Cómo mentir con estadísticas

C mo mentir con estad sticas Lo que estas p ginas escritas con ingenio y humor nos ofrecen es en realidad un curso de sentido com n para aprender a descubrir los ardides con los que cada d a pretenden enga arnos manipulando
  • Title: Cómo mentir con estadísticas
  • Author: Darrell Huff
  • ISBN: 9788498922172
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cómo mentir con estadísticas
    Lo que estas p ginas, escritas con ingenio y humor, nos ofrecen es, en realidad, un curso de sentido com n para aprender a descubrir los ardides con los que cada d a pretenden enga arnos, manipulando cifras y gr ficas, los medios de comunicaci n, los pol ticos, la publicidad Lo que aqu se nos cuenta resulta divertido pero es bueno tomarlo en serio, porque, como nos diceLo que estas p ginas, escritas con ingenio y humor, nos ofrecen es, en realidad, un curso de sentido com n para aprender a descubrir los ardides con los que cada d a pretenden enga arnos, manipulando cifras y gr ficas, los medios de comunicaci n, los pol ticos, la publicidad Lo que aqu se nos cuenta resulta divertido pero es bueno tomarlo en serio, porque, como nos dice el autor, los desaprensivos ya conocen estos trucos los hombres honrados deben aprenderlos en defensa propia.
    Cómo mentir con estadísticas By Darrell Huff,
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  • Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics The Pirates of the PowerpointDarrell Huff uses a simple, but effective literary device to impress his readers about how much statistics affect their daily lives and their understanding of the world He does this by pretending that the book is a sort of primer in ways to use statistics to deceive, like a manual for swindlers, or better, for pirates He then pretends to justify the crookedness of the book in the manner of the retired burglar whose published reminiscen [...]

  • This is one of those rare books I would recommend to almost anyone It s clear, concise, funny, not too complex, and above all important for anyone who wants to understand politics, economics, science, or life in general Statistical analysis is so vital to determining how things actually stand and where we should be moving that people lacking awareness of basic logical statistical fallacies are doomed to live within delusions Being informed necessitates understanding and being skeptical of statis [...]

  • Yes, it has all the stuff you hear about how people use stats to subtly and not so subtly misdirect the reader listener, how to systematically recognize or create misinterpretations, and a strong implicit call to action for clearer information in public discourse But in the billion years since this classic came of age, we ve all learned that other ways, some of them better presented When it was written, many people believed the information they received in the papers, in magazines, and on the ne [...]

  • It seems a little shallow to rate this semi pamphlet at four stars, as one of the must read books, but that s exactly what I m going to do.This book earns four stars from me simply from its concisiveness and practicality You can churn through this beauty in one sitting It is entertaining, has excellent examples, introduces concepts in a wry, witty tone, and after ten years of courses, articles, books, and opinions, I have yet to learn a single thing about misleading statistics that wasn t taught [...]

  • mean, mode, medium probable errors 3 3 probable error 1 2 3 4 5 Averages and relationships and trends and graphs are not always what they seem There may be in them than meets the eye, and there may be a good deal less.

  • Noting that this book was published in 1954, one may instantly discount the information as outdated However, there are recent events that can be related to some of the examples author Darrell Huff provides, and helps to increase the book s value.For those who have fleetingly or never studied statistics, this is a good place to start It is a quick and easily understandable read, written in plain English and with plenty of examples to prove the author s points Personally, I have studied statistics [...]

  • A really fast read And a fascinating one Although I didn t pay attention to the release date before I began So now I want to read another book discussing the same subject 3 These days, every claim is accompanied by stats to validate them And when contradicting claims both have supporting studies behind them, you really have to stop and ask yourself what the fuck is going on This is where this book comes to the rescue Statisticians don t lie per se But they do a lot of manipulation to bend the tr [...]

  • Written over 60 years ago, this is still a highly relevant book that exposes the many flaws in statistics and how easy it is to manipulate findings A short book that everyone should read.

  • In class 5 or 6, when we first started doing maths of finding average, mean or mode, I really had no idea what they meant or even why I was doing them Just sum up the numbers, divide by their number and get the average or arrange them in increasing order, take the number in the middle what they meant even Maybe I was just following the instructions because the books said so or doing things this way will bring me marks in the exam That s it No thoughts Later when we learnt regression analysis, e [...]

  • The secret language of statistics, so appealing in a fact minded culture, is employed to sensationalize, inflate, confuse, and oversimplify Statistical methods and statistical terms are necessary in reporting the mass data of social and economic trends, business conditions, opinion polls , the census But without writers who use the words with honesty and understanding and readers who know what they mean, the result can only be semantic nonsense This book is a sort of primer in ways to use statis [...]

  • I m just going to quote the review There is terror in numbers, writes Darrell Huff in How to Lie with Statistics And nowhere does this terror translate to blind acceptance of authority than in the slippery world of averages, correlations, graphs, and trends Huff sought to break through the daze that follows the collision of statistics with the human mind with this slim volume, first published in 1954 The book remains relevant as a wake up call for people unaccustomed to examining the endless fl [...]

