Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection

Ronaldo The Obsession for Perfection When Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Real Madrid for a world record shattering million in it cemented his position as one of the best players of his era This is the story of the two time Bal
  • Title: Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection
  • Author: Luca Caioli
  • ISBN: 9781906850296
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection
    When Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Real Madrid for a world record shattering 80 million in 2009, it cemented his position as one of the best players of his era.This is the story of the two time Ballon d Or winner, the first Premier League player to be named FIFA World Player of the Year, and winnter of the 2010 2011 Golden Shoe.Luca Caioli is a renowned Italian sportsWhen Cristiano Ronaldo transferred to Real Madrid for a world record shattering 80 million in 2009, it cemented his position as one of the best players of his era.This is the story of the two time Ballon d Or winner, the first Premier League player to be named FIFA World Player of the Year, and winnter of the 2010 2011 Golden Shoe.Luca Caioli is a renowned Italian sports journalist who crafted his reputation at ITV in Britain and as chief editor of Euronews TV in France He settled in Spain five years ago where he is a correspondent for SKY Italia.
    Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection By Luca Caioli,
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    Luca Caioli Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection book, this is one of the most wanted Luca Caioli author readers around the world.


  • Books worth reading for a hardcore Ronaldo fan especially his pre Sporting Lisbon time where the author beautifully expresses his life in words which will not bore the reader But I felt the author has focused too much on the off field life of Ronaldo rather than his on field brilliance after he joins Man united, at times he skips the whole season and mentions only the last few games of the season neglecting his hat ricks, red cards, last minute wins during the middle of season which is a huge mi [...]

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  • This book is about Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro beginning his soccer career when he was really little He was born Feburary, 5, 1985 His mom and dad are Jose Dinis and MAria Dolores His birthplace was Fuchal in Madeira, Portugal He has a brother named Hugo and two sisters named Katia and Elma His son with Cristiano Junior He has played for teams Andorinha 1993 1995 , Nacional 1995 1997 , Sporting Lisbon 1997 2003 , Manchester United 2003 2009 , and Real Madrid 2009 present day.I knew a lot [...]

  • First of all I chose to read this book because it is about the Great Cristiano Ronaldo, and the book is related to football, therefore It caught my eye The thing that I found most interesting about this book was that it was not just a book that talked about the great performances of Ronaldo, as most books about great athletes that I have read are This book goes deep into his life and lets the reader know the player personally rather than just a summary of the highlights in his career I liked how [...]

  • This book was amazing description of this great player I knew a lot of information about Cristiano Ronaldo but not everything In this book I learned stuff that I did not know about, such as the small details of his life, and some hobbies that he liked to do that I did not know about him I had a lot fun reading this book I myself play soccer love the sport and I was a Real Madrid fan since I was 4 years of age This club meant a lot to me, when zinedine zidane and David Beckham played at the club [...]

  • Mediocre biography about one of the greatest football players ever Despite being hardcore Madridista, I cannot rate this book higher You are probably wondering why Well, I hoped insight in Ronaldo s life, I do not care about match details and important I do not care about his girlfriends I wanted less details about games he played, or less I have seen them all, especially those he played for Madrid Give me some controversial stuff, what motivates him to become greatest Messi is shown as a fie [...]

  • It s a very good biography, I really enjoyed reading it It tells you almost everything you have to know about Cristiano.

  • I love this book as i love ronaldo and the way he plays and his back storey as he started with not llts a became one of the best players in the world

  • I thought this book was great because it told the story of how Cristiano Ronaldo famous soccer player grew up as a little boy Ronaldo was a pour kid as a little boy with his family where they lived in Portugal Ronaldo wasn t such the boy who cared about school at all, even though his mum told him many times to do his homework before he went to play soccer, he wouldn t listen though Ronaldo as a kid having a strong passion for football he played it a lot, 7 days a week he would have little matche [...]

  • The book Ronaldo The Obsession for Perfection By Luca Caioli, is a great book if you if you can t stop talking about soccer Or If you are a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan like me The book is about how Cristiano Ronaldo grew up to be one of the greatest players to ever play the game of soccer It shows his Beginnings, his life on Sporting, Manchester United, and Real Madrid, and it shows his rivalry with Messi These three things is what gives character to the book This is also what makes the book have [...]

  • B3 English Dalton PhillipsRonaldo The Obsession for PerfectionWritten by Luca CaioliThe author wrote the book to tell about Ronaldo s struggles as a young boy and how he overcame those struggles to become one of the world s best soccer players The author wants the reader to understand that you can overcome life s struggles and preserver, if you set your mind to it and have a goal that you are working towards The author used two styles in writing this book description and narration An example of [...]

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  • Narra muy bien los acontecimientos y te da muchos detalles sobre su historia pero a la vez no satura el libro con cosas absurdas lo cual lo hace divertido , adem s de que se nota que le saca todo el jugo a la historia

  • Ronaldo The obsession for perfection Luca Caioli Published in the UK Published by Corinthian Books, 2012 Pages 253In Ronaldo The obsession for perfection, Luca Caioli tells us the inside story of this global superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, both on and off the pitch Featuring insights from those who know him best coaches, teammates, girlfriends and even the man himself He is one of the most exciting footballers of his generation Cristiano Ronaldo started at youth level on his home island in Madeira [...]

