The Scholar of Moab

The Scholar of Moab Winner of AML best literary novel of and a finalist for the national Montaigne Medal What happens when a two headed cowboy a high school dropout and a poet abducted by aliens come together in
  • Title: The Scholar of Moab
  • Author: Steven L. Peck
  • ISBN: 9781937226022
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Scholar of Moab
    Winner of AML best literary novel of 2011 and a finalist for the national Montaigne Medal What happens when a two headed cowboy, a high school dropout, and a poet abducted by aliens come together in 1970 s Moab, Utah The Scholar of Moab, a dark comedy perambulating murder, affairs, and cowboy mysteries in the shadow of the hoary La Sal Mountains.Young Hyrum Thayne, an unWinner of AML best literary novel of 2011 and a finalist for the national Montaigne Medal What happens when a two headed cowboy, a high school dropout, and a poet abducted by aliens come together in 1970 s Moab, Utah The Scholar of Moab, a dark comedy perambulating murder, affairs, and cowboy mysteries in the shadow of the hoary La Sal Mountains.Young Hyrum Thayne, an unrefined geological surveyor, steals a massive dictionary out of the Grand County library in a midnight raid, startling the good people of Moab into believing a nefarious band of Book of Mormon thugs, the Gadianton Robbers, has arisen again To make matters worse, Hyrum s illicit affair with Dora Tanner, a local poet thought to be mad, results in the delivery of a bouncing baby boy who vanishes the night of his birth Righteous Moabites accuse Dora of the murder, but who really killed their child Did a coyote dingo the baby Was it an alien abduction as Dora claims Was it Hyrum Or could it have been the only witness to the crime, one of a pair of Oxford educated conjoined twins who cowboy in the La Sals on sabbatical Take a blazing ride with Hyrum LeRoy Thayne, the Lord s Chosen Servant and Defender of Moab His short rich life spans the borderlands of magical realism where geology, ecology philosophy, and consciousness collide, in Steven L Peck s rip snorting tale The Scholar of Moab.
    The Scholar of Moab By Steven L. Peck,
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    Steven L. Peck Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Scholar of Moab book, this is one of the most wanted Steven L. Peck author readers around the world.


  • This novel is undeniably imaginative and like nothing you ve ever read before It s taking me a while to get my head around it It s quite puzzling, but I think I m starting to see what it s about The reason I love Steven Peck s writing what I ve read of it is that he engages with and illuminates some really big, really deep ideas This novel is funny, also touching, confusing, and intellectually engaging It s had me puzzling over it for days after finishing it view spoiler I think it s deliberatel [...]

  • Peck s novel is difficult to categorize because it blends genres, draws on several disciplines, and employs multiple narrators to solve a series of interconnected Whodunnits The strongest voices in the novel belong to Hyrum the self taught scholar , Dora a local poet , and William the most articulate of the cowboy conjoined twins Each narrator invokes the viewpoints of additional characters, who serve to simultaneously clarify and confound the evidence around the related mysteries Despite this c [...]

  • We cannot call Steven Peck s award winning The Scholar of Moab a perfect novel It lacks too many of the elements found in truly great literature Like pirates There are no pirates Nor are there talking monkeys or Elvis impersonators There may or may not be space aliens, but, even if there are, they do not appear to have cool weapons And there is not a single scene in which somebody upturns a fruit cart But mainly, there are no pirates.But there are a lot of other things well worth reading about, [...]

  • There s a kind of I don t know, let s call it craziness, but it s not quite that that seems so pervasive in the desert southwest Maybe it s something about the desert, the mountains, the wide open skies, or the type of people drawn to small towns in the middle of nowhere Who knows But if you grew up in the desert southwest, you probably know what I m talking about Steven L Peck, the author of this funny, intelligent, and imaginative book The Scholar of Moab, knows what I m talking about.The Scho [...]

  • It s been a long time since I ve encountered a book that takes such a hold of me that I feel tormented by not reading it Once my weekend arrived, I read this book in the bathtub, at the gym on two different pieces of workout equipment I had to stop for a few minutes while I worked on my armshave you ever tried to operate a Kindle while lifting weights Not easy and while folding laundry I literally could not stop reading it.Thank goodness for small presses Thank goodness for adventuresome souls w [...]

  • I m finding it impossible to write a cohesive review of this wonderful book Really, it s just so odd and I mean that as a compliment that I can t even begin to describe it So instead, I give yourandom thoughts 1 This book is funny The characters are especially hilarious, particularly if you are familiar with rural Utah I know these people, just by different names Also, bombus I m giggling as I type that Bombus Teehee.2 I have no idea what happened to Dora s baby Normally, this would bother me, b [...]

