Country Mouse

Country Mouse Owen may be a bit of a country mouse but he s loving his vacation in London After a long day playing tourist he s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger Instead he finds a man hunting him
  • Title: Country Mouse
  • Author: Amy Lane Aleksandr Voinov
  • ISBN: 9781937551346
  • Page: 486
  • Format: ebook
  • Country Mouse
    Owen may be a bit of a country mouse, but he s loving his vacation in London After a long day playing tourist, he s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger Instead he finds a man hunting him, an arrogant prick with only one thing on the brain the kind of meat that doesn t come on a bun.Eighty hour weeks at a trading desk don t leave Malcolm Kavanagh much timeOwen may be a bit of a country mouse, but he s loving his vacation in London After a long day playing tourist, he s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger Instead he finds a man hunting him, an arrogant prick with only one thing on the brain the kind of meat that doesn t come on a bun.Eighty hour weeks at a trading desk don t leave Malcolm Kavanagh much time for meaningful relationships Besides, in his world, everything s a competition even sex When his newest one night sub fails to show, Malcolm sets his sights on the pretty young Yank on the bar stool beside him.Owen s all for an adventure with a native, but he s not the pushover Malcolm thinks he is, and Malcolm s not as shallow as he tries to be They both soon learn that nothing s too intimate to share with a stranger, and the strangest things happen when two people share the most important pieces of their hearts.
    Country Mouse By Amy Lane Aleksandr Voinov,
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    Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and than its share of fancy and weirdness Feel free to visit her at greenshill orwriterslane, where she will ride the buzz of receiving your e mail until her head swells and she can no longer leave the house.


  • Fabulous read, written by two amazing authors and had me gripped from the start City Mouse is being released on the 18th March so I thought I had best get a wriggle on and read this one first, and with it being written by two authors I love, it really was no hardship I loved both the MC s, they were very believable characters that I actually cared about, brought to life and delivered by the amazing writing skills of Mr Voinov and Ms Lane, their words just flowed seamlessly combining their talent [...]

  • 5 wonderful starsAmy Lane meets Aleksandr Voinovand LondonThe result was spectacular Funny, hot, emotional, romantic the list goes on And the the great writing What else can you expect from two masters of the genre Absolutely loved it Loved Own and Malcolm s story Book 2, here I comeHighly recommended

  • Written October 22, 20144.2 Stars A touching gem A Yank on vacation, a British suit guy, London, kink, strong feelings Romantic sweet and very hot.Book 1Yet another Aleksandr Voinov novella felt good This time written with another good M M writer, Amy Lane didn t do it less tempting.What a surprise Country Mouse has that special something What makes a story memorable and loved A sweet touching gem So glad I gave it a chance A good one A hot fling in LondonOwen a young college Yank is on vacation [...]

  • A smartly written story about a pair of seeming misfits that quickly get to know one another during a weekend in London Owen is Yank , a 23 year old bisexual son of a hippie on a trip with his friend and ex girlfriend Jenny, who meets Malcolm, a near thirty British trader and arrogant Dom in a seedy pub on Owen s first day in town A self described country mouse , Owen is immediately intrigued by the man in a dirty pub drinking top shelf vodka, and when he s immediately hit on, ready to show that [...]

  • London is my favourite city Doing tourist shit in London was a great experience which I d like to repeat Probably not as great as Owen s, but we can t all be that lucky.I loved everything about this story the setting, the characters, the kinks , the sweetness, and the ending.It s sodding perfect.

  • FUN FUN FUN That s the main thing for me with this story I had fun reading it, fun hunting for where the uniqueness each author came shining throughJUST FUN I must admit that I was a bit nervous with this one Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov are two of my most favorite authors in this genre, I ve pretty much read everything they ve written, and have not been disappointed yet, their styles are SO DIFFERNT though I am happy to report that for me this pairing worked BEAUTIFULLY.It s a testament to the [...]

  • An odd mixture of sweet hearted kink and fish out of water romance Both characters were delightful company, and it s a pleasure to know we will see them again in the upcoming sequel.The bar scenes, in particular, were charming and funny.

