Shadow Horse

Shadow Horse Horses mystery rescuing abused animals a triple crown of perpetually popular preteen genres Thirteen year old Jasmine is found guilty of assaulting Hugh Robicheaux the owner of the horse farm where s
  • Title: Shadow Horse
  • Author: Alison Hart
  • ISBN: 9780375802638
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shadow Horse
    Horses mystery rescuing abused animals a triple crown of perpetually popular preteen genres Thirteen year old Jasmine is found guilty of assaulting Hugh Robicheaux, the owner of the horse farm where she works But she s still determined to prove that Robicheaux killed Whirlwind, the mare she loved Jas is sure that Shadow Horse, a scrawny brown gelding she rescues atHorses mystery rescuing abused animals a triple crown of perpetually popular preteen genres Thirteen year old Jasmine is found guilty of assaulting Hugh Robicheaux, the owner of the horse farm where she works But she s still determined to prove that Robicheaux killed Whirlwind, the mare she loved Jas is sure that Shadow Horse, a scrawny brown gelding she rescues at a horse auction, is the key to the mystery but just how is Shadow Horse connected to Whirlwind Deftly written by a teacher and equestrian who has authored than sixty books, this heartwarming and inspiring Edgar Award nominee will have special appeal for mystery fans as well as young horse lovers.
    Shadow Horse By Alison Hart,
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    Alison Hart is a pseudonym for writer Alice LeonhardtA Virginia author of over twenty mysteries and historical fiction novels for children and teens, loves writing books that keep young readers glued to the pages At the age of seven she wrote, illustrated and self published The Wild Dog, a book which she shows to readers to make the point that it is never too early to be an author.


  • Simple, unpretentious horse novel Loved it as a preteen, and it s a cut above most of the trashy made for horse crazy children books out there I m looking at you, addictive yet truly terrible Thoroughbred series Curiously enough, Alison Hart also wrote some of those terrible Thoroughbred books, but she clearly does better when she s not confined to the happy go lucky, unicorns shitting rainbows requirements that HarperCollins apparently demanded of its many Thoroughbred authors.Rereading because [...]

  • I wasn t expecting much from this book at first, but Shadow Horse turned out to be a fast paced middle grade mystery with likeable characters, interesting vocabulary and vibrant imagery Definitely a great book for kids and I highly recommend it.

  • i loved this book the most out of all the books i have read this one is my favorite i loved it when she found out that horse she had was a horse that she thought had died settings human society and a barn summary after assaulting the owner of a horses farm she worked at she got sent to juvenile jail for about 2 to3 years there I think she went on to live with her grand father but she found out that she had to go live with someone different she had to be at a adoption home because her grandfather [...]

  • She was a flash of gold as she cantered around the ring Ears pricked, neck arched, she moved like a movie star in the spotlight as she sailed over the last fence Landing smoothly she slowed to a trot in front of the crowd, tossing her mane as if to say Wasn t I great Because she was great She was the most beautiful horse in the world But now she was dead Hart 6 Jas life was torn apart that day they found Whirlwinds body, dead in the pasture with remanence of poisonous yew branches around her Hug [...]

  • Personal Response I really liked this book because it was about horses This book also taught me that having a horse isn t always about showing them and getting the blue ribbon, it s about your feelings toward them Plot Summary In the beginning of this book Hugh killed his horse Whirlwind, and had blamed Jas s grandfather While he was getting blamed for killing a horse he had a stroke and fell Jas got mad and ran at him with a hoof pick and slashed his cheek with it Jas ended up going to Juvenile [...]

  • They were on their way to bringing home a blue ribbon in the National Hunter Division class when 13 year old Jasmine Schuler found her favorite mare, Whirlwind, lying dead in her pasture Now she must face the inside of a courtroom and juvenile hall No one will believe the true side of the story that she only attacked the owner of High Meadows Farm because he had poisoned Whirlwind on purpose But Hugh Robicheaux never loses Jas knows that, but she never gives up When Jas is pronounced guilty in c [...]

  • Do you think it s fair if you are put into a Juvenile Detention Center for hitting someone after he killed your beloved prize winning horse Neither does 13 year old Jasmine Schuler Jas had a horse A beautiful winning horse named Whirlwind She rode at a very high class riding barn and went to fancy horse shows each week That was until her horse was killed The stunning Whirlwind was murdered The only person who would do such a thing would be Hugh Robiceaux, the owner of Jas s riding barn That assu [...]

  • This book was originally written in 1999 and it definitely reminded me of the simpler, sweeter YA that I used to read Even the packaging of the story is like the slim, 250 page YA books of that time There s nothing over the top in the book, and it s a nice, refreshing change of pace from today s dystopians, and tear jerker contemporaries.The heroine, Jas, is 13, so it s probably suited to a young YA audience or the older middle grade reader.The mystery is nice and I sure didn t see where it was [...]

  • I greatly enjoyed the topic of this book, but found it lacking in word choice and such Being 14 years old and an accelerated reader, I was quite disappointed upon finding that the author s style of writing wasn t as eloquent as I would have liked There were also some elements in the story that were unbelievable why would he hint towards Aladdin How was her foster mother right there at the right time Sadly, I can t give this book a 5 star review, but I felt it portrayed relationships between the [...]