  • The book Cristiano Ronaldo Obsession for Perfection is written by Luca Caioli I chose this book because I was always interested in the footballer and his history, because everyone would say Messi is better than Ronaldo and I would like to prove to them who is better Now I know the things Ronaldo has gone through I can confidently say that he had a hard life This book Relates to Messi The Inside Story of the boy who became a Legend because they had different lives but they both made to the top, M [...]

  • Ronaldo The obsession for perfection by Luc caioli is about a famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.His young days in Fc Sporting, His very first club and many episodes in Manchester United where he spent 6 years with probably the best team in the club history Lastly, his life in the current club, Real Madrid and to be spotted as one of the best players in the world.To look at this book in a bigger picture, Ronaldo s whole life is recorded in this book Ronaldo in Portugal, En [...]

  • As Clear as CrystalThe author s writing style is very beautiful In the book, he gives many quotes said directly from Cristiano Ronaldo The author views him unlike any other author every has At one point, he views him as a great soccer player but then in another light the author views Ronaldo as an egotistical person His writing is never confusing as he describes everything little detail with grace The author does an incredible job of showing Ronaldo s internal thoughts and his external actions T [...]

  • In this book, I really learned about how a person s life can change in a split second as his father passed away This changed his life as he needed to get money so he his mother could survive So, he played in Sporting Lisbon, a football soccer club in Portugal, where they played a friendly VS Manchester United where they were interested in him eventually, they signed him gave him the 7, a number wore by greats in Manchester United such as George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and many He was [...]

  • This nonfiction book is about a soccer player named Cristiano Ronaldo The books talks about his life from the beginning when he was born to current time when he is playing professional It talks about his family and friends and what he does outside of soccer And how he practices and works really hard to play the game, because he has such a big passion for the game The connections I have with this book is that I love soccer as much as Ronaldo does and he works really hard to play the game, and I w [...]

  • Ronaldo a lot of things come to mind when the football community hear his name This book is a great story the author does a great job explaining but I think that in a way we can all relate because we try to be perfect at some thing The book tells us how a young Portuguese star started playing for his youth academy and how his hard work and determination lead him to be one of the worlds best and a true legend And you also find out that Ronaldo is really close to his family and some of his hobbies [...]

  • I thought this book was a good example of how anything can be accomplished This book from Luca Caioli shows how the world s best player had to have started somewhere and that he is human You just want to keep reading m,ore and of the book if soccer is what you love The book shares something in common with you if you love soccer If you are rich it doesn t guarantee you fame If you are poor you seem to be encouraged so you get somewhere in life This book definitely deserves 5 stars and in one wo [...]

  • This is a great book that is packed with love and soccer by Luca Caioli named Ronaldo The Obsession for Perfection This book shows all of the readers how Cristiano Ronaldo started of as a normal kid playing soccer in Portugal to playing for Real Madrid It shows how much he dedicated to the game because he was a great soccer player and is still getting better This sport got him from a normal kid in Portugal to a superstar that everybody knows of This also shows how he left his family at around 12 [...]

  • This is a very perfect book who like football specially who are fans with Ronaldo basically this book just telling a story about the life of Ronaldo becoming a professional footballer I m gonna tell you a little bit about this book Ronaldo won both the FIFA World Player of the year award and the Ballon d Or in 2008 Since his record breaking 80 million poundsterling move to Real Madrid In that time he was the most expensive player in the world.

  • Edi o portuguesa, ganha num concurso.Foge aos habituais livros de bola, com muitas imagens e pouco sumo Em todo o livro h uma foto, a da capa.Posso n o ser o maior f do CRonal, mas tenho de admitir que ele chegou onde chegou porque bom, foi aben oado com jeito, e, principalmente, trabalhou para isso E isso tenho de admirar.O ser da Academia do Sporting ajuda a ter mais empatia.Para quem gosta de bola, exclusivamente.

  • I loved learning about one of my favourite football players, I would recommend this to any sports lover and football supporter I now think and look at Cristiano Ronaldo in a completely different light I loved reading about his childhood and history, as well as reading about his present day accomplishments Ronaldo is a great person and has actually done many good deeds in his life I have a much profound respect for him after reading this book.

  • One dimensional book from Spanish based sports writer Luca Caioli Chapters about his personal life were few and much interesting than his soccer stats as they are so well known Too bad that thi so called updated 2017 edition did not include Portugal s amazing Euro 2016 Championship Ronaldo will go down is footie history but this book does not capture the man or the sport A few photos would have been nice

  • I hoped of insight into Ronaldos life Everyone say he is not that who many people see Then who is he Many of the pages are just empty repetition Everyone can see his football skills on tvi dont need to read about it You should call the book football match in words After story until sporting times there is not much story telling Ronaldo, I dont think this book does you justice Then again, i cant judge what i dont know

  • I really liked the book Ronaldo a lot This is because of how well written it was It talked about Ronaldo slife from when he was just a little one to current day I really liked hearing about his success story whilehe would dominate the boys soccer league two years older then him He known for his shooting whichit spoke a lot about That is why I give this book a rating of five stars I suggest that soccer fans read thisbook

  • This book is about cristiano ronaldo, a soccer player who grow in poverty but now is a millionari He is from portugal but now he plays in real madrid spain This book is interesting because it show how a poor guy went from poor to rich My impression about this book is that is a really good book young soccer player players should read it.

  • This book first caught my eye when i saw the word perfection in the title When i started to look into it i noticed how much i had in common with Ronaldo He has an obsession for perfection I need everything to be perfect, for my hair, my grades my books even my handwriting That s why i related to the book so well And the other reason why i read this book

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