Gabriel's Horses

Gabriel s Horses In the first book of this engrossing middle grade trilogy set during the Civil War a young Kentucky slave dares to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey The year is and twelve year old Gabriel h
  • Title: Gabriel's Horses
  • Author: Alison Hart
  • ISBN: 9781561453986
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gabriel's Horses
    In the first book of this engrossing middle grade trilogy set during the Civil War, a young Kentucky slave dares to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey The year is 1864 and twelve year old Gabriel hopes to one day become a famous jockey Although he is a the son of a free black father and a slave mother making him a slave as well he loves to help his father, one of theIn the first book of this engrossing middle grade trilogy set during the Civil War, a young Kentucky slave dares to pursue his dream of becoming a jockey.The year is 1864 and twelve year old Gabriel hopes to one day become a famous jockey Although he is a the son of a free black father and a slave mother making him a slave as well he loves to help his father, one of the best horse trainers in Kentucky, care for the thoroughbred racehorses on Master Giles s farm.But the violence of war disrupts the familiar routine of daily life on the farm One Arm Dan Parmer and his band of Confederate raiders are threatening area farms and stealing horses When Gabriel s father enlists in a Colored Battalion to help the Union Army and earn enough money to purchase freedom for his wife and son, Gabriel is both proud and worried But the absence of his father brings the arrival of Mr Newcastle, a white horse trainer with harsh, cruel methods for handling horsesd people.Now it is up to Gabriel to protect the horses he loves from Mr Newcastle and keep them safely out of the clutches of One Arm Dan and his men.Author Alison Hart mines the complex relationships between white and black, slave and master, Unionist and Confederate, and old and young in this gripping work of historical fiction Young readers will experience the danger and drama of a time when war split the country and human beings were segregated into the owners and the owned based on the color of their skin Background historical material and photos are included.
    Gabriel's Horses By Alison Hart,
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      422 Alison Hart
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    Alison Hart is a pseudonym for writer Alice LeonhardtA Virginia author of over twenty mysteries and historical fiction novels for children and teens, loves writing books that keep young readers glued to the pages At the age of seven she wrote, illustrated and self published The Wild Dog, a book which she shows to readers to make the point that it is never too early to be an author.


  • Great read aloud for a mature 5th grade class It was slow going at first, but turned out to be a great read Suspense, horses, civil war just about every kid had a connection About a third of the way through the class was begging me not to stop reading and now they are hounding the librarian to order the rest of the series PS Texas Bluebonnet nominee

  • i didn t really think that its book was going to be that good, but I stand corrected The book goes into the life of a young slave boy The book talks about how he could buy his freedom from his master and how to understand and to take care of the horses.

  • The amount of research that Allison Hart apparently performs makes all of her books a worthwhile reading journey.

  • When Pa shows me something, I take note Pa s the best horseman in Kentucky, and I aim to follow in his path.Horses and horse racing are Gabriel s life He is the son of a freedman and a slave woman, making him a slave He enjoys jockeying for his master and learning about horses from his father He is happy until war sends his world spinning His father leaves and a new horse trainer with harsh training methods arrives To top things off, Confederate soldiers begin stealing horses Gabriel must make s [...]

  • Gabriel s Horses ia a wonderful book which shares the story of a 12 year old slave, Gabriel, and his dreams of being a jockey His father has modeled how to care for horses so they develop a trust for their trainer jockey Once his father enlists in the Union Army, another horse trainer is employed by Gabriel s master, and this trainer and the new jockey, use an entirely different method of training horses, and Gabriel stands up to Newcastle and Flanagan Gabriel is also very brave in his effort to [...]

  • The title of the book is Gabriel s horse The author of this book is Alison Hart This book is a good book The book is about a boy named Gabriel, he wants to be a jockey horse rider One day he got a letter saying that he was aloud to race The next day the race occurred and during the race a rider kicked him off So Gabe had to race What do you think is going to happen Is Gabriel going to race READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT I think that this is a good book for other people to read The reason I think this [...]

  • I liked this book Historic fiction isn t usually what is on my shelves, but this one was good I don t usually understand too many books set up during the civil war, but this one, I did I started reading this for the sole purpose of a city battle of the books competition, but when I started reading it, I got kind of excited about it I felt the unfairness of civil war and how hard it was to be free Alison Hart actually captured the meaning of freedom in it The work Gabriel had done and his relatio [...]

