The Enchanted Castle

The Enchanted Castle Gerald Kathleen and Jimmy hope to find adventure when they set off to explore the woods but they get far than they bargained for when they discover the Enchanted Castle At first they seem to be in
  • Title: The Enchanted Castle
  • Author: E. Nesbit Paul O. Zelinsky Peter Glassman
  • ISBN: 9780688054359
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Enchanted Castle
    Gerald, Kathleen, and Jimmy hope to find adventure when they set off to explore the woods, but they get far than they bargained for when they discover the Enchanted Castle.At first they seem to be in a fairy tale come true, until a friend turns invisible, thanks to a magic ring that she can t remove Adventure follows adventure as they seek to control the magic but tGerald, Kathleen, and Jimmy hope to find adventure when they set off to explore the woods, but they get far than they bargained for when they discover the Enchanted Castle.At first they seem to be in a fairy tale come true, until a friend turns invisible, thanks to a magic ring that she can t remove Adventure follows adventure as they seek to control the magic but the magic has a will of its own and it is all they can do to keep up.Faced with sleeping princesses, magic rings, and moonlit gardens filled with enchantment, the children must use all their courage and ingenuity to control the magic and solve the mystery surrounding the Enchanted Castle.First published in 1907, The Enchanted Castle is a beloved classic filled with adventures both funny and frightening E Nesbit s spellbinding and wondrous tale combined with Paul Zelinsky s fabulous watercolor illustrations make The Enchanted Castle a treasure for all ages.
    The Enchanted Castle By E. Nesbit Paul O. Zelinsky Peter Glassman,
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      277 E. Nesbit Paul O. Zelinsky Peter Glassman
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  • E. Nesbit Paul O. Zelinsky Peter Glassman

    Edith Nesbit married name Edith Bland 15 August 1858 4 May 1924 was an English author and poet she published her books for children under the name of E Nesbit.She wrote or collaborated on over 60 books of fiction for children, several of which have been adapted for film and television She was also a political activist and co founded the Fabian Society, a socialist organisation later connected to the Labour Party.Edith Nesbit was born in Kennington, Surrey, the daughter of agricultural chemist and schoolmaster John Collis Nesbit The death of her father when she was four and the continuing ill health of her sister meant that Nesbit had a transitory childhood, her family moving across Europe in search of healthy climates only to return to England for financial reasons Nesbit therefore spent her childhood attaining an education from whatever sources were available local grammars, the occasional boarding school but mainly through reading.At 17 her family finally settled in London and aged 19, Nesbit met Hubert Bland, a political activist and writer They became lovers and when Nesbit found she was pregnant they became engaged, marrying in April 1880 After this scandalous for Victorian society beginning, the marriage would be an unconventional one Initially, the couple lived separately Nesbit with her family and Bland with his mother and her live in companion Maggie Doran Nesbit discovered a few months into the marriage that Bland had been conducting an affair with Doran, fathering a child with her and previously promising to marry her Though they argued ferociously Nesbit did not end the marriage, choosing instead to move in properly with her husband and become friends with Doran She then began to help support Doran and her own family financially by writing and selling sentimental poetry Nesbit s writing career therefore truly began as a need to support another woman s child.As the family grew Nesbit and Bland became increasingly politically active In 1883 they were amongst the founding members of The Fabian Society, a socialist group that would have an enormous effect on the politics of Britain over the next century The couple named their third child Fabian after the society At around the same time Nesbit invited her close friend Alice Hoatson to live with the family as housekeeper and secretary, as Hoatson was pregnant out of wedlock Nesbit agreed to adopt the child to prevent a scandal However after the child was born it became clear that the father of the child was none other than Nesbit s own husband Bland Nesbit demanded that the mother and baby leave her house however Bland refused to allow it, stating he would leave her in turn if they could not remain Nesbit relented and adopted the baby, Rosamund, and later dedicated her book The Book of Dragons to her.Initially, Edith Nesbit books were novels meant for adults, including The Prophet s Mantle 1885 and The Marden Mystery 1896 about the early days of the socialist movement Written under the pen name of her third child Fabian Bland , these books were not successful Nesbit generated an income for the family by lecturing around the country on socialism and through her journalism she was editor of the Fabian Society s journal, Today.Between 1899 and 1900 Nesbit s life altered dramatically In 1899 Alice Hoatson had another child, John, with Bland whom Nesbit dutifully adopted as her own son That year the family moved to Well Hall House in Eltham, Kent In 1900 her son Fabian died suddenly from tonsillitis the loss would have a deep emotional impact and numerous subsequent Edith Nesbit books were dedicated to his memory These personal upsets were occurring at the same time as Nesbit s increasing success and fame as an author for children In 1899 she had published The Adventures of the Treasure Seekers to great acclaim.