  • This is without a doubt one of my favorite books out there I ve read it so many times and I can relate to the main character so well I have horses and I would do anything to protect the baby I love

  • Jasmine s favorite is poisened.She get mad and attacks someone with a hoofpick.It is a good mystery for mystery lovers and a book for horse lovers like me

  • Jas sits on a hard wooden bench, struggling in the cold metal cuffs that chain her hands together She listens reluctantly to those called to the stand, refusing to say a word as she glares into the back of Hugh s head Her Grandfather taken from her, her favorite horse dead, and now the threat of being taken to juvenile prison What could possibly go wrong next She finds out quickly Instead of being sentenced to sit in the slammer, she is sent away to Second Chance Farms with a foster Mother A sho [...]

  • Jas Schuler loved her horse Whirlwind than anything So, when she went out to ride her, and found her lying dead in the paddock, she was shockedJas Schuler loved her horse Whirlwind than anything So, when she went out to ride her, and found her lying dead in the paddock, she was shocked Whirlwind died of poisoning,but she knew that her grandfather who also took care of the barns grounds cleaning would have seen the deadly yew,and gotten rid of it So, the only other one to blame was her trainer [...]

  • I loved it Although it was a bit predictable Once Shaddow came along you could kind of guess that it was all a fraud but it was a really good book and i really enjoyed reading it I can relate to this book because i find it very hard to trust people too but there is always that one person you know you can count on Jas is a 13 year old girl who is horse crazy She is an amazing rider and was going to go far in her riding career on her favorite horse but when the mare gets poisoned and died, Jas did [...]

  • Loved It To be honest I first picked up this book in the library and read the back thinking that if it had a horse on the cover I would like it, wrong At that point in my reading I was not one for violence in books that concerend animals mainly horses But after a while I went back grabbed the book off the shelf and checked it out hoping I was making the right decision on reading it Now that I look back at it I am glad that I did A mystery in disguise this one can deal with multiple changes of ev [...]

  • Jas Schular loves her horse Whirlwind than anything in the entire world Her love for that horse surely surpasses what every other equestrian feels Then one day, all of that is torn away from her when she finds her horse dead Whirlwind was poisoned, but her grandfather must have caught the deadly plant and extinguished its being Jas would bet her life on the fact that one man in particular was out to get her beloved horse and break her fragile heart This book is a heart warming story about the i [...]

  • I read this book starting at 8pm and finishing at 10 30pm, not putting it down once except to brush my teeth It was amazing Jam packed with heart wrenching and eye flushing moments, Shadow Horse has the perfect amount of suspense, romance, and horses An ideal and wonderful book for me I am so excited to start Hart s next book in the series, Whirlwind.This was a marvelous book and I recommend it to any horse or mystery novel lover.

  • This book was really good I was at first skeptical when starting the book and the first chapter really confused me but I kept reading and continued The main character Jasmine was hard to like for me and first but then she started to blossom and open up Once I finished the book I could not wait to read the next one This book is great for all kids of any age is was not to hard to read and any horse person would be touched by the main character, Jasmine s, determination.

  • the perfect blend of mystery and horses, two of my favorite things I love this book because it s not normal i mean, she s a criminal living on a horse rescue farm it really adds a different aspect to the book this book really gets you hooked, and you don t really have to be into horses to love it if you read Shadow Horse, be sure to read its sequel, Whirlwind love, love, love this book awesome

  • I love this book I mean, it s totally ideal for a person who LOVES horses and likesmance Yes, romance It is not adult romance It is the kind of romance you would love to read about If you don t know what kind of romance I am talking about, then you should probably read it Just READ IT The book is really awsome I might make a summary about it This book is PERFECT for book tests And just if you like or LOVE to read like me Just read the book Trust me.

  • Doesn t necessarily hold up over time, but I loved this a lot when I was closer to the age of the main character I can see why it s got an award stamped on the cover It s a good introduction to the concept of non Thoroughbred horse auctions horse rescues and view spoiler insurance fraud hide spoiler , and features a plucky temporary foster kid who loves horses than anything.

  • I loved the book It had a good mystery behind it because Jas knew that Hugh had done it she just wasn t sure how It is a good thing that Alison Hart wrote a second book to the series, Whirlwind, because otherwise the book would have had a bad ending because they don t completely figure it out I would recommend this book to anyone who likes horses and or is looking for a good mystery.

  • I read this book in elementary school, fourth grade or something, I think, and I remember loving it I don t know what made me think of it again, but I decided to look it up and here it is I should read it again someday, but all I remember right now is that I checked it out at least three times from our library D

  • This is probably the best book I have ever read about a horse This book is perfect for people who love a good mystery story, and who are horse lovers In the story, at the end when Jas finds out that Whirlwind is alive I grabed the second book right away I couldn t stop reading, the story is full of suspense, and a little romance.

  • Great Read I gave this book 5 stars It is well written and keeps you guessing I couldn t put it down I am looking forward to reading the next book I think anyone who likes horses and a good mystery will like this book.

  • I loved this book Being a horse person myself, I could understand how Jasmine felt when she learned her horse Whirlwind died, and I loved reading as she tried to figure out the real reason why her horse died.

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