A Court Affair

A Court Affair When young Robert Dudley an earl s son meets squire s daughter Amy Robsart it is love at first sight They marry despite parental misgivings but their passion quickly fades and the ambitious Dudle
  • Title: A Court Affair
  • Author: Emily Purdy
  • ISBN: 9781847563446
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Court Affair
    When young Robert Dudley, an earl s son, meets squire s daughter Amy Robsart, it is love at first sight They marry despite parental misgivings, but their passion quickly fades, and the ambitious Dudley returns to court.Swept up in the turmoil of Tudor politics, Dudley is imprisoned in the Tower Also a prisoner is Dudley s childhood playmate, the princess Elizabeth In thWhen young Robert Dudley, an earl s son, meets squire s daughter Amy Robsart, it is love at first sight They marry despite parental misgivings, but their passion quickly fades, and the ambitious Dudley returns to court.Swept up in the turmoil of Tudor politics, Dudley is imprisoned in the Tower Also a prisoner is Dudley s childhood playmate, the princess Elizabeth In the shadow of the axe, their passion ignites When Elizabeth becomes queen, rumors rage that Dudley means to free himself of Amy in order to wed her And when Amy is found dead in unlikely circumstances, suspicion falls on Dudley and the Queen Still hotly debated amongst scholars was Amy s death an accident, suicide, or murder the fascinating subject matter makes for an enthralling read for fans of historical fiction.
    A Court Affair By Emily Purdy,
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  • Although the love affair between Queen Elizabeth and Robert Dudley is well known I generally find myself rooting for the underdog which in this case was Dudley s ill fated wife, Amy Robsart Her death whether from breast cancer, suicide, or murder is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries Brandy Purdy explores this love triangle in The Queen s Pleasure The first 200 pages of The Queen s Pleasure are told through Amy s eyes alternating chapters between the day of her death and of her memories of he [...]

  • I received this book as part of a First Reads giveaway Well, first of all, I didn t realize the type of genre this book was Had I known, I wouldn t have entered to win I love historical fiction, however, this book was like fiction loosely based on some fact with a big helping of lots of writing about the sex lives of the characters in question I quit reading about a third of the way through the book after feeling rather disappointed.I did appreciate that Purdy began the book by writing from Amy [...]

  • Interesting look at one of history s most notorious love triangles Amy Robsart Dudley, Robert Dudley, and Elizabeth I.Told in the first person switching between Amy and Elizabeth, the book is an interesting take on the situation.Heavy on the romance, so buyer beware.Well worth a read.

  • Though many have heard about the relationship between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, few know about Robert s wife, Amy Robsart Dudley When she was seventeen, she married Robert for love and they had a wonderful first year of marriage But soon, Robert s ambition overtakes his feelings for Amy and he leaves her behind in the countryside with promises to introduce Amy at court one day Amy lives out her life alone, except for her faithful servant who stays with her through everything, hoping and pra [...]

  • The Queen s Pleasure explores the romance between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, primarily through the eyes of Amy Dudley, Robert s wife Not only did Amy stand between Robert and Elizabeth, but between Robert and his ambition The novel opens with Amy s discussion of her marriage to Robert, which quickly became a loveless shell when the once love lorn Robert realizes that marrying the lowly Amy only hurt his ambition Then, after Elizabeth takes the throne, Robert seems a way to further that ambit [...]

  • I received this book through LibraryThing Early Reviewers I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this book, but instead I found it rather disappointing Overall, I felt like the writing was poor, the characters unlikeable, and the plot rather thin The seed of this novel lies in the history of Robert Dudley and the mysterious death of his first wife, Amy The Tudors are always popular subjects of historical fiction, but this particular work has little to recommend it Amy comes off as weak, love [...]

  • This historical fiction provides further insight into the love triangle between Amy Robsart Dudley, Robert Dudley, and Queen Elizabeth I It is told from the point of view of both Amy and Elizabeth My main complaint about the book is that it is too long and too repetitive in the telling of how mean Robert was to Amy It also took too long to get to Elizabeth s point of view I was getting so discouraged by the way Amy was treated that I almost quit reading this book several times.

  • Rating 4.5 starsThe Queen s Pleasure is the long suffering Amy Robsart Dudley s story, the ill treated and oft forgotten country heiress wife to the highly ambitious Lord Robert Dudley When Amy, the squire s daughter and Robert, a traitor s son, first met, it was love at first sight They quickly married despite the objections from both of their families, believing that their love and their dreams were all they needed But even as Amy s love remains steadfast, Robert s ardor cools and he returns t [...]

