Cain Saramago juxtaposes an eminently readable narrative of work and poverty class and desire knowledge and timelessness one in which God too as he faces Cain in the wake of Noah s Ark emerges as far
  • Title: Cain
  • Author: José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa
  • ISBN: 9780547840178
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cain
    Saramago juxtaposes an eminently readable narrative of work and poverty, class and desire, knowledge and timelessness one in which God, too, as he faces Cain in the wake of Noah s Ark, emerges as far human than expected San Francisco Chronicle In this, his last novel, Jos Saramago daringly reimagines the characters and narratives of the Old Testament, recalling h Saramago juxtaposes an eminently readable narrative of work and poverty, class and desire, knowledge and timelessness one in which God, too, as he faces Cain in the wake of Noah s Ark, emerges as far human than expected San Francisco Chronicle In this, his last novel, Jos Saramago daringly reimagines the characters and narratives of the Old Testament, recalling his provocative The Gospel According to Jesus Christ His tale runs from the Garden of Eden, when God realizes he has forgotten to give Adam and Eve the gift of speech, to the moment when Noah s Ark lands on the dry peak of Ararat Cain, the despised, the murderer, is Saramago s protagonist Condemned to wander forever after he kills his brother Abel, Cain makes his way through the world in the company of a personable donkey He is a witness to and participant in the stories of Isaac and Abraham, the destruction of the Tower of Babel, Moses and the golden calf, the trials of Job The rapacious Queen Lilith takes him as her lover An old man with two sheep on a rope crosses his path And again and again, Cain encounters a God whose actions seem callous, cruel, and unjust He confronts Him, he argues with Him And one thing we know for certain, Saramago writes, is that they continued to argue and are arguing still A startling book sensual, funny and in all ways a fitting end to Saramago s extraordinary career A winkingly blasphemous retelling of the Old Testament Saramago, playfully stretching his chatty late style, pokes holes in the stated logic of the Biblical God throughout the novel The New Yorker
    Cain By José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa,
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      José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa

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  • José Saramago Margaret Jull Costa

    Jos de Sousa Saramago pronounced u z s magu was a Nobel laureate Portuguese novelist, playwright and journalist He was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party His works, some of which can be seen as allegories, commonly present subversive perspectives on historic events, emphasizing the human factor rather than the officially sanctioned story Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1998 He founded the National Front for the Defense of Culture Lisbon, 1992 with among others Freitas Magalhaes He lived on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Spain, where he died in June 2010.A foundation with his name was established in 2007 its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors The Jos Saramago Foundation is currently based in Casa dos Bicos, a Portuguese landmark building in Lisbon Saramago s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public.Jos Saramago, together with his wife Pilar, were the subject of the award winning documentary Jos e Pilar, providing us with a glimpse into their love story and life, as he was writing his A Viagem do Elefante.


  • The lord, also known as god, created adam and eve, but due to tiredness of the act of creation or perhaps other minor distractions forgot to bestow them with the gift of speech, so to remedy that just stuck unceremoniously his tongue into them However it seemed bizarre it worked excessively well but what adam did with his new art, Let s go to bed, he said to eve Typical Ok, ok he probably couldn t say how lovely dressed you are since they were naked, but still, though they hadn t bed too, I gues [...]

  • The life of a god isn t as easy as you think, said God to Cain.When Cain meets an angel and enters into an argument about the oblation god has ordered Abraham to make of his own son, the angel, feeling trapped, mutters under his breath, Oh no, a rationalist, and tries to sneak away to complete the divine mission with which he s charged The angel might have turned a deaf ear to Cain s cold logic, but you, the angelic reader, have no recourse but to subject yourself to his grilling.The hero or ant [...]

  • The Mark of CAIN SaramagoI enjoyed revisiting Genesis accompanying Saramago s Cain With this rebellious murderer who, after all, is a man who seeks justice, we are offered to time travel with him through that first Book of Everything We jump forwards and jump backwards in the genesis narrative, and every time there is a change in gear the reader is given a jolt And a new breath and freshness sweeps over this reverted genesis.Saramago s Cain is a disappointed man And it is his disappointment that [...]

  • Ukoliko razmi ljate u dogmatskim okvirima, ova knjiga nije za vas, i bolje je nemojte itati nego da joj dajete jednu ili dve zvezdice Ako i pro itate po ele ete da spalite ovu knjigu ili da vidite njenog autora na loma i Zaobi ite je i zanemarite ove silne zvezdice ova knjiga nije za vasKao to napisah u jednom usputnom komentaru ova knjiga je brutalna, otrovna, ironi na, satiri na Saramago kao da se kroz ovo satiri no sagledavanje Starog zaveta pita da li ove anstvo, od samog svog postanka, pogr [...]

