Determinant NOTE Though this is the rd installment of the Guardians of Vesturon it can be read as a stand alone novel January St Davis on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college thi
  • Title: Determinant
  • Author: A.M. Hargrove
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  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
  • Determinant
    NOTE Though this is the 3rd installment of the Guardians of Vesturon, it can be read as a stand alone novel.January St Davis, on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college, thinks she s scored in a major way when she lands a paid summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta One evening, after working an especiallNOTE Though this is the 3rd installment of the Guardians of Vesturon, it can be read as a stand alone novel.January St Davis, on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college, thinks she s scored in a major way when she lands a paid summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta One evening, after working an especially long shift, a chance encounter with a group of mysterious men alters the course of her life.Rykerian Yarrister, a Guardian of Vesturon with unearthly powers and impossibly gorgeous looks, finds himself at odds over the human female he recently saved from certain death When it seems he is on the verge of winning her over, she is ripped from his hands by a strange and powerful being, threatening to destroy her if his demands are not met.Do Rykerian and the Guardians have the ability to meet this fierce barbarian s ultimatums, or will January suffer a horrid demise
    Determinant By A.M. Hargrove,
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  • The third book in The Guardians of Vesturon series was my favorite, although I loved the first two books as well Determinant is fast paced and full of adventure and surprises that will be sure to keep you guessing Plus, it is packed full of hot guys who can resist January is a great character She has had a tough life but despite her past, or maybe because of it, she is a strong lead and knows how to take care of herself She is easily likable and fun to be reading about I really love Rykerian I l [...]

  • Quick review Cover Fitting Rating PG 13 Thumbs Up 4Overall Another fabulous installment with my favorite aliensCharacters So good.Plot An interesting tale with a twist that made me smile and want Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend Rykerian honestly Jurek, lol SUMMARY 50 words or less January has her day and well, even with her predicament, I want to be in her shoes Not only Rykerian but then there is hunky Jurek With a lot of things going on January is a fighter and she [...]

  • I m not going to lie, I wasn t sure I wanted to read this book I became very attached to Maddie and Rayn and I didn t want to leave them behind, even if Rykerian is a bit difficult not to like In the end, I found myself liking this book than the previous two and adoring January and Rykerian to bits The plot Okay, you could probably split this book into two novellas with their own beginnings, middles, and ends, but I think it worked I saw the same problem here that I did in the previous book of [...]

  • Another great book Now we are finding out about January, Rykerian and other people I can t wait for book 4 in 2013.

  • Please check out my blog at readrwA couple of weeks ago I read the first novel of The Guardians of Vesturon series Survival was okay, the characters really stood out to me, but I didn t love the whole idea of the Guardians Determinant is the third installment of the series, and I d still say the same thing if I was telling someone about this series I love all the detail and the weirdness of all the characters, but the whole E.T like people just didn t make sense, for me anyways.The beginning of [...]

  • Determinant The Guardians of Vesturon 3 by A.M HargroveA.M Hargrove has given us a third book in this series The Guardians of Vesturon, this book is by far one of the best books in this series and I expect the series is only going to get better A.M s writing is easy to read, her words flowed well, and character and plot are also well written Determinant can be read as a standalone but I do suggest you read Survival and Resurrection to get to know everyone.This book has everything a good book sho [...]

  • Best yet in this series DETERMINANT digs deep, emotionally, mentally January St Davis didn t grow up in a warm and loving home and she never knew why She excelled in school, graduated first in her class at sixteen, and for her graduation present, her parents kicked her out of the house, after dropping a HUGE bombshell aimed straight at her heart At this point, I have to say, her parents are now my all time most hated characters January s story is entwined with Maddie s story, Survival, Resurrect [...]

  • I was beyond excited to receive this book from Anne Hargrove If you ve been around our blog for a little while, you know I read and reviewed the first two in this series and loved them both desperately I was even lucky enough to do a interview with the very lovely Hargrove, in which we learned lots about the books and I got to pay her lots of well deserved compliments You can read that review here.So I waited ever so impatiently for book 3, and I am very much pleased with what I received in the [...]

