Veil of Pearls

Veil of Pearls She thought she could outrun her pastIt is and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with plantation owners slaves and immigrants Immigrants such as the raven haired Adalia Winston
  • Title: Veil of Pearls
  • Author: MaryLu Tyndall
  • ISBN: 9781616265779
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Veil of Pearls
    She thought she could outrun her pastIt is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with plantation owners, slaves and immigrants Immigrants such as the raven haired Adalia Winston But Adalia has a secret her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados Skilled in herbal remedies, Adalia finds employment with a localShe thought she could outrun her pastIt is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with plantation owners, slaves and immigrants Immigrants such as the raven haired Adalia Winston But Adalia has a secret her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados Skilled in herbal remedies, Adalia finds employment with a local doctor and settles into her quiet life, thankful for her freedom but still fearful that her owner will find her.Born into one of Charleston s prominent families, Morgan Rutledge is handsome, bored and enad of the beautiful Adalia, who spurns his advances Morgan s persistence, however, finally wins, and Adalia is swept into the glamorous world of Charleston high society.But Adalia s new life comes at a high price that of denying her heritage and her zeal for God How far is she willing to go to win the heart of the man she loves And when her secret is revealed, will that love be enough, or will the truth ruin Morgan and send Adalia back into slavery
    Veil of Pearls By MaryLu Tyndall,
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  • Oh my Seldom has my heart ached at the turn of a last page MaryLu Tyndall is simply one of the best in Christian romance today and Veil of Pearls, her finest work yet A pearl beyond compare, this is a love story that transcends era and class to race your heart and soothe your soul, leaving you breathless and longing for Absolutely one of my favorite reads ever

  • Sadly in America, Freedom is something we all tend to take for granted But in the book Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall we meet a young woman named Althea who knows the true value of freedom as she fights tooth and nail to gain hers She escapes her Barbados plantation prison from a cruel slave master by sneaking away and gaining passage on a ship bound for Charleston, South Carolina It is here that she reinvents herself and changes her name to Adalia and seeks to help in a local orphanage with t [...]

  • Marvellous I think MaryLu Tyndall gets better with each book I read I was really blown away by this awesome story Adalia is young woman with a quarter Negro blood Although she looks 100% white, she s considered a slave She has been planning to escape her abusive master for years One day she actually runs away and starts a new life in Charleston She finds a position with a local doctor The doctor sends her to the Rutledge Plantation to tend their slaves There she meets the two Rutledge brothers w [...]

  • Sometimes the veil separating us from our dreams is one that seems too priceless to tear apart But sometimes our dreams and the veil itself aren t what they appear to be In Veil of Pearls Adalia and Morgan both find themselves on a journey of new and unexpected perspectives, a journey that is as engaging and ultimately uplifting as I ve come to expect from a Tyndall novel After escaping a cruel master, Adalia simply longs for freedom and a chance to live in peace But when rich and handsome Morga [...]

  • The plot and writing style of Veil of Pearls reminds me of authors such as Jamie Carie, Linda Chaikin and Lori Wick, so I m sure that fans of these authors will love this book.Unfortunately, I didn t I wanted to, but I didn t.Veil of Pearls heaps formula upon platitude upon clich Adelia, the beautiful young girl, orphaned and forced into slavery yet with a faith in God and a strong desire to make her world a better place, escaping and meeting Morgan, the rich young man who doesn t want to fulfil [...]

  • Althea escapes slavery on a Barbados sugar plantation, and uses the advantage of her light skin to establish a new life in Charleston under the guise of Adalia Winston A local plantation owner s spoiled son won t accept her constant no to his party invitations and social calls, and when he finally cracks through her armor and garners a yes , Adalia is swept into a glittering world of status, finery and show A world she does not belong to.Whenever I pick up a Marylu Tyndall book, I know there s g [...]

  • I have been a fan of MaryLu Tyndall since I picked up the first title I found by her Since that moment I ve rejoiced each time her new novel hits my hands and this time was far from an exception.Veil of Pearls combines so much into a solid novel Historical controversy in this case the plight of slaves pre Civil War , strong characters that aren t afraid to grow and learn to embrace change A love story that moves the depth of my heart with impassioned precision And writing that completely grips m [...]