  • I am still a fairly new devotee of historical fiction and have read a few books centered in the Tudor era but this is the first book devoted to Queen Elizabeth I and, especially, Amy Robsart Dudley, a figure much lesser known and written about in history The Queen s Pleasure is really Amy s story, told from her point of view as a young maiden desperately in love with the dashing Robert Dudley, transitioning to a blushing bride and then an unwanted and unloved wife, callously tossed aside for am [...]

  • Was it murder or suicide or even an accident Did Robert Dudley murder his 1st wife or order her murdered Did Amy Robsart Dudley choose suicide as a release from the terrors of breast cancer and her torturous marriage to Robert Dudley I chose this book to know of the facts and to imagine the emotions had by Amy and Elizabeth the 1st.Brandy Purdy s The Queen s Pleasure captured me in the beginning pages and did not let go until the end of the Epilogue The Epilogue was my favorite part My husband [...]

  • Brandy Purdy writes a story about Robert Dudley who meets Amy Robsart a daughter of a squire and falls in love with her Despite his family s misgivings of the match he soon marries her Not long after, Robert s love for Amy fades and he wants to return to court When Elizabeth becomes Queen of England, Robert s ambition grows and so does his resentment towards his marriage to Amy Roberts s loyalties seem to move to whoever is in power at the moment and throughout the story he shows no quilt or rem [...]

  • 4.5 stars I love, love, love reading just about anything about Queen Elizabeth I She was strong and powerful and very unique Oh, and she was a redhead and this redheaded reader loves fellow redheads If you know anything about Queen Elizabeth I, you might know that she was Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn s daughter You might know that her nickname was The Virgin Queen Or you might know that she had a long time lover named Robert Dudley This book mostly focuses on Robert Dudley, told from the point of [...]

  • The cover of the book says it s A Novel of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley In my opinion, it s of a novel of Elizabeth I and AMY Dudley This book is far about Amy Dudley, the much dusregarded wife of Robert Dudley Little is written about her, but she was a significant factor in Robert s quest for the Crown of England In the beginning of this novel, the author jumped around in the time line.mething I do not like But, after a few chapters she stuck to a chronological time line I had forgotten that [...]

  • The first half of The Queen s Pleasure was very hard to get through, mostly because I wanted to punch every single person Robert was a total jerk, Amy was a pushover, and Elizabeth was just selfish The tone of the book really changed though about half way through the book, and I started to really enjoy it.The book is told over a 10 year period from first person perspectives of both Queen Elizabeth and Amy Robsart Dudley, Wife of Robert Dudley The writing itself was good, and the voice of each of [...]

  • Story of Amy Robsart, the wife of Robert Dudley It paints a very negative picture of Robert they were married at age 17 and he very quickly realized that his ambitions did not include a shy, country bred wife As soon as he managed to spend her entire dowry and inheritance, he wanted to be rid of her so he could pursue and marry Elizabeth He mistreated Amy and tried to manipulate Elizabeth into marriage and the crown for him Ultimately, it was Amy s death still a mystery exactly how she died that [...]

  • An interesting story about Amy Robsart, wife of Robert Dudley and his relationship with both her and Queen Elizabeth I I liked the way it was told from both Amy and Elizabeth s view points However I found the writing style a bit difficult to get into, the author is very over descriptive and it distracts from the flow of the story.

  • the queen spleasurereviewedit the queen s plea sure paperback bybrany purdy change edition myrating bookshelves tags what did you think somehtml isok add books auhor mrtt mietelski mariely my friendilove you mrtt mietelskiok yes no

  • First sentence I told Kat to fetch a chair and be my dragon, to sit outside my bedchamber door and guard my lair after I was gone Amy Robsart and Robert Dudley were married after a whirlwind romance in their teens Ten years later, Robert is infatuated with Elizabeth I and has hopes of being the king of England to her queen, there is only one small problem, he is still married to Amy although he has stopped seeing her as anything but a burden and an obstacle to his ambitions Then one September ev [...]

  • Ambition is so powerful a passion in the human breast, that however high we reach we are never satisfied Niccolo MachiavelliI can think of no other historical character that fits the above quote better than Robert Dudley and unfortunately it is his wife Amy Robsart Dudley who suffers the most because of it What begins as a love match between the two quickly becomes an impediment for Robert who realizes his wife is not made for court life and she stands in the way of everything he hopes to gain T [...]

