The Tiny Wife

The Tiny Wife A flamboyantly dressed man enters a bank and proceeds to commit a most curious robbery Rather than demanding money or jewelry he asks each of his thirteen victims to surrender that which they hold mo
  • Title: The Tiny Wife
  • Author: Andrew Kaufman
  • ISBN: 9780007458806
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Tiny Wife
    A flamboyantly dressed man enters a bank and proceeds to commit a most curious robbery Rather than demanding money or jewelry, he asks each of his thirteen victims to surrender that which they hold most valuable a calculator, a cheap watch, photographs of children, a copy of The Stranger, and so on The lives of the robbery victims then begin to come apart in otherworldlA flamboyantly dressed man enters a bank and proceeds to commit a most curious robbery Rather than demanding money or jewelry, he asks each of his thirteen victims to surrender that which they hold most valuable a calculator, a cheap watch, photographs of children, a copy of The Stranger, and so on The lives of the robbery victims then begin to come apart in otherworldly yet strangely fitting ways, forcing them to discover and claim that which is truly valuable to them before it s too late The Tiny Wife, the latest work of contemporary wonder from bestselling and award nominated author Andrew Kaufman, is an imaginative and inspiring display of pure storytelling.
    The Tiny Wife By Andrew Kaufman,
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    ANDREW KAUFMAN s critically acclaimed first book, All My Friends Are Superheroes, was a cult hit and has been translated into six languages Kaufman is also an accomplished screenwriter, film maker and radio producer and has completed a Director s Residency at the Canadian Film Centre He lives in Toronto with his wife and their two children.


  • You know how in dreams it doesn t matter that nothing makes any sense All you know is you re in survival mode and WHY things happen isn t even on your radar This has that same surreal quality if you re looking for creepy imaginative give it a try.One woman is shrinking daily, about to disappear completely if she can t stop it somehow Another is fleeing from a lion that used to be tattooed on her leg now come to life and hell bent on hunting her down There s no time for lamenting or gnashing of t [...]

  • The robbery was not without consequences The consequences were the point of the robbery It was never about money The thief didn t even ask for any That it happened in a bank was incidental Branch 117 A robber holds up Branch 117 of the British Bank of North America in Toronto, Ontario, Canada There were 13 people inside when the thief entered The thief wore a flamboyant purple hat and brandished a handgun.I demand only one thing from each of you and it is this the item currently in your possessi [...]

  • A man robs a bank But instead of making off with bags of cash he takes one thing from each of the customers there one thing which holds the most sentimental value.The bugger gets away with it and disappears with his swag.And then odd things start to happen to the folks he s stolen from A woman s lion tattoo becomes an actual lion and chases her all over town Another lady wakes up to find that she s made of candy And, amongst others, a man s wife discovers she s shrinking Those who ve read Not So [...]

  • Warning Review contains spoilers First of all, never ever judge a book by its cover, especially this book I mean look at cover, red and black with blown dandelion Perfect for romantic books, but see, it s not romance, it s fantasy DIn a bank robbery, the thief asks for no money yes, no money but an item currently in their possession which holds the most sentimental value People give wedding rongs, watches and books Soon weird things start happening in their lives view spoiler A person s heart co [...]

  • Another wonderful little fable of the fantastic from Andrew Kaufman as he once tackles the contemporary fears of growing up, failing relationships, and parenthood, the agony of love and the joy of despair Simply and beautifully Kaufman tells us that we might be lost but then again so is everybody else and only through self acceptance and honesty can our souls survive the realities of existence and only through work can love thrive.All of which makes this seem like one of those hokey self help s [...]

  • I just realized I must have forgotten to add this to my I read it a while back and really liked it, like all of Kaufman s books It is a short enjoyable read challenging your thoughts and it will keep you thinking for some time.

  • It all begins the day David s wife Stacey is queuing at the bank A man comes in, armed with a gun, and makes everyone line up, customers and staff alike, and orders them to give him whatever is most precious to them He doesn t want their wallets, but random objects of sentimental value they are pieces of their souls.Without these objects, strange things begin to happen to each of the people who were in the bank that day For some, it is a small, passing moment that endangers no one For others, li [...]

  • This book is pretty A pretty little hardback with a pretty cover and full of pretty illustrations Pretty pretty pretty and I am a sucker for a pretty book.Contents wise I didn t enjoy this as much as Kaufman s All My Friends Are Superheroes which I absolutely adored but I did like it, in a weird, almost aching kind of a way The thing about Kaufman, and this is true about Superheroes as well, is that he tells his fantastical stories in such a matter of fact way that you kind of focus less on the [...]