  • Okay, this book was completely amazing from start to finish In fact, of the eight novels of Marylu Tyndall s that I ve read, this is my absolute favorite Not only was there plenty of realism and romance, but there were a lot of insightful comments about faith, slavery, surrendering to God, the meaninglessness of worldly riches, etc But you could also see how difficult it was for some of the characters to forsake the physical comforts in life The lure of wealth is powerful and can snag the hearts [...]

  • Plot Summary It is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with immigrants like Adalia But she has a secret her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados She lives in terror that her owner will come looking for her Instead Morgan, the son of a plantation owner, finds her He is handsome, charming, bored and enad of the beautiful Adalia Soon she is swept into his glamorous world, a world in which the truth about Adalia s heritage would ruin her [...]

  • Just to warn the would be reader, this book is very religious so if that is off putting to you this book is not for you Aside from that it is a well written story about a girl with three quarters black blood who escapes her owner, ends up in Charleston and falls in love with the son of a wealthy family who owns slaves.Morgan Rutlege is not happy with the prospect of running a plantation He is at home on the deck of a ship Then he meets Adalia, assistant to a doctor in town and falls head over h [...]

  • GENRE HISTORICAL ROMANCEPUBLISHER BARBOURPUBLICATION DATE JULY 01, 2012 RATING 4.5 OUT OF 5 VERY GOODPROS Great presentation of the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit excellent chemistry between the characters once the action gets started this book is very hard to put downCONS Slow start with very little action hero is initially very unsympatheticAdalia Winston knows that her fair skin will make it easy for her to blend into the crowd after escaping from the Barbados sugar plantation where she [...]

  • Saturday, September 1, 2012Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall, c2012An unlocked door A chance to move Chains Each step she took toward freedom loosened the fetters enslaving her soul until they began to slip away, one by one Veil of Pearls, page 7 Leaving one perilous situation to come to another Has a change of name not changed her servitude Althea Clay, now known as Adalia Winston, is offered and takes a position as a physician s assistant under Doctor Langston Willaby Is she to be tossed right [...]

  • This is the longest I ve had to wait to read a MaryLu Tyndall book But, with a very hectic summer, prior commitments, and family matters, I wasn t able to pick up VEIL OF PEARLS until yesterday And as always, I couldn t put it down.Adalia Winston has escaped slavery in Barbados and has begun a new life in the port city of Charleston Her light skin allows her to hide her heritage, and she quickly finds herself putting her knowledge of herbal medicines to use as a doctor s assistant When she catch [...]

  • This book has everything I ve ever longed for in a story of the Old South Romance is a given Tyndall s writing is as steeped in flirtatious repartee and breathtakingly beautiful sweet romance as sun tea brewing on a Southern veranda Candlelit soirees, moonlit strolls along Charleston s cobblestone streets, and the opulence of the landed gentry will sweep you off your feet.But beyond the charm of the social season lies an undercurrent A secret, a potential scandal In a society where appearance an [...]

  • MaryLu Tyndall has written 10 wonderful seafairing adventures over the last several years her 11th Veil Of Pearls is by far her best work to date There is not one bad thing that can be said about this book but who am I kidding, there never is when u read one written by MaryLu Tyndalllol Veil Of Pearls is the story of a beautiful runaway slave named Adalia Trying to escape her past the abuse she has suffered, Adalia leaves her home in Barbados boards a ship bound for Charleston Tho she is a negro [...]

  • Review on review R73K6FVYReview on my blog to be posted 3 18 christianbookshelfreviewsI m not that familiar with MaryLu Tyndall s novels in fact, Veil of Pearls is the first book of hers I ve finished I really enjoyed it and found the theme message of the book great slavery, of all kinds, and being free prejudice etc.Adalia and Morgan, the main characters, were wonderful I especially liked how they both had struggles and things weren t resolved instantly There were a few unsavory characters tha [...]