  • Statistics are not safe from interpretation, statisticians interpretations may not be the same as what the public understands or defines certain things The book aims to equip reader to navigate through these numbers and percentage, to analyze and have a second thought before arriving in any conclusion, in order not to fall into the trap of the manipulation Huff noted that many statistical term has a loose meaning, this loose meaning can present a misrepresentation, whether unintentionally or int [...]

  • OK, first off, it isn t normal that I give a math book 5 stars I often find them dull, boring, and difficult to read However, How to lie with statistics was as funny as it was informative Duff does a good job of not only explaining what tricks people use on statistics to twist the facts, but he gives poignant examples that were just as relevant when he wrote this book as they are today What I found most interesting is how he dissected the logic that uses these techniques to explain how they did [...]

  • Recommended by both Jamie S Z and my Statistical Foundations professor Really engaging and common spoken, eager to make us adroit critical thinkers of statistical information The main problem, of course, is its age, which enthusiastically describes plush neighborhoods with an average income of 15,000 and the enormous profits of 42 a week Still, it has the fervor to educate us because, as H.G Wells once prophesied, Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the [...]

  • I still wonder why Trigonometry and Calculus are offered in high school, but Statistics is not It s such a broad subject that is used in so many fields even forgetting all of the numbers we read in magazines I digress This book specifically focuses on the facts and figures that we see everyday, pretty much everywhere I thought it was well written and extremely thorough, going from problems that happen during study collection, to the cherry picking and presentation of data itself I had to grin wh [...]

  • This book was published in 1954, before Excel, and it hasn t been updated yet it s still being reissued After reading this, I can only assume that B.E Before Excel statistics were presented often with illustrations rather than bar graphs and pie charts, which would just be weird now since it s so easy to prepare graphs in Excel Or maybe the whole point of the book is that if you use illustrations you will be able to confuse your audience with ease Either way, I didn t really learn anything fro [...]

  • I didn t realize at first that this book was written in 1954 It s still relevant today math and people don t change It s written in a fun, conversational style with lots of concrete examples that make the topics easy to understand Even if you ve already studied statistics, it s a good refresher to see how they re used in everyday media.

  • When Bill Gates recommends a book, one cannot help but check it out This is one of the most interesting and practical books I have read in a while The book asks questions of the numbers that are thrown in our face everyday I felt it has added another layer to my critical thinking skills and set myself apart from those who panic at daily news Books like these will not give shortcuts to climbing a corporate ladder or increase salaries overnight what it enforces is something subtle peace of mind i [...]

  • 60 years later and it s still one of the best out there to prove the basic point And yet, people are still falling for all the old tricks Amusing and informative read, plus it has fun relics of the 50s in spades, like mentioning that the cold isn t caused by a germ, but we don t know what it is Rhinovirus was officially discovered 2 years after the publication of this.Really tho, my favourite thing about this book is that people today are arguing that media was some ideal thing in say, the 1950s [...]

  • Short read but points out clearly with examples the numerous fallacies of statistical interpretation that one can easily be tricked into thinking.

  • 48.27% of all statistics are made up on the spot just like this one Numbers provide so much coherence and context to an argument or study that it has become next to impossible to extract any meaningful information out of one which lacks them.I, for one, love them, and use it to substantiate a point whenever I can At the same time, I m quite aware of the fact that it can be used to mislead a listener, or outwit an opponent This book, in addition to being a primer for statistics, teaches the reade [...]

  • I love the title The content feels outdated I think people lie with statistics much better today than when this was published Yay, we re improving

  • This book was published in 1954 and some of the examples are dated but the principles it puts forth are still valid today if not so than ever and the material is delivered in clear, concise, and even entertaining anecdotes and illustrations It is also an easy read that can be easily finished in one day of concentrated effort.How often do you hear statistics bandied about in the media or used to try to prove some special interest point Of course the people quoting the figures must be right with [...]

  • Uma das frases que abrem o livro, de H G Wells, diz que Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write Pensar estatisticamente um dia ser t o necess ria para cidadania efetiva quanto a habilidade de ler e escrever poss vel ir al m e afirmar que aprender como estat sticas realmente funcionam e como elas s o utilizadas para mentir e avan ar as mais diversas agendas equivalente a realmente aprender a ler.Um livro essencial para quem quis [...]

  • Marvelous little book It s from 1954 and some things are obviously dated That makes some things, like mentions of prices, very funny However, his points are timeless.This is easily read and easy to understand I have never had statistics in school and I am trying to make up for that This is perfect There is a lot of sensible wisdom that any responsible citizen can benefit from You use this when reading the newspaper, advertisements, news from the government, etc etc A friend lent me this book, bu [...]

  • ever have the feeling that all 97.2% of statistics are bullshit that s probably a low estimate everyone should read this book bogus statistics 58% of americans believe x are everywhere huff systematically destroyed this crap 50 years ago unfortunately, some of the examples are dated, but you ll get the idea.

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