  • Lane and Voinovw that s an odd combination but it worked perfectly for me To be honest, I was terrified of reading this book simply because of the two authors named on the cover I expected it to be hardcore and full of angst But no, it was the complete opposite There really was no angst at all and it could even be said that it was a little too perfect and a little too unrealistic, but it fit my mood perfectly at the time.It was about Owen, the toppy country mouse, falling for Malcolm, the confus [...]

  • Loved the fuck out of this book the second time around I almost don t want to read the sequel because it ended so perfectly Almost.Full review at sequel.

  • Neither of these authors are in my top favorite list Amy Lane s stories are hits and misses I DNF ed some of them While the only Aleks Voinov s story that I can read was Transit I just don t have immediate chemistry with their writing style So, I m not one actually jumping enthusiastically for this one.Personally, I do love the ending part It s cute to see the big bad Dom, Malcolm, succumbs to the country mouse, Owen How he finds himself out of his element Such classic Harlequin romance, yes How [...]

  • The writing is disjointed The plot evinces the work of two polar opposite authors The kink is completely unintegrated The sweetness is saccharine, particularly at the end And the switch offs between British and American are erroneous several times.The three stars are for my enjoyment of the storyline, the idea itself I like the notion of meeting that person who exposes your truth and who you cannot let go of even if that revelation and concession comes after a single weekend Again, I always real [...]

  • 3.5 Stars, not quite 4 Perfect read when you re in the mood for some sexy sweet man loving, all wrapped up with Hollywood movie ending Lucky for me this is exactly what I needed, otherwise I might be tempted to get a little bit pissy and eye rolly about it.I do so enjoy seeing a sophisticated, arrogant and controlling yuppie brought down a few notches by an all American country boy It s ever so satisfying to watch that artificial restraint unravel revealing the needy man within the egotistical D [...]

  • A lovely, romantic, romance.This was my first Amy Lane book, even though I ve been intending to read her for some time I m so pleasantly pleased that I picked this to be my first Amy Lane I have a big, dumb grin on my face that won t be fading soon I chose to read this because of my respect for Aleksandr Voinov s writing I don t know if I had expectations for this story but I have to say that I was surprised to find something so sweet and sexy Having just come off reading his Dark Soul series, I [...]

  • That title made me cringe The cover screamed Not for Anna I read the synopsis and thought Yep, this is not my thing Well, I m eating crow and let me tell you, it tastes damn good If this is fluff, it s fluff with heart Country Mouse is about a one night stand that turns into something meaningful and genuine Simple as that The story sucked me in from page one and didn t release me until the very satisfying end Apologies, a lot of double entendres flowing right now, after ALL those sex scenes I li [...]

  • Wonderful Sigh worthy Captivating This is my forth book read by Amy Lane since I discovered her two months ago Sigh, I just love that author She s always surprising me, coming with stories no one would have expected While it is not my absolute favorite, Talker is I very much enjoyed reading this short story One thing I hope though is that, in the sequels, there will be conversations The sex scenes were great so it s not like I m complaining about thatHalt there, why was I only talking about Amy [...]

  • So some crazy shit happened Amy Lane and Aleks Voinov wrote a book together I know what you re thinking OMFG Am I gonna die of angst Will someone be dying, getting raped Will I be crying will I throw my e reader The answer is no folks, you will be freaking smiling and losing your pants all over the place I can see your shocked faces, the WTF faces, of are we talking about the same Amy Lane and Mr Voinov It s them alright, and it comes through in the writing.Owen is vacationing in Europe, and cur [...]

  • Loved every minute of this book The collaboration between Amy and Aleks worked Sometimes you can tell where co authors leave their footprint on a story Add the fact that Amy and Aleks have two very different writing styles, I was thinking it was going to be obvious in Country Mouse But it isn t It is seamless and smartly done.A Country Mouse is a story of what happens when a not quite as he seems Country Mouse and a not quite as he seems Dom find each other at a crappy bar and vacation love find [...]