  • The earl of Leicester, Elizabeth 1 favorite is portrayed as cruel and selfish Amy, his first wife dies in a mysterious accident.Interesting facts from this book Jane is known as the Nine Day Queen Born at Bradgate, Leicester.Lady Frances, mother of Jane, was the eldest daughter of King Henry VIII s younger sister, Mary Jane had two younger sisters, Lady Catherine and Lady Mary through their mother, the three sisters were great granddaughters of Henry VII, grandnieces of Henry VIII, and first cou [...]

  • The Queen s Pleasure is the fictional account of a real person, Amy Robisart Born in Norfolk, the heiress of farmer Sir John Robsart of Syderstone She married Robert Dudley just before she turned 18, and they were both young and in love Amy is best known for her untimely death of suspicious circumstances Lady Jane Grey became Queen and after her rule of a fortnight as England s queen, Robert Dudley was sentenced to death and imprisoned in the Tower of London At the same time Princess Elizabeth, [...]

  • Told from the POV of Amy Dudley and also Elizabeth I, the reader is taken on a touching journey The beginning has you wondering if the entire story is going to be told from obviously the mind of a very sick and mad woman who has been scorned by her husband Amy Dudley s cancer has spread and seems to be the cause of her paranoia The reader doesn t know if this feeling is real or if it is just a dying woman s wild imagination.As the story progresses we flash back to happier days when Robert Dudley [...]

  • I was so excited when the author of this book reached out to me and asked if I d want a copy to read I really enjoyed her last book, The Tudor Throne, so I couldn t wait to read another by her It s funny going back to that post and reading that I wanted to see Elizabeth s story continue, because basically this is that I do think that if I read the two closer together I would have enjoyed this , because while parts of the story did come back to me, it did take a while.My biggest complaint with th [...]

  • I really liked this book, and I m not just saying that because I m a history major and because I love the Tudors At least, I don t think I am I really liked the premise that Purdy went for in this book, which is something that she does, she picks a topic that people ask questions about, but it hasn t widely been done before, like Lady Rochford the woman who in essence killed Anne Boleyn or Amy Dudley, the wife of Robert Dudley who history mostly forgot.I liked that Purdy made me feel something f [...]

  • I always find it interesting to read a historical novel told from the point of view of a historical figure about which very little is known It gives a fresh perspective to a story that, even for those of us who are in love with the Tudors, can grow tiresome at times Brandy Purdy has done this for us in this wonderful book and has done it very well.In The Queen s Pleasure, we get to experience the lives and love of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley through the eyes of Amy Robsart Dudley, and we [...]

  • I was fortunate enough to be able to read and review an earlier published book written by Brandy Purdy, The Tudor Throne When I was asked to participate in the Virtual Book Tour for The Queen s Pleasure, I didn t hesitate to accept, and I wasn t disappointed Ms Purdy writes with a painstaking attention to detail I was able to easily envision the scenes, even to feel like I was there The only drawback to this is that on occasion there was so much detail that it tended to make the story drag a bit [...]

  • Amy loves Robert Robert loves Elizabeth Elizabeth loves Robert, but often doesn t like him This love triangle is one of the most infamous, and dangerous love triangles in the world The fate of a Wife and a Kingdom depend on the outcome of this torrid love affair.Robert Dudley marries Amy Robsart after a young whirlwind courtship After the passion fades and Robert s ambition ignites, Amy is left in the country as a forgotten wife At court, Robert recklessly peruses Queen Elizabeth and the Crown o [...]

  • 3.4 stars.Interesting take on the romance between Queen Elizabeth I Robert Dudley, told mostly from the POV of Amy Robsart Dudley, Robert s wife, although various chapters switch to Elizabeth s POV As a fan of historical fiction, I enjoyed finding out about Amy there doesn t seem to be a lot written about her, this was the first I d heard about her mysterious death Elizabeth comes across a bit warmer than she often does in books, but if you re a fan of Robert Dudley, be warned he his family are [...]

  • I m a huge fan of historical novels, especially those set in the Tudor era, but after reading The Tudor Wife Venegance Is Mine by Emily Purdy one of the worst books I ve ever read I didn t expect to enjoy this I was looking for some new reading material and picked this up for about 3 in my local Tesco, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised The novel s blurb lead me to believe that the story was about the relationship between Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, but it actually focuses on Rober [...]

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