  • Gabriel s father is free, but his mother is a slave, making Gabriel a slave, too All three work on a horse farm, training and caring for horses that will one day race It is the time of the Civil War and Gabriel s father is given an opportunity to join the Union Army and earn enough money to buy his family s freedom This leaves Gabriel to care for the horses and protect them from Confederate raiders and a new cruel horse trainer.I liked the story a lot, but the characters and the plot felt a litt [...]

  • Texas Bluebonnet for the 08 09 school year.Set in the year 1864, Gabriel has to learn to overcome several obstacles His father and mentor leaves the family to enlist in the Union army to earn money to buy his family s freedom The horse trainer that takes his father s place has opposite views of training than his father The new horse trainer, Mr Newcastle, believes in whipping the horses into submission Gabriel has to learn to stand up to Mr Newcastle in order to save the horses he loves.

  • This was a really great book about a slave boy who wants to ride and train horses He has been taught by his father to listen to the horses and develop trust with them I m not sure how historically accurate that would have been, but it makes for a good story It s also exciting because of the threat of military men who are looking for fast horses It would be a good comparison to something like the Black Stallion or National Velvet.

  • Ms Hart has written a book that middle school children can understand They can also learn some history from this book This is a story about a little known piece of American history Horse training and horse racing I really enjoyed reading and learning about the history of the horses Ms Hart gives info about the history at the end of the book I m really looking forward to reading the next 2 books Does Gabriel save the horses from One Arm Dan You ll have to read the book to find out.

  • Usually I enjoy horse stories, but this one fell flat to me I couldn t actually torture myself to finish this one because it was so BORING There was too much description and not enough suspense at the beginning The dialogue also lacked authenticity Alison Hart, the author, didn t make me like the main character I didn t feel anything negative or positive towards Gabriel I do not recommend this book, except if you are suffering insomnia.

  • A man came to care for the horses at the slave courters bjut he was cruel to them Gabriel wanted to put a stop to that but the man was white and Gabriel is a slave Gabriel had to be a jockey at the Lexington race because the real jockey got hurt because of another racer during the first race Gabriel wins the race and becomes a joockey at the end The man got fired for being cruel to everyone and all the horses His mom and dad are free Gabriel becomes free at the very end.

  • This book is about a slave named Gabriel His dad is a trainer and A man named Jackson is the jockey of Master Giles Gabriels dad joins the union army and a new trainer and jockey come They are mean to the horses Raiders come to Master Giles farm and Gabriel saves the horses because he saved the horses Gabriel gets freed

  • Gabriel is black and a slave in Kentucky toward the end of the Civil War, but that does not deter him from following his dream of being a jockey He has a natural instinct and connection to the horses that has been honed by years of hard work while following the directions of his father who is the trainer on a horse farm that trains winning horses.

  • This book is probally the BEST book I have EVER READ This book is about a 12 year old slave boy named gabriel He workes on a jockey farm named Woodville Farms His dad is the trainer there and they have a race in lexington and there jockeys name is Jackson I love this book because I love horses D

  • Mark Twain nominee 2009 2010 Reallya nominee I have got to get on that committee Boring, predictable and uninteresting read about slavery The book s only redeeming quality is its use of horses and jockeys, which are not a common subject for middle school books I m not interested in the other two books in the trilogy, that s for sure.

  • Gabriel and his mother are slaves although is father is a freeman working on the plantation When his father leaves to fight during the Civil War, a new horse trainer takes his place The new trainer has a different way of handling horses and Gabriel fears for the horse.

  • This historical fiction was a good read I enjoyed the setting and found the information at the back to be very interesting I know that my students will be glad that the story continues as it is part of a trilogy.

  • Racing to Freedom Trilogy book 1.Author includes The History Behind Gabriel s Horses along with bibliographical notes ldiers galloppursuing the raiders.Thedin recedes I hear shouts from the woods Then shots page 139

  • This book was pretty good It was really boring until about half way through, and then got really exciting Great historical fiction.

  • This historical novel is the 13th of 15 SSYRA books that I ve read for 6th to 8th grade It is set during the Civil War and will appeal to readers of both genders and ages from tween and up.

  • This book was okay I feel like Hart could ve done a better job at building the suspense, but the story was okay and a nice change from traditional Civil War stories.

  • This is book 1 of a trilogy Garbiel s Freedom and Gabriel s Triumph Gabriel is a young slave boy during the Civil War whose greatest ambition is to become a jockey.

  • This book is on the Mark Twain book list this year They are always heavy on historical fiction I enjoy it too and wish kids did This one kept me on the edge of my seat.

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