  • I get Saramago s genius Way late , yeah, but I FINALLY GET IT cue to me running barefoot downhill, waving arms, surrendering to literary genius at long last Sacrilegious, funny the prose finally twines itself with my alert reader s sensitivity the cascade of commas, the deficit of paragraphs, capitalizations, periods all the magician s tricks finally seem to me to be EARNED Previously, I ve been uninspired by The History of the Siege of Lisbon and The Double the acrobatics leading to nothing but [...]

  • Jos Saramago is certainly not the first writer to question the logic of the old testament, the legitimacy of the Lord s pronouncements, and the merits of the prophets who interpreted those pronouncements for the benefit of the descendants of Adam and Eve, and sometime later, for the benefit of descendants of the very small gene pool of Noah s family who survived the Flood and repopulated the earth when everyone else was drowned, but Saramago is possibly one of the most creative and original to t [...]

  • A Portuguese MidrashSaramago s Cain is a traditional Midrash, a meditative, speculative commentary on the Torah, the first five books of the Jewish and Christian bibles Despite its often comedic, mostly polemic assessment of the God of the Torah, conventionally ascribed to Moses, Saramago isn t the first or the most strident critic to take seriously the personality of Yahweh and what it might imply for humanity and the rest of creation The most remarkable aspect of the work isn t its content but [...]

  • Tenho andado a ler os livros que me restam a conta gotas, tenho pavor de chegar ao fim sabendo que quem escreveu estes n o estar por c para escrever novos Que falta me far.N o h desculpas para n o ler Saramago porque dif cil , estes romances mais recentes As intermit ncias da morte , A viagem do elefante , Caim , s o t o f ceis de ler como andar de bicicleta preciso aprender mas depois n o custa nada e nunca mais se esquece Caim n o o meu preferido, mas com certeza irm o de todos os outros.Em Sa [...]

  • We all know that Cain was the firstborn of Adam and Eve He was a farmer and he killed Abel, the first human to die, because of jealousy due to later being favored by God That made him the first human murderer and he was condemned by God and made him roam the earth forever This book, the last book completed by Nobel laureate Jose de Suosa Saramago 1922 2010 before his death, Cain is about him and his journey after the killing Like Forrest Gump, the wandering Cain of Saramago witnessed the import [...]

  • In Cain , published just a few months before Saramago s death, the author gets to argue with God one last time On this occasion his jibes are aimed the god of the Old Testament, who, as we all know, is an easy target This god is cruel, proud, jealous, vindictive, inconsistent and often simply petty.Saramago hires Cain to call out god on all his sins and errors beginning with Cain s own sorry story which made him go down in history as the first murderer of the worst kind But weren t there any ext [...]

  • The Bible is a playground of stories, of characters, of parables, of moral dilemmas Some take it literally, the WORD OF GOD Some think it nonsense Highly entertaining nonsense But nonsense nonetheless.Saramago, in this his final work, thinks it nonsense He has tapped this mine before, in The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, but here he goes again, telling the story of Cain and Abel but then projecting Cain as an observer and sometime participant on other Bible stories Thus Cain shows up and dis [...]

  • O primeiro livro de Saramago que consegui ler na integra E que estreia foi esta.Consigo perceber o porque deste livro ser t o pol mico Saramago parte de um personagem que, como todos sabemos matou o seu irm o, mas em vez de seguir o percurso ditado no evangelho ele vai p r Caim a deambular entre passado, presente e futuro ou v rios presentes como ele lhes chama e vai testemunhar eventos e fazer uma reflex o qual o papel de Deus para a Humanidade Deus nos apresentado pela Igreja como um Deus de a [...]

  • Cain and Abel 1946 Keith Vaughan Caim publicado em 2009 foi o ltimo romance que Jos Saramago 1922 2010 escreveu num texto que tal como O Evangelho Segundo Jesus Cristo 1991 aborda a B blia, no mbito bvio da sua origem portuguesa e o poder religioso e cultural da Igreja Cat lica e do catolicismo.A pol mica que suscitou Caim acaba por ser mais simb lica do que efectivamente justificada em conformidade com uma interpreta o cat lica assente na intoler ncia e na supress o do sentido criativo e cr tic [...]

