I'll Tell You Mine

I ll Tell You Mine Kate Elliot isn t trying to fit in that s the whole point of being a goth isn t it Everything about her from her hair to her clothes screams different and the girls at her school give her a wide bert
  • Title: I'll Tell You Mine
  • Author: Pip Harry
  • ISBN: 9780702239380
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • I'll Tell You Mine
    Kate Elliot isn t trying to fit in that s the whole point of being a goth, isn t it Everything about her from her hair to her clothes screams different and the girls at her school give her a wide berth How can Kate be herself, really herself, when she s hiding her big secret The one that landed her in boarding school in the first place She s buried it down deep buKate Elliot isn t trying to fit in that s the whole point of being a goth, isn t it Everything about her from her hair to her clothes screams different and the girls at her school give her a wide berth How can Kate be herself, really herself, when she s hiding her big secret The one that landed her in boarding school in the first place She s buried it down deep but it always seems to surface But then sometimes your soul mates sneak up on you in the most unlikely of places Like Norris Grammar Boarding School for Girls, where s she s serving a life sentence, no parole, because her parents kicked her out.So, how do you take that first step and reveal your secrets when you re not sure that people want to see the real you
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    Pip Harry is the author of YA novels I ll Tell You Mine, Head of the River and Because of You Pip has worked as an editor on women s magazines including Woman s Day, TV Week, New Idea and NW as well as copywriting for NGOs and corporate organisations She currently lives in Singapore with her family and her favourite things to do are swim laps really , brunch, unravel on a yoga mat and read good fiction Her preferred hashtag is LoveOzYA.


  • When I first took notice of this book, the name of the author struck me as familiar even though Pip Harry was a debut YA author.Then I saw her profile pic Years ago, there used to be a young girl err I used to know lets call her Shirley Zarr who used to religiously read a trashy gossip women s magazine called NW and the Pip Harry who used to write the entertainment pages was a Pip Harry that looked exactly like this Pip Harry.Okay, so the trashbag from the paragraph above is actually me and I re [...]

  • There was a rea son that Melina Mar che tta launched this book I think I can safely put up a big sign over Pip Harry s name that says, Watch This Space And because Pip Harry is Aus tralian instead of being lauded as bril liant and fan tas maze balls, she just gets put in that neat lit tle cat e gory of Great Aus tralian Writ ers like Melina Mar che tta, Kirsty Eagar, Markus Zusak, Garth Nix, Shirley Marr, Lucy Christo pher and Laura Buzo I m sure at least a cou ple of them aren t really Aus tral [...]

  • 3.5 starsAs per its glowing blurb, I ll Tell You Mine contains three of Melina Marchetta s favourite ingredients boarding school, great characters and a lot of heart If that hasn t sold you on it, Pip Harry s debut also contains family secrets, goth rock and sweaty farm boys from Wagga No, seriously Enough with the chiselled jaws and broody eyes What YA needs is guys in KingGees As the synopsis states, Kate Elliot is harbouring a secret, one that has resulted in her being packed off to board at [...]

  • I ll Tell You Mine is a fabulous debut novel by Pip Harry that is authentically Aussie Truly enjoyed this story from beginning to end I feel like I m being repetitive, but there s no other way to put it If I had to choose one genre to take me through the rest of my reading career, I d have to say it would definitely be Australian YA Contemporary There s a realism and charm that seems to constantly resonate through these books, where I find myself immersed in the story and reluctant to let go whe [...]

  • Kate Elliott is fifteen and has just been told that she s no longer welcome to live at home with her parents and seven year old sister, Olivia She s being sent to boarding school, only thirty minutes away from their family home in Glen Iris, Victoria She already attends Norris Grammar but she ll be living there as a boarder indefinitely until her mother decides she s forgiven her for her last act of defiance.Kate is not pleased with the situation and she s even unhappy once she finds out she ha [...]

  • Kate Elliot has done something so bad her parents are kicking her out of home and into boarding school What s worse is that everyone at school knows there s something odd about Kate switching from day girl to prison boarder She lives in Melbourne, for crying out loud There s no reason for her to commute to the boarding house, unless everyone s suspicions about her freakdom are true This is just another in a long line of incidences that make Kate stand out like a sore thumb She also dresses Goth [...]