  • If you want to see of my reviews, check out my blog Moosubi Reviews Disclaimer The fact that I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review has not affected my rating This review expresses my honest opinion.Rating Clarification 3.5 5 StarsI suppose I came into this book with just average or meh expectations Although I enjoyed the previous two books of the series, I was a little on edge about the introduction of a new character from Maddie s life on Earth January I was afra [...]

  • Well, this is the third book in the series, Guardians of Versturon, but as the author stated, it can be read as a standalone Although it wasn t required, I decided to read the first two books Check out my reviews here and here I liked this book very much, and I wonder whether I would have liked it that much if I didn t read the first two books So you might want to give them a try then read this Fortunately, the first book, Survival is free on Smashwords Download it here , and the second book, Re [...]

  • See of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts The third book in this series is a little different that the first two This book doesn t follow Rayn and Maddie, although they do appear throughout Determinant is told from January s perspective as well as Rykerian s We met January while Maddie was in college, and we ve known of Rykerian since Maddie was saved from her abduction January s story starts before Maddie s did on the day of her high school graduation.When I start [...]

  • Where to begin I was blown away by Determinant it s definitely my favourite in the series My emotions were on a major roller coaster ride completely haywire Rykerian is so sensitive, sweet, sensual, loving and romantic the list could go on He s the type of guy that would carry you on his hands and kiss the ground you walk on Ok, he does have his moments of typical guyness is that a word lol , but what guy doesn t He gained a mate but also lost a close family member I was gutted My throat was so [...]

  • When I first heard that Determinant was coming out, my first thought was where is Hargrove going with thisI thought Resurrection pretty much resolved Maddie and Rayn s issues, but I love them so I was ready to read some books starring them AND then I saw that it wasn t Maddie and Rayn s story after all It s Rykerian s, Rayn s brother, story Then my mind was all likeokay let s give this a try because it s either going to be a bust or bomb the good kind GUESS WHAT It s the BOMB Determinant is my [...]

  • This is the third book in this series, but it s able to be read as a standalone I do have the other two books, but I was concerned that I wouldn t have time to read them all and stay caught up with my other review books so I opted to just read this one I didn t have any problems getting into the plot of the story so it really was good as a standalone I also don t really feel like I need to go back to read the first ones.I enjoyed the sci fi plot of this story a lot I liked the 2 main characters [...]

  • This story starts out with a prologue type thing in third person p o v All we know is that this group of guys are stealing a deadly virus from the Center for Disease Control They come across the girl, and all we know afterwards is that the girl can read minds Then, the Bad Guys spread the virus around for what we think is to save their planet.Then, we skip to a girl s point of view, and she s trying to head home, even though she s ready to pass out, has a really high fever, and his hallucinating [...]

  • I thought this was a wonderful story January has had a tough upbringing, and after learning a big secret the day of her high school graduation, she is forced to leave her cruel heartless parents and loving young siblings behind January then heads off to college where she gets used to this new lifestyle She creates new friendships, but one of her friends and suite mate Maddie suddenly disappears, reappears, and then disappears and after two years, is still not heard of As January is still facing [...]

  • HOLY HADES AND ARES Can I just say where to begin I read this book is 7 hours I told the kids to leave me alone and go bother their father because mommy needed some ME time Okay that is how good this book is Laundry and cooking and cleaning be dammed A.M has crafted and created a world where I want to live minus the bad stuff and the diseases of course But HOLY HADES Rykerian can we have Alien babies January has had a rough life She has lost a friend who has just up and disappeared and her paren [...]

  • Blog Tour Stop Oct 16 Review of Determinant Reviewed for I luv tours blog tour5 Stars Determinant continues Author A M Hargrove s magically imaginative contemporary sci fi series The Guardians of Vesturon Vesturon is a planet in a distant galaxy, a peace loving entity whose Guardians patrol other systems to keep peace and to prevent war like species from ravaging other planets for resources and populace One team of Guardians is based on Earth, in the Smoky Mountains In this entry to the series, [...]

