Killing Time

Killing Time sequel to STEALING TIME Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine Finally escaping servitude she has meticulously planned re
  • Title: Killing Time
  • Author: Elisa Paige
  • ISBN: 9781426892080
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • Killing Time
    sequel to STEALING TIME Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine Finally escaping servitude, she has meticulously planned revenge against her former masters, and time is running out The last thing she needs is to be taken captive by a man who hates the fae as much as she does and thinks she s on sequel to STEALING TIME Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine Finally escaping servitude, she has meticulously planned revenge against her former masters, and time is running out The last thing she needs is to be taken captive by a man who hates the fae as much as she does and thinks she s one of them.Sephti learns her captor is Koda, an ancient Native American guardian determined to save his people from annihilation by the fae Though he seems to loathe everything about Sephti, she can t help noticing his incredible strength and powerful sensual allure.As their distrust turns to desire, Sephti and Koda become allies But their love will have to withstand their enemies supernatural onslaught and Sephti s planned suicide mission against the fae.
    Killing Time By Elisa Paige,
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    Elisa Paige is a former newspaper reporter, editor, and freelance writer who s always had a passion for urban fantasy While in college, Elisa carried a double major, a minor, worked four internships, and served as a European exchange student Winchester, England solid preparation for juggling family, work, daily life, and writing, writing, writing Elisa is a self avowed caffeine addict with no intentions of jumping off the Java Wagon She lives in Texas with her daughter, Andalusian horses, four cats,and a Cu Sith wannabe named Daisy.Under the pen name Elise Gaston Chand, she writes equestrian nonfiction.


  • First of all, let me put a disclaimer on this review I sorted it in my plots i hate shelf I am sorry,but I had to Even thou I love this author and I liked the book it seems I am overwhelmed with fae Now we mix Fae and vampires Dear lordy lord It s the True blood series No, really Sometimes there is just to much fantasy in a prn book.Aside from this vampire fae whatever else is in the closet mix the author did it again Mrs.Paige is a favorite of mine Really, she can do no wrong I think I my have [...]

  • One of My Favorite Reads This YearShe was created for one purpose To kill She has no name, just a designation Her kind, bitterns, are genetically engineered clones that serve the fae lords as their keenest hunters and assassins They are little than animals and are treated as such She has always been different, however, resistant to conditioning, rebellious, obstinate, and unbreakable No matter how brutal her masters torture, she defied restrictions And she escaped Since she crossed over to the [...]

  • You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading RomanceTitle Killing Time Time Series 2 Author Elisa PaigePublisher Carina PressFormats EbookSource NetGalleyPublication Date August 22, 2011Rating 4.5 out of 5This paranormal romance fantasy is a delightful find I d never read any of Elisa Paige s work before, but I loved the heroine Sephti in Killing Time The development of Sephti s character over the course of the book and the amazing mix of mythologies really sold me on this book It tur [...]

  • Rating 4.0 Genre Paranormal Romance Review Elisa Paige s Killing Time, is the sequel to Stealing Time in which a brewing conflict between supernaturals and humans is being cheered on by the Dark Fae Lord Cham Reiden Reiden s puppet is a vampire named Philippe de Lenclos who believes that vampires are the supreme beings on the planet, and humans are food and nothing .In Stealing Time, we were introduced to James Wesley and Evie Reed who James turned into a vampire in order to save her life after [...]

  • Sephti has had a horrible life, if you can even call the atrocities she has had to deal with a life, rather she has just existed with only one purpose to destroy the fae who made her into what she is Unfortunately she falls into the hands of a man who has reason to hate the fae almost as much as she does You would think they would make a good pair to team up against their enemies, but there is one problem Koda thinks she is one of the fae and seems to hate her with a burning passion Surprisingly [...]

  • I LOVED THIS BOOK I wasn t sure what to expect I did like her previous books I purchased I never expected to receive a ARC of this one I had been eagerly anticipating the release so I could buy it Back to my review Killing time pulled me in from the very first chapter Ms Paige did another outstanding job with her heroine, Sephti, also known as Nomad Sephti has all the qualities I like in a strong woman, just like Mia in Shadowplay There are many parallels in the way Sephti and Mia were raised Fo [...]

  • I loved this book It was fresh It was poignant It was action packed and sexy And I m so sad that it s over.Sephti is bittern, a living weapon, genetically engineered by the Fae Her kind was designed to kill, to follow orders But somehow, Sephti is different She is self aware and she has only one goal to defeat the Fae that created her.To reach her objective, Sephti hopes to ally herself with a powerful vampire named James But she is intercepted by Koda, a Native American well, let s just call hi [...]

