Stranded A family vacation becomesA Test of Survival It was supposed to be a vacation and a chance to get to know each other better But when a massive storm sets in without warning four kids are shipwrecked a
  • Title: Stranded
  • Author: Jeff Probst Chris Tebbetts
  • ISBN: 9780142424247
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stranded
    A family vacation becomesA Test of Survival It was supposed to be a vacation and a chance to get to know each other better But when a massive storm sets in without warning, four kids are shipwrecked alone on a rocky jungle island in the middle of the South Pacific No adults No instructions Nobody to rely on but themselves Can they make it home alive A week ago, theA family vacation becomesA Test of Survival It was supposed to be a vacation and a chance to get to know each other better But when a massive storm sets in without warning, four kids are shipwrecked alone on a rocky jungle island in the middle of the South Pacific No adults No instructions Nobody to rely on but themselves Can they make it home alive A week ago, the biggest challenge Vanessa, Buzz, Carter, and Jane had was learning to live as a new blended family Now the four siblings must find a way to work together if they re going to make it off the island But first they ve got to learn to survive one another.
    Stranded By Jeff Probst Chris Tebbetts,
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      211 Jeff Probst Chris Tebbetts
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    Jeff Probst is the multi Emmy Award winning host and executive producer of the popular series Survivor After years of young fans asking, When are you going to do a Survivor for kids Jeff took his wife s advice and created a children s adventure series based on Survivor where the kids are the ones STRANDED.


  • This story is simple, well written and paced well, but it just didn t thrill me I liked it, but didn t love it But you very well may I may not quite be this book s target audience The shipwreck scene not a spoiler given the synopsis is gripping and entrancing But be forewarned the Part 1 means just that Do not expect this part to have an ending.

  • I thought that this book was great I had tried it before but I didn t like it so I tried it again and this time it was great My favorite character was Carter because everybody always made fun of him but every time somebody asked him to do something he came through and always succeeded I didn t like Buzz because all he did was throw up and get sick I thought the detail about the action was great because it put all the little details to make it better and it certainly did make it better When I rea [...]

  • Carter and Jane s mother had recently married Vanessa and Buzz s father Uncle Dexter decided to take the kids out to sea on a sailing adventure so the honeymooners could hike at Volcanoes National Park and enjoy the beaches of Hawaii The new siblings were supposed to bond ideally on a small boat out in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn t going so great and the weather was getting serious The boat rocked and tilted, it was time to call in an SOS, especially since water was coming in through the [...]

  • I was fully set to dislike this, but.I found myself really liking it I would definitely recommend it for its target audience adolescents While the book is probably mostly written by Tebbetts, I felt as if the voice of Jeff Probst came though loud and clear a very direct, no nonsense style.Four young people and brand new step siblings are off on a sailing adventure with their uncle But, of course, nothing goes as planned A huge storm cripples the boat the uncle is swept overboard and, the kids ge [...]

  • I m a big fan of the TV show Survivor, having not missed a single episode of the 29 so far seasons Jeff Probst does an excellent job as the show s host He certainly knows first hand what skills are needed to survive on an island for a number of days, weeks, or months Skills like being able to find a food and water source, build a fire, and put together a safe and dry shelter But can he translate that knowledge into an interesting and exciting middle grade adventure novel I m not so sure about th [...]

  • If you re like my mom and me, then you took a look at this cover and went, Jeff Probst Like Survivor Yes, the host of Survivor has written a middle grade book with the help of Chris Tebbetts Unsurprisingly, it involves people stuck on an island.Vanessa and Buzz Diaz s father married Carter and Jane Benson s mother, making them all siblings As a gift, their Uncle Dexter offered to take the kids on a cruise during the honeymoon, giving them time to bond While Buzz and Carter are the same age, they [...]

  • I was so excited to read this novel, I had heard so many things about it and most of the reviews about it were great yet after I read it, I was disappointed Let me start off first by saying what I liked about the novel I liked that it was short and that will appeal to many children who don t like to read The cover is fantastic too and people will be attracted to the book because of that I liked the diversity among the children they each had something to offer to the story and made them unique Wh [...]

  • Kids go on a boat ride with an adult or two but in a storm the kids and adults are separated, leaving the kids shipwrecked on an island figuring out how to survive and return to civilization A blended family faces trauma that forces them into teamwork These plots have been used before, but I think because Jeff Probst is the host of Survivor, he adds a better reality flavor.Carter and Jane s mom has just married Vanessa and Buzz s dad Carter and Jane s Uncle Dexter and first mate Joe take the fou [...]

  • This book was extremely boring I m surprised I managed to pull myself through the dreadful plot and characters While extremely short this book didn t describe the setting Also, the characters had horrible traits For example, there was one inactive chubby boy, a 9 year old thats obsessed with video taping for school, a arrogant sporty boy and the dullest and the oldest, Vanessa I feel that the author tried to get them stranded as quickly as possible so he didn t have to use a lot of descriptive l [...]

  • Personal Response I like the book because I like adventures, and this book is all about adventure The goal is to look for food and water.Plot It s about these four kids that go on a seven day boat ride in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but they get an unexpected storm Their uncle gets on the life raft with his two nephews, but with the big storm, the four kids stay on the boat and their uncle and their other two brothers get blown away Their boat gets torn, and they end up on an island and the [...]

  • I think this book was amazing I love survival books so this book caught my attention the minute I put it in my hand From the problems they faced and to find out if they would make it alive this book is one of my all time favorites I also really like the characters especially carter I give this book a five star.

