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    Since about 2000, book jackets have given his name as just Paul McAuley A biologist by training, UK science fiction author McAuley writes mostly hard science fiction, dealing with themes such as biotechnology, alternate history alternate reality, and space travel.McAuley has also used biotechnology and nanotechnology themes in near future settings.Since 2001, he has produced several SF based techno thrillers such as The Secret of Life, Whole Wide World, and White Devils.Four Hundred Billion Stars, his first novel, won the Philip K Dick Award in 1988 Fairyland won the 1996 Arthur C Clarke Award and the 1997 John W Campbell Memorial Award for Best SF Novel.


  • SOME SPOILERS BELOW The Two Dicks about Philip K Dick meeting Richard Nixon was a 3 star story I was getting a big Cowboy Angels vibe from the story what with the obvious alternate universe where Dick suppresses his urge to write SF and is a mainstream writer trying to keep The Man in the High Castle from being published and where President Nixon can successfully run for multiple terms until the big twist at the end Residuals was a 4 star story contemplating how a person who does something very [...]

  • There were a couple of stories here that were good, one was very good The rest were long winded and pretty dull Overall, 2 stars.Story 1 The Two DicksThis short story reminds me a bit of the Gonzo Journalism of Hunter S Thompson, especially during Thompson s famous long ride with Nixon in a limousine one night McAuley here presents a what if alternate history, in which creativity and controversy have been suppressed Slight but clever.Story 2 ResidualsThis one kind of grows on you A modern myth o [...]

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