The Great Secret

The Great Secret After years spent studying the doctrines of Ancient Egypt Christian Jacq closes the series by revealing the Great Secret of resurrection This mystery was at the very centre of Egyptian thought and
  • Title: The Great Secret
  • Author: Christian Jacq Sue Dyson
  • ISBN: 9780743259552
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • The Great Secret
    After 40 years spent studying the doctrines of Ancient Egypt, Christian Jacq closes the series by revealing the Great Secret of resurrection This mystery was at the very centre of Egyptian thought and pharonic civilisation, and is the key to a modern understanding of Ancient Egyptian life.
    The Great Secret By Christian Jacq Sue Dyson,
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      222 Christian Jacq Sue Dyson
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  • Christian Jacq Sue Dyson

    Christian Jacq is a French author and Egyptologist He has written several novels about ancient Egypt, notably a five book suite about pharaoh Ramses II, a character whom Jacq admires greatly.Jacq s interest in Egyptology began when he was thirteen, and read History of Ancient Egyptian Civilization by Jacques Pirenne This inspired him to write his first novel He first visited Egypt when he was seventeen, went on to study Egyptology and archaeology at the Sorbonne, and is now one of the world s leading Egyptologists.By the time he was eighteen, he had written eight books His first commercially successful book was Champollion the Egyptian, published in 1987 As of 2004 he has written over fifty books, including several non fiction books on the subject of Egyptology.He and his wife later founded the Ramses Institute, which is dedicated to creating a photographic description of Egypt for the preservation of endangered archaeological sites.Between 1995 1997, he published his best selling five book suite Rams s, which is today published in over twenty five countries Each volume encompasses one aspect of Ramesses known historical life, woven into a fictional tapestry of the ancient world for an epic tale of love, life and deceit.Jacq s series describes a vision of the life of the pharaoh he has two vile power hungry siblings, Shanaar, his decadent older brother, and Dolora, his corrupted older sister who married his teacher In his marital life, he first has Isetnofret Iset as a mistress second Great Wife , meets his true love Nefertari first Great Wife and after their death, gets married to Maetnefrure in his old age Jacq gives Ramesses only three biological children Kha emweset, Meritamen she being the only child of Nefertari, the two others being from Iset and Merneptah The other children are only young officials trained for government and who are nicknamed sons of the pharaoh.


  • Why does an expert on Egyptian history write a book with so much nonense I am left behind wondering if I have learned anything about a ancient Egypt.

  • Bellino ma mi aspettavo decisamente di pi.Come al solito il mega cattivone di turno crede di essere onnipotente e alla fine perde tutto.Interessanti i riti e la religiosit dell antico Egitto, cos come la trama.Purtroppo i cattivi, sopravvivono indisturbati per 4 volumi e negli ultimi capitoli di questo libro vengono liquidati in pochissime righe.Per non parlare dello scontro finale che si conclude in un misero capitoletto, con il pazzo fanatico incenerito dopo un breve duello magico.Da notare an [...]

  • I read the whole series and loved it CJ is very descriptive in his writing and an expert on Egyptian history and culture However I felt he could have elaborated or extended himself a bit on certain parts of the book He builds on the suspense and when suddenly you reach a really expected part, for example a great battle, where the outcome of the characters lives are of extreme importance, he ll spend about a page and a half on that battle beginning to end and you are left thinking how can he hav [...]

  • RATING 3.5 stars.Another typical Jacq with his very moral and heroic characters opposing their very immoral and evil enemies Still loving his deciption of ancient Egypt, though.The final of this book was a bit rushed but I liked it overall, as always even if the author recycles a lot of the ideas and plots of his older books, not to mention characters.

  • Les quatre tomes taient vraiment bien On suit l histoire d Iker, du pharaon S sostris et de leur combat contre l Annonciateur, serviteur de Seth Le lecteur est plong dans la mythologie gyptienne, Christian Jacq en donne tous les d tails gr ce aux textes retrouv s.

  • The Judge of Egypt is still my favorite series, but the implications of the ending of this series are staggering I would love to meet Mr Jacq and ask him so many questions

  • I loved this series as I have loved all of Christian Jacq I find his books interesting I love the Egyptian stories and his are grat.

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