Vampire Knight, Vol. 16

Vampire Knight Vol The Night Class is back in session but Yuki finds herself quickly becoming second fiddle to Sara Shirabuki With Kaname gone Yuki is now desperate for blood so Zero offers her his own Will she break
  • Title: Vampire Knight, Vol. 16
  • Author: Matsuri Hino
  • ISBN: 9781421551548
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vampire Knight, Vol. 16
    The Night Class is back in session, but Yuki finds herself quickly becoming second fiddle to Sara Shirabuki With Kaname gone, Yuki is now desperate for blood, so Zero offers her his own Will she break her promise to Kaname and drink from Zero
    Vampire Knight, Vol. 16 By Matsuri Hino,
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      Matsuri Hino

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    Name in Japanese Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido She was a bookshop keeper who one day decided to become a manga artist, and all of nine months later, in 1995, she published her first manga title, Kono Yume ga Sametara When This Dream Is Over , in Japan s LaLa DX magazine.


  • Vampire Knight can increasingly be summarized with one word confusing The plot is confusing who is good or bad what s going on The characters are confusing who is who it s hard to tell people apart And yet, I keep reading and mostly enjoying this series.I like that Yuki is coming back to be the strong girl that she started out the series as She lost her way when Kaname first changed her back into a vampire and revealed her history We saw Yuki s strength really emerge in Volume 15 It s subtle in [...]

  • This volume left me confused There is no clear image of what is going on Where is the story going and why We no longer know Characters are acting out of character Cross and Kaname are at odds, Yuki s vampires are all over the place and she and Zero can t figure out what is going on but trying to act indifferent around one another toss in some new blood tablets and we get this volume Yuki is the only character i liked in this volume She is really coming into her own As usual, the artwork is amazi [...]

  • Book ReviewBook Title Vampire Knight Volume 16Author Matsuri HinoIntroduction I read this series a long time ago, but I completely forgot to pick up this volume in the series It s been sitting on my book shelf, so I decided to pick it up and get back into this wonderful series.Review Vampire Knight 16 brings yet another great spin to the ever continuing, fantastical story This story is for sure one of my favourite manga series This ongoing soap opera has kept me hooked at every turn, and I canno [...]

  • I want to thank Viz for the opportunity to read and review this volume I was really excited when I saw this up on Edelweiss, since this is one of my favorite manga series But, that s where the fun ends with this one I feel like I read this, but also like I didn t Since Viz s watermark was a big white square in the center of each page on this volume, I feel like I missed 1 3 or of the story, and cannot quite completely explain the story in my review due to that But, I will still do the best I ca [...]

  • hey yuki successfully did a thing good girl s kind of sad my expectations for this series have slid so low _but hey, the plot is pretty clear right now which is a plus except for whatever s going on with kaname, i don t understand that and i get the feeling matsuri hino has no intention of explaining anytime soonalso if yuki zero is going to remain at this standstill i think hino ought to just save the page space to let yuki do things leader yuki with the opinions and the decisions and the actu [...]

  • Cinco estrellas por costumbre, porque ODI EL GIRO QUE DIO LA HISTORIA view spoiler C mo que Kaname, mi amado Kaname, es el responsable de lo que pas con la familia Kiryuu EST N JODI NDOME hide spoiler Comienzo a odiar todo esto, tiene pinta de que terminar mal

  • Vampire Knight is a graphic novel about a world of vampires and humans It focuses on a school where both coexist but humans go to day classes and vampires go at night The humans are unaware of the vampires existence at the school The main character is Yuki Cross She was a vampire turned human and returned to being a vampire There is quite a bit intrigue at the school but mostly it deals in the vampire world This episode is one of the better ones.

  • 3.21 starsThe rating and review are conclusion for all of the volumes Except for the synopsis.Okay I AM SUPER DUPER ANNOYED True, it s not that bad but the way this story end Gosh, I cannot Let s just say I m not really satisfied with how it ends okay I don t know how to say it I didn t enjoy Twilight last time I didn t really enjoy Vampire Knight too Maybe vampire story is not really for me.Hm, talking about the characters in this story I could say Cross Yuki, the heroin, is a strong character [...]

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  • Opini o geral raquelcollin.wordpress 20A hist ria passa se no col gio Cross, uma escola especial que divide os alunos em dois grupos A Day Class classe do dia e a Night Class a classe da noite O que toda a gente pensa, inclu do a day class, que a nica coisa que os difere que quando a classe da manh sa para os dormit rios noite, altura da classe da noite ir para as aulas.No entanto n o apenas isso A Night Classe na verdade uma turma exclusiva a vampiros Um projecto do presidente Cross que quer qu [...]

  • This volume had a lot of things happening, but at the same time was a forkful of slow, meandering villain esque moments, running around, discoveries that only shock the main characters and leave the audience going yeah we knew about that in like volume 12, get with the times, and bloody, freaking set up I really can t wait until the ball gets rolling and we get to the whys behind all of this madness I just want to know what s going on Grr.Also, Zero, Yuki Stop pretending you don t like each oth [...]