  • Seven Conclusions I Drew from the Scholar of Moab 1 This is a well conceived book Pun intended2 It as easy to say there are aliens as it is to say Jesus was resurrected and that Gods appeared to Joseph Smith Proof doesn t come from scholarship.3 What you devoutly believe know may kill you Hyrum, Edward and William, Joan of Arc, a plethora of Christian prophets, Joseph Smith, to cite a few I d rather die on the side of truth if I can.4 Our actions are never independent They always affect somethin [...]

  • Set in the rural, heavily Mormon town of Moab, Utah, this is the story of Hyrum Thayne, a semi literate Jack Mormon who, though he didn t quite manage to graduate from high school, falls in love with the works of Dickens and decides he wants to become a scholar With a collection of quirky characters to beat every prior notion of quirkiness you may ever have had, the cast includes an Oxford educated two headed cowboy, a mad poetess who believes she was abducted by aliens, a mysterious narrator wh [...]

  • Dear Dr Peck, I am writing you because I have just arisen from a most strange dream yes, I am aware the time stamp on this will read close to 1 pm Explaining the dream requires some of my background, and I hope you will indulge some minor biographical detail.I was born into an extremely observant Mormon family in the 1980 s You will recall this was a time when the leaders of the Church I presume you will be familiar with the somewhat arrogant use of the definitive article and Capital Noun pairin [...]

  • This is a novel to Peck at Peckishly, perhaps To cluck at, to cock a doodle do to Compiled by a Redactor, who is in a way, its Nick Carraway or Scout Finch, THE SCHOLAR OF MOAB is not the type of fiction that you want to wolf down Savoring it is certainly the preferred method of consumption In fact, as you try to digest it, you may want to eat gravel for your gizzard to make sure everything you ve pecked up comes out ground down to a movable mass You don t want it to get stuck in there I suggest [...]

  • I love magical realism, and I have high hopes for the potential of LDS written fiction, and this novel combines both this love and this hope I reviewed this book for Deseret Connect, but I feel like I couldn t really describe how much this book impressed me professional reviewers are supposed to be balanced right Also I am plagued by my AP style incompetence This is the kind of book I could have liked without being LDS, and I think we need LDS fiction like that.The unreliable narrators and edit [...]

  • Having just finished Steven Peck s excellent novel, The Scholar of Moab, I must recommend it once again, this time with a reader s full authority Based on the bits I d read, I ve been telling friends to pick it up for weeks I have found, though, that any time I tell anyone about it, I sound like the Stefon character from SNL who is always recommending freaky nightclubs This book has EVERYTHING Alien abductions, library arson, insect torture, Wiccans, communists, Gadianton robbers, art forgery, c [...]

  • Steven Peck paints an entertaining picture of life in Moab, Utah not unexpected since he lived there part of his growing up years with a cast of unusual fictional characters and several unique events At first glance of the summary, I wondered if this story would really appeal to me Aliens Gadianton Robbers Disappearance of an infant Not my usual cup of tea, but amazingly, the story drew me in and held me while I read the entire book in almost one sitting If you like thinking about consciousness, [...]

  • I discovered this book while planning our family vacation to Moab, Utah Coincidentally, I found a review of this book on a blog that I read and so I decided to buy it bycommonconsent 2011 11 22I would recommend this book to anyone who is familiar with Utah culture, Mormonism, Charles Dickens, philosophy, consciousness studies especially related to conjoined twins , synchronicity, emergence, alien abduction, and one of the most beautiful places on earth Moab If the reader is not familiar with sev [...]

  • Brilliantly absurd There is so much crazy in this book it defies description The characters in this book are sympathetically nuts and each is given their own voice in a tale that ties together alien abduction, a scientific study of the faith of honey bees, an alliance between the KGB and the Gadianton Robbers of Book of Mormon lore and siamese twins The real feat of this novel is that Steven L Peck manages to tie it all up without resorting to gimmick or disturbing the consistency of this tale o [...]

  • Scholar is a butterball of a book Rich, tasty, savory, silly and stuffed with oddball characters an alien abductee poet, a two headed Oxford educated cowboy, and the irrepressible Hyrum LeRoy Thayne, screwy innocent, small town prankster, strayed Mormon and willing servant of the Lord I highly recommend this book, so many voices and so much power of mind.

  • This was a wildly inventive and often times very beautiful little story It s almost a big story It edges into metaphysics and morality in a way that made me nervous at times Is this going to make claims too large But it skirts these edges carefully, and I found the ambiguity in its answers to be very satisfying This is especially true with issues of faith surrounding the Mormon church an institution that is readily panned in the book, but not in a reckless way I would have given it four stars bu [...]