  • Disclaimer No spoilers from Killing Time, but read with caution if you have not read Stealing Time.Sephti is a warrior genetically enhanced by the Fae to assassinate others for her masters Known as bittern, she is the wildest of her kind and escapes her masters and learns her away around the mortal plane as she bides her time to exact her revenge on those who created her.The vampires are key to her plan, but after she aids them and loses herself to the bittern frenzy, an ancient Native American [...]

  • Fast becoming one of my favourite series, the second book in the Time series by Elisa Paige was almost as good as the first Feisty heroine with slightly shady background Check Gorgeous love interest Check Nefarious scheme to upset the natural balance of the world as we know it Check Not earth shatteringly original but still a definite must read I am astonished that this isn t as well known as some other, IMO inferior, PNR.There was a slight sameness to this book with Ms Paige s other books that [...]

  • In some ways I quite enjoyed this.I really liked the storyline and the main characters of Sephti and Koda Sephti was a total kick ass female and i love characters like this, rather than the weak hide behind your man ones Koda wasn t quite as alpha male as I normally liked but there was definately something about him that I did like.The storyline was very good and padded out really well only real gripe is that there were WAY too many characters and I could not keep up with them all and I ended up [...]

  • What an AMAZING thrill ride This book starts out action packed and never lets up I really enjoyed the concept of Nomad s existence, and am hoping to see of her people in future books While there were a few areas that weren t fully fleshed out WHY and HOW did Nomad develop so differently if the other bitterns were truly lacking in full personalities, why did they have some rather emotional responses these minor flaws were completely overshadowed by the sheer wonder of combining Native American l [...]

  • Killing Time features Sephti, a genetically engineered fae warrior used by her creators as an engine of destruction She has escaped her makers and is determined to destroy those use used and abused her Her capture by Koda, an ancient Native American guardian who wants to protect his people from the fae, brings the two into an alliance against a common enemy Elisa Paige has created a world where the supernatural are commonplace and filled it with interesting and well developed characters The acti [...]

  • Personalities, good plotting, and emotional engagement are important to me Those were weakORY BRIEF Sephti is a bittern, a creature created by the fae who goes into unconscious furies when she fights Bitterns are kept in stables Sephti was tortured by her keeper Cain She escaped Her goals are to kill the evil vampire Phillippe on earth and then return to the fae realm and kill Reiden the evil fae king This will be a suicide mission which she accepts While searching for Phillippe, Sephti meets Ko [...]

  • Killing Time is another stunning and highly original urban fantasy from Carina Press, one where Native American supernaturals run alongside the traditional European kind and the fae are the nastiest I ve ever seen They also genetically engineer assassins and keep them as slaves to do their dirty work for them.The uniqueness of Killing Time is its incredibly diverse cast of supernatural creatures and in particular, the nature of the two main characters Sephti comes from an engineered race of barb [...]

  • obsessionwithbooksKilling Time was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Carina PressSephti is a Bittern, a genetically engineered assassin created by the Fae to be their personal killing machine She has never been the same as other Bittern s, she is a genetic throwback and seeks out revenge on those who created and tortured her.Finally escaping servitude and with a meticulous plan, Sephti has left her masters to seek out a vampire she believes could help her get to the fae king, Cham Reidon, b [...]

  • Killing Time is a really good book The author manages to show the emotions of the characters in her book really well She has a lot of imagination and her characters are totally different from the novels that I usually read Sephti is a assassin genetically engineered, she was created by the fae to be their killing machine Sephti is a Bittern, she is different from the others and she manages to escape the servitude She has planned revenge towards her former master She started off by searching for [...]

  • EXCELLENT adventure, totally unlike what I usually enjoy Vivid, engaging characters inside a most wonderfully vividly realized world WOW, can la Paige do this I have read several of her other books and am simply gobsmacked by the quality, the reality, and the first class characterizations in this one ENJOY Killing Time is first class, and the first in that series, STEALING TIME, is a trip, an adventure, and a lovely joy all by itself Also, don t miss out on Paige s Bookstrand titles, such as Mae [...]

  • O M G This book, heck, the whole damn series, is SO SO SO good It took some time to really get into this book because of how and where the first book left off but WOW When a book can make you laugh and make you cry Makes me wish I could give it 6 stars.You must read both of these books In order, or you ll be lost.

  • Favorite Lines I saw their sharp, lethal interest long before I saw the hunting vampires p 150, egalley Stealing Time is book one in Elisa Paige s The Time series In Paige s world, the dark fae have sided with evil vampires in an attempt to rule the world I read book one and wasn t thrilled with the cliff hanger ending Months later, I clearly remember Stealing Time The story was told from a woman named Evie s point of view After the way it ended I expected book two to pick right up where it ende [...]

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