  • I gave this series 4 stars and this review will be on every volume, for my own organizational purposes Vampire Knight is a 19 volume, 93 chapter manga series That s about five or six chapters titled nights , if I m not mistaken, this entire series is consecutive, it s not hopping around from one month to the next per volume While it is a lot to read, it s actually a quick one I didn t realize how little it took me to read all of this until I finished Generally, I d say Vampire Knight is well lov [...]

  • In diesem Jahr habe ich nicht nur Mangas entdeckt, sondern auch diese ganz besonders tolle Reihe Vampire Knight gibt es nun seit zehn Jahren und erst im Januar kam der letzte Band raus F r mich nat rlich eine gro e Freude, weil ich alle ganz schnell hintereinander verschlingen kann Ich kann absolut nicht genug von dieser Truppe bekommen und fiebere nat rlich meinem eigenen Fantasie Ende entgegen, aber bis dahin l sst Hino mich ziemlich zappeln, denn Band 16 gibt immer noch nicht viel Preis Man e [...]

  • Full of action and teasers, Volume 16 of Vampire Knight moves the plot forward but leaves its readers with lots of questions Kaname is still missing, but we have come to learn that he is on a mission to annihilate all pureblood vampires The only question we have is why Why take this drastic step What possibly could he achieve by killing other purebloods and what does this mean for Yuki now that she is one From previous volumes, we have been accustomed to Kaname s strange, ambiguous plans They ar [...]

  • This manga has always been interesting to me I love that even though I haven t read a volume in 3 years that I can pick it back up and remember everything I m a bit hazy on Kaname s plan though, if it was announced at all before now Other than that, it s the same brilliance.

  • The story become complicated.Kaname wants to defeat all of the pureblood vampires and he betray vampires.He defeat purebloods helped by Ruka and Akatsuki,but Kaien against them though all of Hunter Association let Kaname do it.In the Cross Academy,Sara deploy blood tablet that made from her blood use Ichijo s pharmaceutical division.Her goals are make all vampires serve her,so she will be queen of vampire.But fortunately Yuki s blood make vampires that consume Sara s blood tablet return to norm [...]

  • Man, the last volume was so clear and good and I didn t have to read every page twice to figure out who was doing what to whom This one was back to the usual somewhat confusing mess Or maybe it s just me Not a whole lot of interest seems to happen in this volume, but there s definitely some setting up for things to come ButI m really kind of getting bored with this series, and I m not sure that I ll even bother reading the next one when it comes out I miss the early days of Vampire Knight, befor [...]

  • Seriously When I first started this manga, I really LOVE it But now It just made me a LOT confused O I really don t get it any why Kaname is doing what he s doing And so Yuuki needs to kill him cause he s doing bad stuffs I really like Kaname I even named my laptop Kaname BUT he s being bad now I know there s a reason although it s not yet out in the open Not fully Just maybe a gist of it Or am I just plain stupid for not realizing it _UPDATE I just finished reading the latest manga Still on Vol [...]

  • This volume is one of the better ones where Yuki doesn t act TSTL She actually acts like a leader even though she lost the class president elections for the Night class We tension with Zero and of Sara s machinations There are interesting developments regarding Ichijo and Shiki We also get information regarding Kaname s plotting which seem to have begun a lot earlier than previously revealed.This is actually a pretty exciting volume with a lot of developments and a lot going on We also have t [...]

  • Mammamia, questo dev essere stato uno dei volumi pi comprensibili dell intera serie A volte mi stupisco dell autrice Ma soprattutto del successo che ha avuto un manga del genere, confuso come pochi altri.Comunque, siamo entrati nell ultimo arco della storia, presumo Ormai mancano solo tre volumetti La pastiglie nuove presentate da Sara si sono rivelate una specie di droga che fa perdere il controllo ai vampiri e solo il sangue di Yuki sembra riportarli sulla retta via Ma lei, ovviamente, non pu [...]

  • 4 starsCan I just say that no one scares me like Sara Shirabuki She s creepy, quiet, calculating, and worst of all, she has a plan a plan that s coming together I m terrified every time she shows up Eep Finish her, Kaname FINISH HER I must say, though 1 what the heck is Kaname up to And 2 what did Sara whisper in Zero s ear Also 3 Shiki Dude What are you doing November can t come fast enough June 2013 REREADOkay, so when I first read Vol 16, I was completely lost and confused However, after rere [...]

  • Some of my issues with this series continue, but I can happily say I m once again understanding the story line Matsuri Hino has some emotionally charged scenes which are beautifully rendered If Vampire Knight Vol 16 is any indication of Yuki s shift in character, I hope the changes keep on coming in future issues Oh, and that cliffhanger ending has me really wanting Volume 17 It s good to still be a Vampire Knight fan gurl My in depth review readergirlsblog 2013 0

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