  • The book Stranded is about teens that go on a sailing trip and are in the middle of an ocean In the middle of the night they hit bottom and the boat starts to take on water The teens try to fight the water back, but the water is coming in to fast so they have to make a decision They can either sit on the boat and go down with it or they can jump off and swim for the small island in the distance, they choose the island They barely make it to the island when they do they are surprised to see the i [...]

  • Jeff Probst yes, that Jeff Probst has written a middle grade survival novel with the help of Chris Tebbetts I love Survivor and had high expectations for this book I was not disappointed Stranded follows four kids of a newly blended family, Vanessa and Buzz Diaz and Carter and Jane Benson, as they set sail with their uncle Dex and his first mate, Joe, aboard the Lucky Sail toward Hawaii to meet up with their mother and father who are on their honeymoon It s a chance to vacation and get to know e [...]

  • Since I read the Lord of Flies in High School, I have been fascinated with books on kids stranded on islands The idea of a book written by Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, tickled my funny bone since that show is so cutthroat Stranded is the first of three books In the first books we are introduced to four children, two boys and two girls that are now part of a blended family Along with Uncle Dexter and a deckhand named Joe Of course a major storm occurs, separating the two men from the kids a [...]

  • This book is about 4 kids named Carter, Vanessa, Buzz and Jane who were on a family vacation on their boat and then a storm hits and hits there ship and leaves them stranded on a Island These kids also argued but once they realized they were on an Island alone they knew that they would have to work together to survive I liked this book because of the author Jeff Probst, who has a show called survivor which I love I also loved how they were stuck on a island and survived without any guidance from [...]

  • I thought the book Stranded, by Jeff Probst, was very good The book kept me interested the entire time If I was in this situation, I would definitely not be able to survive The writing in this book was very powerful, because it made me feel like I was the one surviving One weakness in the book is that you have to read all of the books in the series to find out if they survive One strength of the book is that every single detail helps them survive another day I would recommend this book to any cl [...]

  • I have to give a book talk at our meeting tomorrow I grabbed this one cuz I knew I could read it in about an hour and there are enough Survivor fans at work, that they might find that Jeff Probst wrote a book somewhat interesting.I have the feeling that he did the outline, the research and the co author probably did most of the writing Anyway2 adults get married They both have a son and a daughter The 4 kids go sailing with Uncle Dex while mom and dad have a honeymoon A storm comes up They crash [...]

  • This was an exciting survival story cowritten by the host of Survivor The main characters Carter, Buzz, Jane, and Vanessa are members of a blended family who must rely on each other if they are going to survive being deserted on a island in the South Pacific The story ends with a cliffhanger and I m guessing the problem won t be resolved until the end of the third book in the trilogy Definitely worth checking out for all you adventure lovers

  • Stranded is one of my favorite books I ve read because the author keeps you coming back because f all of the suspense.My most liked character is Jane because shes the youngest of all but shes the smartest.When Carter and Jane get stuck in the tide of the ocean,that left me wondering if they were going to survive or not.

  • Tried to read this for read a book a day but didn t accomplish that goal This is a middle grade book An uncle takes his nieces and nephews on a boat ride but a massive storm comes 4 kids ages 9 to 13 are shipwrecked and have to learn how to survive.

  • My daughter, who is 10, read this and loved it so she asked me to read it along with her It s a great adventure story but now we can t wait to get to the next one to find out what happens to the kids

  • I m not usually a fan of celebrity authors but I picked this one up on the advice of my amazing children s librarian and I m glad I did This will be a great series to recommend to those readers who enjoy survival stories and are often resistant to reading.

  • The book was written as a trilogy This book should have been a stand alone book As a trilogy it becomes short and choppy.Good read overall for the middle school set,

  • Fun and exciting read with my 8 year old She brought this home from the library all excited that Survivor was made into a book Great for older elementary middle grade kids who love adventure.

  • Perfect for 2nd thru 4th graders You have to read all 3 books to complete the story What s not to love Jeff Probst wrote it

  • If you love Survivor , you will love Stranded, because they are both good things for survival Jeff Probst, the host of the show, teams up with Chris Tebbetts to write a thriller about four step siblings going on a seven day boat trip with their uncle That s when things get a little rough Probst, while being a celebrity, is one of the best people at telling how to survive on an island How, some might ask Well, when you have been watching people do it for 22 years, you happen to pick up on a thing [...]

  • Summer Book Review StrandedI always seemed to think to myself when reading this book Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts, Stranded has a genre of survival and tells a story about how four kids, Vannessa, Carter, Buzz, and Jane, compromise and come up with different ways to find their lost uncle and a way off an island they crashed on After crashing on an island because of a severe storm, Vanessa, Carter, Buzz, and Jane need to find their lost uncle and a way off the island But after the satellite pho [...]

  • I m reading the book called Stranded by Jeff Probst which is about a group of kids, Venessa, Buzz, Carter, and Jane These four kids go out on what s supposed to be a vacation and become closer friends until a massive storm sets out to hit the Lucky Star the name of the ship The four friends get shipwrecked on a rocky jungleALONE They had no one but themselves, left with the food that made it through the storm on the Lucky Star, and their bare hands What they don t know is that they will soon be [...]

  • Stranded is a story of 4 children stranded on a tropical island Each of the children has a very different personality I think the reason the Jeff Probst did this was a way for the reader to relate to the characters The book really makes you think what you would do in that type of situation And in even problem that arises each character sees it differently, do you agree with Vanessa or Buzz Carter Jane As you could expect when four people are stranded on an island alone fights arise especially wh [...]

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