  • Series review short and sweet While I do readily admit struggling a bit with the first two as I do with most authors 1st works the payoff is most certainly worth it Book 3 was awesome and A.M Hargrove is one author to watch It maybe just because I am not really big into sci fi but never the less I am really glad I stayed with the series it is different and thoroughly enjoyable Rating 4 stars Recommended for teens and adults Stalk A.M she is really great to interact with and I m proud to call her [...]

  • What an awesome read I completely felt for January St Davis and her life pre graduation at age 16 She had straight A s and was the class valedictorian she thought that would make her parents proud of her When she arrived home that evening, after not seeing her parents and younger siblings at the graduation, she was thrown out of the house and told not to return What a shock that would have been She had never felt love from either her mother or her step father Now, at sixteen she was on her own S [...]

  • Okay, so I had to give the book before this only four stars, just to show how much better I thought this one was compared to it They are both great though, don t get me wrong Determinant just seemed to have everything the first was lacking I m not even sure what that is, to be honest In the beginning of Survival I found myself confused by the numerous flashbacks, and just trying to learn the characters and story When I realized just what kind of book it was, I was SHOCKED, to say the least The A [...]

  • I must say that this is my favorite book from the series It s goodness in every page While it is good to read the first two books before heading onto Determinant, it can also be read as a stand alone but I ll still advise you to read the first two books because they are good Besides, you ll be able to appreciate Determinant even if you follow the series Having a family that doesn t love you back sucks It s pretty bad and January was one of those whose family didn t even care for her at all They [...]

  • I signed on to be a part of this blog tour for Determinant months ago I knew this was book three and I also knew they said this book could be a stand alone but I really wanted to read the first two books first I have to say that I m glad I read the other two books first It helped me feel like I knew the other characters and some history as well.Having said that, I liked this book better than the other two I think I just like Rykerian and January Rykerian was my preference in the other books and [...]

  • First, I know this is book 3, but I felt like you could jump in and read this one alone It s written well enough that you get background and info without a dumping of it Yes, you will know that there has been events in the past, but it wouldn t hinder reading for you I know I ve just said its written well, but I love this writer s style And of course I love the whole book.January is a broken, scared, depressed, defeated girl, yet somehow she survives all these terrible things Thank goodness she [...]

  • This book is the third installment of the Vesturon Guardian Saga I read the first and the second installment and was totally mesmerized by a series of events This one follows the life of January St Davis and her relationship later on with one of the Yarrister Clan members of Vesturon, Rykerian The book is divided in several partitions so you might get a glance of thoughts from each January and Rykerian It is well organized to the end and has some funny parts as well Anyone who knows the other st [...]

  • This book was a great surprise After finishing book two on the series I, felt like our main characters had an amazing conclusion Therefore when I saw that Determinant was about my second favorite Prince Alien no offence intended, just my way of showing my love my interest skyrocket from 60 to 120 It was a fast moving story, fill with romance, angst and of course some war and politics movement What I love of this new series is that Hargrove does not try to push angst by mixing love between two di [...]

  • Review to come with quotesBut some quick notes first I actually had NOT read the previous books in the series I ve been meaning to forever but I heard that this could be read as a stand alone, so I jumped in I had absolutely no difficulty following the story, and feeling like I knew the characters I may have enjoyed it even by reading the previous books, but I still thought it was a great read without them I didn t sign up for this Love that quote Love, love, love it More to come, but I do high [...]

  • I received a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review January finds out on her graduation day that she was a product of rape, not only did her family not show up for the ceremony, she was thrown out of the house the very same day I loved how the story started out as a drama and turned into a sci fi novel My only issue was that January didn t come across as a strong female character that I d have expected to develop because of the situation she was in Other than that, I think it was a [...]

  • Determinant is the 3rd book in The Guardians of Vesturon series Ms Hargrove writes a fast paced, well written plot with lots of twists, turns, romance and heartache that will keep you captivated from the beginning I could put the book down once I started reading and finished it within a day This review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review.

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