  • 3.5 stars.I needed this book After having spent a weekend reading some intense and emotional series, I needed a sweet , easy book to ween me back into reality Country Mouse did a few things for me 1 made me want to visit London2 made me fall in love w Owen3 made me crave Indian food4 made me stop being such a hardass as I ve been lately, taking all the books I ve been reading WAY too seriously This had tons of holes in it and could easily be torn apart, but I liked it anyways.I m still normal I [...]

  • Appealing short story about country mouse American, Owen who is on holidays in London when he s picked up in a bar by stock trader Dom, Malcolm I liked that Owen is a lot than Malcolm anticipated and the dynamic between them is sexy The story is a little unbelievable but easy enough to go along for the ride The cover is great.

  • 3.5 starsI considered reading this book many times before, but Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov writing together Their usual styles are totally different I couldn t imagine how this book will end up.I was pleasantly surprised by this story, it s sweet it is and 100% romance.Owen is an American touristing through Europe, he visits London and meets Malcolm, a banker who is a Dom or is he , they clicked at a bar and decide to spend the night together and after that the weekend, when they least expect [...]

  • This was actually very sweetMalcolme and Owen meet at a bar in London.They enjoy each others company very muchOwen is not the pushover, Country mouse he is and Malcolme certainly isn t as shallow as he thinks you to believeI loved Malcolme in his role as dom , but as it seemed to be he was all to eager to be in the submissive role as well You can t Can t can t just go away Can t just You can t get on that train and charge out of my life It s not fair I can t work, dammit I I made a bad trade How [...]

  • Wham, bam, thank you mam Well, this book started with the fastest hook up I have ever read or experienced However, I loved the power games being played between these two, always a tug war who was going to get the upper hand Malcolm not turning out to be as bossy or dominant as he liked to pretend and Owen not being submissive by any means It was great to see how their relationship developed and to see the barriers come crashing down around Malcolm s so cold and unfeeling exterior I loved the fin [...]

  • completely flabbergasted O_O I didn t even know this was in the realm of possibility Apparently, I don t stalk Aleks enoughIs there a blog where Amy Lane talks about her experience with Aleks Was he gentle, do you think

  • Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceMore like Roaring Grizzly HOT, HOT, HOT I adored Owen and Malcolm They couldn t have been different, yet they were so perfect for each other Talk about role reversal, it was amazing to see how it all played out Owen is on vacation in London with his ex girlfriend, when he spots Malcolm across a bar that he ventures into He s bi sexual, but at the moment it s the sexy Brit who s caught his eye Malcolm is waiting in the bar for his date or rather the man he s [...]

  • Before I get to a in depth review of this book, can I just say how wonderful this book cover is The visual representation of them is exactly as is written and demonstrates the differences between these two men and yet shows how great they look together And together they are simply divine, as is this story In too many of the books I ve read that feature BDSM acts, the reason an individual chooses the lifestyle isn t made clear, but in this story it s clear that Malcolm chooses the lifestyle beca [...]

  • omfg Squee i fucking loved this Bloody brilliant Im all full of happy fluttery fuzzies in my chest I was excited about this as soon as i was told it was happening Well anyone who knows me and what an Amy Lane fangirl I am i figure with words like squee in my reviews i may as well own the fangirl title knows that excited would be an understatement I was fascinated cuz these two authors are so breath takingly brilliant and so amazeballs when it comes to character driven, angst overloaded stories t [...]

  • I loved Malcolm thinking he had everything under control until it spiraled completely away from him Malcolm is focused and driven and really the kind of man you look at from the outside and think he s got it all together But he s actually very lonely and in need of some honest to goodness romance in his life, the kind that comes with love at the end of the day And he gets that in Owen The younger man may not know all the ways of the big city or know about fashion and food, but he knows about whe [...]

  • The story about instant encounter, instant attraction and what supposed to be a long weekend fling turned out to be something Although it s short and fun, it had depth too I especially adore the cute and smart banters between the MCs.In short it s engaging and enjoyable The sequel is City Mouse.

  • I admit, I never thought this would work, but it did, so now I m just gonna go and metaphorically eat my socks This is going straight into my comfort reads when I need a pick me up folder It s adorable.

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