steam, the book becomes a great piece of a princess who can t rely on waiting for the prince to save her, she has to become her own hero Its nothing new, but a lot of fun to read.

  • I have related so much to this book and I love the way she finds her courage go to your library and get it as soon as you can, it s basically a comic book but longer and TONS better

  • I loved this graphic novel so much that I read it in one sitting and now I m waiting to get the second part to this Beautiful illustrations and art Lovely color and scenery The story is really interesting filled with action, adventure, cuteness, evil such as the bad dragon , friendship, and has a really great plot I can t wait to read the next one The porcupine is so adorable and the princess is so kind

  • Princess Mablerose is taken by an evil dragon Rather than waiting to be rescued, she decides to be her rescuer half way Along the way she encounters an evil king ruling his kingdom with the use of an enchanted flute.

  • Grade Level 4 8Awards NoneSummary This book follows a Princess, Mabelrose, who is captured by an evil dragon and has no prince to save her Since there is no one able to rescue her Mabelrose has to escape the dragon on her own This book has a follow up story and every time Mabelrose is captured she escapes on her own Review I like this book because it has a strong female lead It can give a great sense to younger girls who need that sense of feminism It s a nice change from the Disney Princess sto [...]

  • The idea for the story, a princess who saves herself, sounds a lot fun to me then the story was for me The story was so well grounded in fantasy that came before it that I didn t feel like I was getting anything I hadn t gotten before.I also wish that the references to classic fairy tales had paid off in the story rather than just being nods to those stories.

  • Granted last night as I read this to my son, performing the voices as best I could, it riled us both up and the story s momentume had us finishing it much too late He had problems getting to sleep.Overall, I liked it well enough I don t care for the manga styling of some of the characters, which I thought was too distracting Equally distracting were the multicultural trappings PRincess Mabelrose s father is probably Arabic or Persian some of the Anifolk animal people dress like Chinese Vietnames [...]

  • booktalk Mabelrose is a princess Her country isn t the biggest or the wealthiest, she s not the fairest in the land, and she s girl next door, let s roll in the mud and go sledding down the hill type of princess than the regal, sitting in a tall tower, going to balls to find a prince kind of princess, but she s a pretty darned good princess no matter what Good enough to get captured by a dragon show page 46 47 Smart enough to escape show page 66 67 Resourceful enough to recover from disasters s [...]

  • Definitely a children s book, it would be really great for reading with your kids The art is nice and light, well done and colorful The writing is pretty good, but I found that it didn t really have an ending It has a big climax towards the end, but then just sort of peters out, with no real conclusion It feels like there should be a second book at some point, but it s never coming.The book is fun to read, but if you think too hard about the setting, it s kind of fuddled The mythology behind the [...]

  • I don t feel like I am able to judge this graphic novel very well It s the first manga I ve ever read although I watched several different manga movies when I was a child, so the look of all the characters is comfortingly familiar to me The dialogue was just so cheesy, and I don t know if that s just what you get with manga or if this happened to be a cheesy one.Mabelrose is quite a courageous princess, after she figures out that no prince is going to fall for her on her beauty or lack alone Man [...]

  • Princess Mabelrose of the tiny kingdom of New Tinsley is happy withher life until she attends a ball in a neighboring kingdom andlearns just how small and unhip her own kingdom is After thisopening, you might think she was going to find her courage by provingherself to all the richer and prettier princesses, but you would bewrong When a mysterious dragon kidnaps Mabelrose and holds her forransom in his far away castle, Princess Mabelrose takes matters intoher own hands and escapes from his hopel [...]

  • There are quite a few books like this out there graphic novels that take the fairy tale genre, then give it the twist of a princess who doesn t wait to be saved, but saves herself This one uses the Pokemon type anime style with a round eyed, snub nosed heroine with unbearably cute animal friends, but the nods to fantasy and fairy tale classics among the references are Wizard of Oz, Aladdin, Snow White, etc elevate this version above some of the others The straightforward and clear plot also make [...]

  • Good story Great artwork A little light on detail and explanations I did appreciate the spirituality woven throughout the narrative, and it never felt preachy or heavy handed I would have liked a little show than tell in many ways, such as action transitions, or how the magic items work I can see how it might be a good story for younger children, but I think it s still a bit too much for my 6 yo niece right now It is not a compelling escape into an alternate world, as I usually look for in my f [...]

  • Meh An improvement on the original fairytales that it riffs on, since the princess has a personality and a lot agency in her own life, but still rather bland and empower y code speak for appearing to challenge societal norms while reinforcing them in the overall moral Also, the weird obsession with praying it came up at least once a chapter jarred strangely with the whole dragons and talking animals and magic flutes theme.Really the best thing I can say about this book was that it was inoffensi [...]

  • Okay, this was a nice, fully realized fantasy Or maybe not fully realized, but fully thought out Are those the same thing Anyway, my only concern at this point is if there was another book, who would be the antagonist THE ANTAGONIST IS DEAD Who is there to keep her from getting home Um, what else I like the fact that Mabelrose s country is rather poor, and seeing the different places to which she travels The art was great, although the people sometimes looked wonky My favorite character was prob [...]

  • The illustrations were adorable The friendship between Mabelrose and Spiky Spiky was very loyal to Mabelrose and never betrayed her Also I was ecstatic when she didn t wait for a prince to rescue her and took her fate into her own hands She rescued herself and there was no romance It was a breathe of fresh air for me In the end she is not home with her parents but is continuing her journey and I would have liked to have seen from this world and the characters However, I think there are volumes [...]

  • Princess Mabelrose is a unique character in children s literature demonstrating both sweetness and femininity, and a cast iron backbone strength that doesn t shy away from adversity She embraces friendship and gives generously, but exists to fulfill her quest, not to be beloved While some of this is a bit cheesy, I highly recommend this for young girls if only for the multi dimensional character of Mabelrose The sidekicks are great and lovable too, and the plot has just the right amount of suspe [...]

  • My six year old daughter and I loved this atypical graphic novel with a smart, bold, and brave princess who saves a kingdom The drawings are lovely, the relationships are nice, the evil isn t too scary but still scary enough, and all in all it s lovely However, I ve spent the last two days since we finished it looking for the sequel Quest to Home but can t seem to find it anywhere Edit I have since found out that there is no sequel as of yet, and that Quest to Home is simply part of what we alre [...]

  • In a word Magical The art was lovely, the color palette soft, the story wonderful I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this regular Princess who turns out to be much special than anyone could have imagined while undergoing an enormous life changing event A beautiful fairy tale worthy of the awards bestowed upon it I look forward to sharing this book with my own daughter just as I look forward to tracking down any subsequent volumes

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