  • Australian contemporary YA is a big part of the reason why I thank God that eBooks have than substantially widened my reading horizons I ve been to Australia twice in the past four years, and while finding Aussie books there is, of course, much easier, there are titles I can t seem to find anywhere in physical form or aren t terribly expensive I ll Tell You Mine is one of them.I started off not liking Kate much She s a typical rebellious teenager she dresses Goth, does nothing but argue with he [...]

  • I love the way Harry writes fresh, with a lot of energy and soul Her teen voice and teen characters felt so authentic and the story rang true It also features boarding schools and mother daughter relationships which are definite draw cards for me I found myself liking Kate a lot as the book went on at the beginning she was a lot for me to take in I am not normally drawn to darker edgy work, or girls acting out But this book was so much than that and I really felt Harry did an incredible job w [...]

  • I loved Kate s voice Period I even dreamed of her tonight And I do understand why Melina Marchetta chose to blurb this story about growing up, growing apart from and close again to your family, and about finding friendship growing in unexpected corners There was a certain rawness to the feelings conveyed, a lot of truth and also a measurable quantity of warmth Ah And certainly there were seedlings of romance Painful and exhilarating as it can be when you are fifteen and unsure of yourself.

  • This was such a great read I loved that Kate was so real and vulnerable, a believable mix of rebellion, uncertainty and guilt.I loved the family dysfunction, particularly the simmering anger between Kate and her mother and the underlying sense that there s enough love in this family to get beyond the hurt and tension.I wanted to find out what it was that was so bad Kate was sent to boarding school, and I wanted her to face up to the consequences I also wanted to see which new friendships stuck, [...]

  • So I have this awesomeness because Mandee is awesome but this is another Aussie title that you can get from the Kobo store for less than 10 With a coupon code win_g7om1n1 , it s less than 7 Go

  • It s nice to read a book about a Goth character where she can come to terms with the problems in her life and not have to suddenly become normal She is allowed to have her own identity, and be true to herself.I really liked the book from the get go In some ways, Kate reminded me of my teenage self, in others, she was totally different, but she was a character I could identify with This line really struck me as describing my sense of difference I was lonely and homesick the new girl who didn t fi [...]

  • Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Kate Elliot is a girl who found her identity when she allowed her friend Annie to give her a makeover Despite her mother s blatant disapproval over her new gothic look, Kate won t falter from dressing this way While nothing ever seems to please her career driven politician mother, Kate s behavior and an unknown mishap the mystery is unraveled throughout the book eventually lead her to boarding school She is no longer welcome in her own home and her p [...]

  • When I started reading I ll Tell You Mine, I was under the impression it was for a younger YA audience, and I am not exactly sure why I think it may have been the vagueness of the blurb, and the fact that the protagonist is 15 It turns out I was wrong I think this is of a 14 YA though really, nothing so bad a mature but younger reader couldn t pick it up It s nowhere near as generic as the blurb may suggest there was a realness to the book, and to Kate, that made the traditional YA plotline reb [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book I think I m developing a little bit of a theme with boarding school YA books, and I think that s because there s an element of the character s feeling trapped Feeling trapped, I think, is a big part of growing up When you re a teenager, you re not a kid any, and you re certainly not a grown up and people insist on telling you that they re not going to treat you like a grown up until you start acting like one, whatever that means When you feel trapped, as one inevit [...]

  • Kate Elliot has a terrible secret Something so horrible that she can t even bear to speak it out loud And now Kate s mother, who can barely look at her has decided that they need some space Kate isn t happy at home, has been acting out and the best thing might be for Kate to become a boarder at the school where she is usually a day girl.Even though she s attended the school since year 7, Kate hasn t made many friends and she doesn t know much about the boarding aspect She s horrified when the ru [...]

  • This review originally posted here Boarding schools They have captured my imagination ever since, aged seven, I was heartbroken to be told by my mum that I couldn t go to St Clare s because it didn t exist.Part of me likes to think that somewhere in the Bernese Oberland the Chalet School is going strong, still churning out trilingual girls who become teachers and then marry doctors And that on the Cornish coast, Rebecca Mason is still practising her tennis while the other girls learn to surf.One [...]

  • This is a great new YA book from an up and coming Aussie author.Pip s writing style is reminiscent in many ways of John Marsden, mostly in the realism of her characters, the settings and the plot This is one of those Aussie YA books that doesn t hide the fact that it s Australian, and I love that.The main character, Kate, has a well defined voice which makes her instantly relatable My only issue with Kate, and the book as a whole, is that I cannot understand the reasoning behind making her a Got [...]