  • The Scholar of Moab by Steven L Peckby David G PaceHyrum Thayne, the protagonist of Steven L Peck s riotously original novel The Scholar of Moab, writes, I think this story is interesting cause my other friend had strange things happen too There are weird things in the world Strange even for a Scientist Scholar like me The story Hyrum is speaking of is his friend Rick s story, though Hyrum s story, told in the novel by the anonymous Redactor who, a generation later, is trying to get to the botto [...]

  • Unforgettable characters and quirky story elevate Mormon literary mystery Rating 4 1 2 out of 5 stars One of the pleasures of reading spiritual fiction is slipping into a new belief system and wearing it for a while Steven L Peck s Mormon literary mystery settles you in Moab, Utah, where you can experience small town Mormon culture even if you disagree with the cosmology Peck s amazing cast of characters and mind bending plot infuse this dark comedy with unexpected insight and laugh out loud sur [...]

  • A surprisingly charming book that examines the complexities of beingness Why surprising Because one could easily dismiss the novel as merely a regional text or a Mormon text however, to do so would be to miss the smart ways in which Peck uses these particular settings and people to examine challenging existential questions Yes, bits of the Mormon culture satire may be lost to those outside of the culture, but the larger philosophical questions will be accessible to any reader Indeed, the text co [...]

  • If you re looking for a book full of conundrums, you ll find in The Scholar of Moab by Steven L Peck Through letters and diaries and conversations with the characters, Peck creates the world of Hyrum Thayne and his circle of friends The setting is Moab, Utah, a beautiful part of the world if you haven t been there and a bit of a town of revolution if you have.Hyrum isn t a scholar buy any means but sure would like to be If we read his diaries that is the one thing that shines thorugh Hyrum is wo [...]

  • One of the best books I ve read this year Full of layers I m sure I ve only skimmed the top in my first read through I ll need to read this at least 2 3 times to get everything that is in the book Very well written I loved the style, and the author is amazing at creating individual characters with very real voices I also loved the relationships between characters very involved and well conceived The story itself where do I start It includes everything from religion to mystery to scholarship to [...]

  • Peck s novel part Rashomon story, part epistolary is told from multiple points of view, including the summary narrative of the mysterious Redactor, and the poems of the deeply affected Moab writer and free spirit Dora Daphne Tanner.All of the characters revolve in the strange, almost mystical orbit of the titular and self appointed Scholar of Moab, Hyrum Thayne.The dark satire of the novel is not solely accomplished in the amusing and twisted plot, but also relies on the dramatic irony of self d [...]

  • Really cleverly written book It s the story of a lot of curious events that happened in the late 70s in Moab, Utah beautifully told from multiple points of view The book is put together by a Redactor one of the many not overt but pleasant aspects that contribute to the Mormon ness of it who stitches together a number of source fragments, some written contemporaneously, some later on There are wonderfully explored themes such as faith skepticism, consciousness, rationality, portrayals of country [...]

  • Just after I read part of the book, I heard the same thing on my mother in law s stereo being read Now if you had read the book you d know why this make it True.I bought the book because my son worked at a Scout camp near Moab last summer and my wife knew one of the reviewers So after the book sat on the shelf for a month and neither one had started to read it, I started reading it in the car taking my son back to school When I came to the Journal entry, I had to share, and started reading out l [...]

  • My first book of the year Wahoo Moab, Utah and the areas surrounding it are probably some of my most favorite places in the world So colorful, so inviting, so hot and sweaty I m getting warm just thinking about it now in this Siberia of a place I currently live, brr So, truth be told I probably wouldn t have cared what the book entailed as long as it took me back to that beautiful place And it did The fact that the book happened to be quirky and fun, well that was just rust colored gravy on my h [...]

  • First I want to thank Steven Peck for sending me this great book As a lucky winner this ended up being a true prize to read Mr Peck has a strange and colorful way of telling a story Sort of a fictional biography of a man from the small Mormon Utah town of Moab This one is chucked full of strange abstract wondrous characters you will love and and others you will love to hate At first I was put off with the original documents pages thinking this is not going to be fun to read but Mr Peck has a uni [...]

  • This book is a beautifully strange and coincidental hot mess of many of my favorite topics including southeast Utah, philosophy, theology, rural Mormon culture, humor, aliens, science, Moab, the La Sal mountains, consciousness, and coincident The author, an evolutionary biologist at BYU, somehow managed to weave these topics into a funny and hypnotic narrative.

  • I loved reading this book It is a wacky, fun, and unpredictable adventure You don t have to be mormon to understand it, but there are some funny mormon isms hidden in it Everything from aliens to Gadianton robbers to vandalism to two headed cowboys I will definitely read this one again someday.

  • What a delightful, perceptive, odd, beautiful, book I don t think I ve read a book in my adult life that s made me laugh like this did And yet, there s a sadness underneath at allThis Steven Peck guy is pretty awesome.

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