  • Morgan and Adalia the most ill suited, unlikely couple in Charleston Perhaps they were brought together in order for Adalia to open Morgan s eyes to the horrors of slavery, or was it a romance that bloomed where seeds should not have been sown Was Adalia being deceptive about her heritage or was it because she had become familiar in a society whose perverted ideas said the negroes were worthless She truly felt like she was intruding upon a dream being with Morgan It was like a fairy tale he was [...]

  • I just finished reading Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall I was swept away from the very first page MaryLu has a way of bringing her characters to life As I read this book, I found myself being transported to the year 1811 The details are so vivid, that you can actually picture the people, places and events This is a very inspiring story about a young slave girl, who finds her freedom, yet she is not completely free She finds herself in a world she s never experienced before, one she only dreamed [...]

  • I picked this up as a Kindle Daily Deal, thinking the story of an escaped slave and a plantation owner s son had to be interesting And it was, especially for this type of romance What I wasn t anticipating was the overly mystical preachiness I ve read some Christian authors who don t rub your face in it, but this one got to be too much for me Too much prayer, rationalizing events to fit them into a certain idea of faith, and even worse magical divine intervention all over the place, including di [...]

  • Is the content of our character really decided by the color of our skin It was back in 1811 Charleston In VEIL OF PEARLS, author MaryLu Tyndall body slams into this sensitive topicd comes out the victor Adalia is a runaway slave, but her skin is so light, no one guesses she s got a black heritage She settles in a town where no one knows her and begins a new life A good life And it worksr awhile Enter the dashing hero, Morgan, who s a wealthy plantation owner s son Conflict fireworks erupt Will A [...]

  • I have been wanting to read this for so long and it was worth the wait This was an excellent book Taking place in 1800 s Charleston, SC, it had a lot to do with slavery A hard subject to tackle but Ms Tyndall handled and delivered it with grace As with most, if not all, of her books, many lessons were learned and souls were changed by accepting the Lord as their savior Of course there was an incredibly sweet romance plot that I think may be one of my favorites It was a hard one to read, thinking [...]

  • This book was incredibly entertaining while also being moving and thought provoking In fact, I m still grappling through one of the themes I m not sure I completely agree with the author on one issue, but that s okay, because great fiction makes us think and come to our own conclusions Overall, I would highly recommend this book.

  • Started out strong and went downhill fast The writing is all over the place and many cliches regarding the villains More like 1.5 stars What could have been a very poignant and emotional read, was dumbed down with one dimensional characters and a major lack of tension and overall plot.A pass.

  • Oh my goodness What a fantastic book My heart just feels so complete after reading the author s afterword I thought this story was well thought of ML Tyndall just does such a great job of writing about being a slave to the things of this world I loved the story of Adalia and Morgan I haven t felt so giddy when reading a book in a long time.

  • This was a wonderful book The struggle to be accepted in a world without Jesus is something we all experience Even if we know Jesus already The way she described the difference in reading the bible and knowing Christ was very well written I recommend this one.

  • welll i have myself to blame as much as the book for the poor review Didn t see the classification as christian so throw that into the mix of a historical romance and i found it to be an odd duck A bit naive a plot development and found the ending hurried and too predictable sorry.

  • This book has been a delightful as well as a dreadful experience It s made me laugh, cry, and sometimes both at once I ve been urged to scream in anger at some pages, and tingled with happiness at others Some pages blurred before my tearful eyes This book has stirred up emotions I didn t think could come from simply reading a book.Yes, I fell in love with the characters as it all unfolded I find it a hard task to at last part with it, but I shall relive it all someday Veil of Pearls does not res [...]

  • This amazing, sweet and adventurous story tackles serious subjects as abuse, harassment, and most importantly, racism It takes place on an exotic island, and features a kind, dashing Mr Darcy type hero and a smart, strong heroine Can t wait to give it a reread

  • As soon as I read the summary of this book, I was instantly intrigued I m pleased to say Tyndall does not disappoint Veil of Pearls meets all my expectations beautifully written with descriptive and evocative language a gripping, compelling plot filled with action and adventure strong characters, some of who we love and others we simply love to hate This book is thoroughly interesting Truly, I enjoy this story so much, I couldn t stop smiling I give Veil of Pearls 4.5 stars.We begin with Althea, [...]

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