  • I won a copy of I ll Tell You Mine in a giveaway Thanks to Pip Harry, the author, for generously sending a copy all the way from Australia I really liked I ll Tell You Mine a lot Set in a boarding school in Australia, this book follows the story of Kate Elliot She s a teenage girl who gets kicked out of her parents house and sent to live at the school during the middle of the year She faces the challenges you would imagine this situation creates She befriends one of her roommates, Maddy, who see [...]

  • This is yet another book I should have read sooner After loving Harry s latest novel, Head of the River, I knew I had to go back and read her debut And, unsurprisingly, I wasn t disappointed I ll Tell You Mine was an enjoyable and touching look at the struggle to fit in, best friends and the relationship between mother and daughter.I love Harry s effortlessly enjoyable writing style That, combined with relatable characters means I was hooked from the first page Just like with Head of the River, [...]

  • I had to read and review this for my work experience at a magazine My review is quite favourable as I treated the book only as a light read YA novel, but honestly this is never the type of book I read and I was not impressed by my usual standards Regardless it is a decent read and my review was as follows In Pip Harry s first novel I ll Tell You Mine , the troubled Kate Elliot finds herself forced into boarding school after an untold disastrous event seems to ruin her already fragile relationshi [...]

  • Finally, I ll Tell You Mine is on shelves and I couldn t be prouder for my fellow reality chick, Pip Harry Streamers have been hung and champagne has been quaffed, because, you know, it s not every day that one of your best buddies becomes a published author.The story revolves around Kate, a teenage goth who s a little, shall we say, authority challenged It doesn t help that her mum is a super busy, often absent politician without much time for her family including Kate s laidback dad and her yo [...]

  • This book was pretty dark, however, I really adored this book, I found it quite different and one I didn t think I would like Not my typical book, by judging from the front cover I wouldn t pick it up and be excited by it But it really surprised me One of the main aspects which kept me reading this book was wanting to know Kate s secret and what she did As I was nearing the end, I was beginning to think that I was never going to find out what she did I loved how Maddy and Kate sort of just click [...]

  • Kate Elliot has done something bad Something so bad that her parents have kicked her out of home sent her off to boarding school Pip Harry builds the suspense around Kate s terrible action beautifully and dramatically, with tiny hints sprinkled through the narrative, keeping the reader guessing right through to the end.Kate is full of anger and attitude But her sassy manner, direct language and brash exterior hide a fifteen year old girl desperately trying to work out how to navigate life and ho [...]

  • I ll Tell You Mine is a great coming of age story.Kate Elliot doesn t feel like she belongs anywhere She wants to be anything but normal So she has radically changed her behaviour and her appearance But hiding behind a new appearance doesn t change the hurt inside.This is a great story of teenage angst Kate has been so caught up in being anything other than normal that she has lost herself in the process Kate s biggest problem is trying to relate to her mother She never seems to have time for he [...]

  • From the very first paragraph I ll Tell You Mine shocked me I won t explain exactly what it was that shocked me because I think it best for people to read it themselves, but it definitely ensured that I liked the book immediately and didn t want to stop reading I ll Tell You Mine was very well written and I found it refreshing to read a story that was realistic and really told a story that accurately reflected the lives of teenage girls There were so many things that I could absolutely relate to [...]

  • If Melina Marchetta recommends it, that s good enough for me There is a lot to like about this coming of age novel, and readers particularly those who are Australian, attended boarding school, grew up in the shadow of a success parent, ambitious or rebellious will identify with Kate and her friends I certainly pictured the whole story against the backdrop of my own school.Something to complement Looking for Aibrandi , and The story of Tom Brennan in school libraries and reading lists.

  • This book was so good, I could barely put it down It was nice to read this book because I had gone through a stage where I didn t feel like reading any of the books I had started reading but luckily with this book I was able to make it through to the end This book had great characters and a excellent plot I guess I found myself liking it alot because I could relate to some of it Also the mystery, it made me want to know what had happened.

  • Boarding School Aussie YA Must Give This A GoPip Harry is a new to me author and I didn t regret reading her debut Like most other Aussie YAs I ve read, this book had a really strong sense of place, and I found her take on modern boarding schools and female friendships refreshing I was less won over by Kate s Big Secret I LL TELL YOU MINE is what I term as an issue YA book and the obligatory romance, but overall a good and absorbing read

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