Night of the Fox

Night of the Fox Jared Dunefaellan Captain of the king s standing army has managed to carve out a name for himself After several victories he is feared and respected and is about to reclaim Wiekken s most prized c
  • Title: Night of the Fox
  • Author: Ashley J. Barnard
  • ISBN: 9781926996080
  • Page: 141
  • Format: ebook
  • Night of the Fox
    Jared Dunefaellan, Captain of the king s standing army, has managed to carve out a name for himself After several victories, he is feared and respected, and is about to reclaim Wiekken s most prized city, Lleweyan But he is running out of time already his genetic disease is maturing, changing him into the hateful man his father became Before he can win the war, howeverJared Dunefaellan, Captain of the king s standing army, has managed to carve out a name for himself After several victories, he is feared and respected, and is about to reclaim Wiekken s most prized city, Lleweyan But he is running out of time already his genetic disease is maturing, changing him into the hateful man his father became Before he can win the war, however, he ll have to first conquer his addictions of alcoholism, sexual dysfunction and extremely distracting feelings for his best friend In the meantime, Tarika is being forced to wed a tyrant, and Nathaniel reveals a shocking secret that throws their world into chaos Everything comes to a head on a pirate ship of all things, and the prophecies surrounding Jared and Tarika play out in surprising, and occasionally disastrous, ways.
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    Ashley is the author of seven novels, as well as three published stage adaptations of Jane Austen s books She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and daughter, and up until recently she and her husband ran their own Shakespearean theater company, Actors Renaissance Theatre Shadow Fox 2010 Novel of the Year and its sequels Fox Rising and Night of the Fox are published by Champagne BURST Books In Byron s Shadow and Cast of Illusions are new releases available on Kindle.


  • The first book I reviewed was Shadow Fox by Ashley Barnard In fact it was Ashley who inspired me to create my review blog DarkissReads in the first place While talking to Ashley I saw how hard it was for new authors to get their works noticed For those lucky few writers that have landed themselves a publishing deal the trial don t stop Few publishers have the resources or the will to spend money on new unknown writers and they are left to do their own marketing Not an easy task when competing ag [...]

  • Night of the Fox is the most compelling novel of the Shadow Fox series by Ashley Barnard It is disturbing, unnerving and heart wrenchingly damned good Jared is one tortured soul and the author takes you on his dark journey with realism Tarika comes into her own in this book, as does the dear Nathaniel It s the emotional investment in these characters that speeds the roller coaster ride and leaves you shaken by the last page No spoilers here, but I will warn you these characters and their destini [...]

  • This is the final book of the trilogy and it was a fantastic read It s the darkest of the three books by far and is peppered heavily with issues of child abuse, rape and strong sexual encounters The characters I fell in love with from the previous books continue in this one with surprising twists and turns I felt highly satisfied with how the trilogy ended and yet there s room to expand upon the world created Perhaps we ll see from Wiekken yet

  • Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cDemons, wars and relationship tangles form the basis of this book Set in an age when wars are fought with swords from horseback, two countries try to overcome each other in battle Love tangles unravel then become entangled again.Jared fights for the Wiekkenians against their enemy the Danarsic army There are many women in his life but the one he loves is Tarika the King s illegitimate daughter She loves Jared but also loves Nathaniel who returns her love [...]

  • Night Of The Fox is the final in the Fox trilogy, and tidies up all the loose ends that had everyone hanging in the previous two books I thoroughly enjoyed reading this dark fantasy, where Ashley Barnard delves into the deep, dark places of the human spirit Others have said it was disturbing, even the author herself has stated this However, in my opinion, it kept to the theme of the lead character s dark persona as he teeters ever close to the genetic insanity that he s been born with So his act [...]

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