  • When a thief takes items of sentimental value from a group of strangers one afternoon he also walks away with fifty one percent of each person s soul The consequences of this theft are the strange happenings that occur to the victims and those around them.Filled with whimsy, this quirky little modern fairy tale has little bit of everything to draw you in A bit of darkness, some tragedy, moments of comedy and a touch of the macabre and bizarre wrapped up in a clever and thoughtful narrative At 88 [...]

  • If you read this book, be ready for anything It comes across as bizarre, though there is a strong point being made that is never explicitly stated but there to be pondered none the less I love books that make you think.Several people are in a bank when a robber appears and orders them to hand over the thing with most sentimental value to them He explains that he has taken half their soul with him, and they will need to fight in the following days to grow it back, else they die Each of them strug [...]

  • HmmI knew from Day 1 that I d betome travelling a LOT this year but what I didn t know was I d also be witnessing crime while on this journey Yes, crime was what Canada was all about for me at least while I was visiting it with Andrew Kaufman The Tiny Wife is a beautiful modern day fable about a thief who steals something of sentimental value from people It s funny, crazy, quirky and extremely interesting In fact I was almost battling with myself while reading it about whether or not it is a fiv [...]

  • possible spoilers The Tiny Wife, the opening pages had me fascinated, what did I have on my person that had the most sentimental value And what would it mean for my soul to lose it Quite an intriguing question It was my Wizard of Oz Are you a Good Witch or A Bad Witch watch I read on.However I was soon frustrated, not knowing why all these strange things were happening to people Were they punishments or rewards Who was being pushed or rewarded and why Why, why, why And then what For example, was [...]

  • Wat een leuk kort verhaal is dit Ik heb het boek via Storytel geluisterd Het wordt heel leuk voorgelezen het deed me denken aan een Wes Anderson film Het verhaal is een mix van bizarre omstandigheden een vrouw die krimpt en een leeuwentattoo die tot leven komt, bijvoorbeeld en juist pijnlijk realistische uitspraken die je soms zelfs een beetje aan het denken zetten Ik vond dat heel knap van de auteur.

  • Uma hist ria peculiar muito divertida e com uma conclus o interessante Um livro diferente de tudo aquilo que j li at hoje.

  • The Tiny Wife begins in a dramatic fashion as a thief in a purple hat bursts into a busy Toronto bank brandishing a loaded gun But it soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary stick up The stranger demands that each of the bank s customers gives him the object in their possession that holds the most sentimental value Confused, they comply with his demands and part with the trinkets that they hold dear a cheap watch, a well used calculator But along with these knick knacks each victim loses [...]

  • The Tiny Wife is a thing of beauty, 80 pages of carefully wrought words enhanced by sharp, silhouette illustrations Not a single word is wasted in this contemporary fable with echoes of Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm and even a little pinch of Italo Calvino.Our story opens in contemporary Toronto where a thief carries out a bank robbery with a difference he asks each customer for the object which is of most sentimental value to them It transpires that they have also handed over part [...]

  • Read this in one sitting, which is how it must be read Lovely, sweet story that deserves your full attention It would have gotten five stars had the ending not been so abrupt, and maybe over time I ll learn to appreciate that , that the ending was perfect, but I guess I didn t want it to end I wanted to know about Stacy and David and how they re built their realtionship, and the changes that took place as a result I m also annoyed at the fact I didn t write it Wonderful stuff.

  • 1 at Booktopia 24 07 2013 5 unrated No rating as I don t really know how I could rate it.This was a fun, weird, light read The prose is direct and simple The entire story is only just over 80 pages It reads almost like a folk tale I can say that I liked it, but I was wanting something a bit , a bit deeper I guess Still a delight to read and it was only 1 anyway.

  • Andrew Kaufman is one of my favourite authors for good reason Once again, I love the quirky, simply written, yet important story The Tiny Wife tells.

  • It s a interesting story and it shows what can happen if you can t cope with the loss of something very dear to you.

  • Ironically surprisingly and predictable A quick read with an interesting concept, it could easily have gone into detail for each person which would have given depth to the story.

  • I have been a huge fan of Andrew Kaufman since the very first book I picked up for him The Waterproof Bible Since then, I ve been on a constant hunt for his books, every bookstore I enter, I go straight to the K section hoping to find his name Unfortunately, his books don t seem to be very popular over here I found All My Friends are Superheroes at a book fair, and I devoured that in one sitting, until a few months ago anyway when I found both The Tiny Wife and Born Weird in one of the bookstore [...]

  • The Tiny Wife was a revelation to me.I have always disliked short stories There it is, out there It s a genre that I enjoy to write, but reading them has never been enjoyable They generally feel unsatisfactory, an inferior form to novels, drama and poetry, not enough depth, not enough character development Yet, I selfishly write them because I enjoy the writing process A form that is enjoyable for the writer than the reader a narcissistic pleasure.Oh, how wrong I was This was different This, wa [...]

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