  • Saramago, Kabil de yine en iyi yapt eyi yap yor ve herkesin bildi i hikayeleri ters d z edip n m ze koyuyor Ona g re Tanr fazlas yla kusurlu ve insanlarla oynuyor Yazar bunu g stermek i in, kutsal kitaplardaki belli ba l olaylara Kabil le birlikte tan kl k etmek zere bir yolculu a kar yor bizi Zaman zaman bizi metne yabanc la t rmak ve bunun bir kurgu oldu unu hat rlatmak i in ilgin y ntemler kullan yor, meleklerin kanatlar n n ar za yapt n ve sa a ekti ini anlat yor mesela Yazar n kendine zg an [...]

  • Verdict is the same after second read still 5 stars and spot on my favorites list Blasphemy, religious satire and poisonously dark humor, what s there not to love

  • Compared to The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, Saramago is a lot laid back here, a lot less subtle, like he s shooting fish in a barrel But as far as contradictions and inconsistencies go, The Old Testament or as Saramago calls it, The Book of Nonsense is pretty low hanging fruit Whether it s God s destruction of innocent children in Sodom and Gomorrah, while choosing to save only the honourable Lot who had earlier offered his daughters virginity to the mob, and who later sleeps with them bo [...]

  • review in English below Brilhante Este livro cont m reflex es sobre a rela o entre Deus e a humanidade, que a maioria de n s j ter feito mas que nunca conseguiria exprimir com tanta gra a e ironia Chorei a rir no primeiro cap tulo Gostei muito Agora tenho de ler o Evangelho segundo Jesus Cristo, que est na fila h uns anos largosGenious This book is full of considerations on the relation between God and Mankind, that most of us have probably thought of, but would never be able to express with suc [...]

  • Dusundurucu ve sorgulayici bir eser Teolojiye farkli acilardan yaklasip degisik bakis acilarini yakalamak istiyorsaniz mutlaka okumalisiniz Saramago nun kendine has bir anlatim uslubu var Sizi bir kere icine cektiginde satirlarin nasil akip gittigini, sayfalarin nasil gectigini anlamayacaksiniz Satir aralarinda pek cok aforizma yakaladim, ama bu incelemeyi mobil yazdigim icin buraya hepsimi tek tek girme sansim yok Sadece Hic varmamaktansa gec varmak yegdir diye bir ornek yazmis olayimAdem ile H [...]

  • I ve just read some pages, and I surely can envision much to come, of the same It starts quoting Hebrews 11 4 By faith, Abel offered God a sacrifice d by faith Abel, though dead, still speaks A quote from the Book of rubbish non sense , according to Saramago An imperfect Creation, that s the main issue 1 God got aware later that Adam and Eve in the book adam and eve didn t speak so God made a tongue both the muscle and the idiom afterwards the creation 2 God corrected later a lack of belly butto [...]

  • Cain kills his brother Abel in a fit of jealousy and is forced to wander the earth in penance This book shows us what Cain did next We see him pass through many of the key events of the Old Testament He is there for example at the testing of Job, the razing of the walls of Jericho and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.Throughout he is in dialogue with God He understands not how the God of love and justice can be capricious, spiteful, jealous and uncaring or as Tim Minchin memorably put it a [...]

  • Blessed are those who choose sedition because theirs is the kingdom of Earth CAIN is to the Old Testament as DECAMERON is to 14th century Catholic Church One could argue, quite easily that it is blasphemous Cain is the protagonist in this time traveling jaunt through the highlights of What was God thinking in the Old Testament This is small taste as Cain witnesses a discussion between Abraham and Isaac Father, I don t understand this religion, But you have to, my son you have no choice, and now [...]

  • God is ineffable, say his disciples In Saramago s recreation of the old testament, god is snide, foppish, vicious, capricious, puerile, contemptuous, crabby, and a slouch at multi tasking and no iconic capital letters for this merry band of pranksters This short but adventure packed novella presents a new twist on the story of cain, the fratricidal brother Weed out all the boring parts of Genesis, feature all the greatest hits, and place cain as the ubiquitous character Actually, cain even shows [...]

  • Este pequeno romance relata nos um conjunto de epis dios b blicos, da perspectiva de Caim e do confronto entre a humanidade e um deus poderoso mas t o imperfeito quanto os humanos Um deus prepotente, caprichoso, manipulador, rancoroso, arbitr rio, sentenciador injusto e muitas vezes cruel Um deus que, nas palavras de Caim, n o transparente e n o nos ama O tom extremamente provocador e sarc stico, e foram muitas as passagens que me fizeram soltar o riso Uma obra despretensiosa, sem a complexidade [...]

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