  • This is a novel I like a lot, which I ve experienced in different ways at different points in my life I first read it when I was six or seven, and thought it was a great story There are these kids, and they find a castle, and a magic ring At first they think it s an invisibility ring Then, to their surprise, they find it can make inanimate objects come to life, or make you rich After a while, they come to a truly startling conclusion the ring can do anything at all When its latest power wears of [...]

  • I started this book in the naive hope that it would be a palate cleanser after the book on Pierpont Morgan While it was mildly sophisticated than Five children and It it seemed less adroit than The Railway Children, and again as always with E.Nesbit, founder member of the Fabian Society, part of me is reading wondering where s the Socialism view spoiler afterall what s the point of writing children s books if you can t slip in some good old fashioned Agitprop hide spoiler Then all the statues i [...]

  • E Nesbit is one of the greatest authors of all time You might not think so, but if you could only see the chain of minds that lead directly from children like me who read her books and grew up to be grown ups that believe in the power of both magic, and common sense, it would be a golden chain of the greatest stories of magic for the last 100 years.

  • There are two types of enchantment in this book One is the everyday sort, evidenced by how enthralled the reader might be as they proceed through the book, and especially by the young charmer Gerald who sweet talks his way through pretty much every situation This is enchantment that lives up to the term s origins, where chanting, speaking, singing and silent perusal of words creates the magic that keeps us literally in its spell.Then there is the sort of enchantment that manifests itself most st [...]

  • An old favorite that I just re read and it s still so wonderful I think my favorite part is when the respectable Ugly Wugly goes into the secret passage and finds a really good hotel, because as E Nesbit so truly points out, that really is some people s idea of a dream come true Excitingly, my daughter is reading it now and discovering the magic of E Nesbit My life and point of view has been so shaped by the English children s books I read as a child that it is very exciting to see her be attrac [...]

  • Why don t people know aboutE Nesbit Kids these days cries the 23 year old Her fantasies are rich and original, with an undercurrent of creepy that keeps me coming back even as a semi adult ish type person The sequence with the statues in this book is especially shiver worthy if you ve read Nesbit s short horror story, Man Size in Marble, which I highly recommend It s in theEdward Gorey edited and illustratedHaunted Looking Glass, recently re issued New note Anyone who recently saw and enjoyed t [...]

  • This is a book very close to my heart, and in my top ten of my all time favourite classic children s books I first read this when I was 8 or 9, and have re read it many times since In fact my copy is looking decidedly battered and worse for wear you always know you re on to a good book when the cover threatens to fall off In many ways this is an underrated novel of E Nesbit, and I will readily admit it is not one of her best Nonetheless, I still love it than The Railway Children , The Treasure [...]

  • Uno jam s termina de aprender Hace poco fui a mi librer a de viejo favorita que vende libros en excelentes condiciones, lucen como nuevos y son originales, adem s de tener ofertas incre bles y encontr un librito llamado el castillo encantado y se me enred en los dedos, por ende lo traje a casa y que bueno pues no conoc a la obra de Nesbit y me impresion mucho, ahora entiendo de donde es que se inspiraron grandes como C S LewisLa historia de tres hermanitos que conocen un castillo que realmente e [...]

  • I love Nesbit and this one is no exception All of the greatest fantasies and nightmares of childhood in one delightful story A few thoughts I must remember Perhaps there s given up being magic because people didn t believe in it any, said Kathleen Well don t let s spoil the show with any silly old not believing, said Gerald with decision I m going to believe in magic as hard as I can This is an enchanted garden, and that s an enchanted chaste, and I m jolly well going to explore When you are you [...]

  • I re read this recently while I was experimenting with my new e reader and downloading free books sourced from Project Gutenberg I have a theory that the format in which you read a book affects your reading experience, that an e book is actually different from a print book, and the different editions of a print book offer a changed experience It occurs to me that you might create this effect simply by altering the font and size in your e book, too But in this case, my enjoyment was marred by a w [...]

  • Estoy en un momento de atasco lector, as que no s qu tan objetiva puede ser esta rese a, veremos qu sale.El castillo encantado es un cl sico juvenil de fantas a que creo es muy poco conocido en hispanoam rica, es una novela que no llega a las 300 p ginas, y en el caso de esta edici n los cap tulos est n muy bien acompa ados de unas fabulosas ilustraciones de Federico Combi.En cuanto a la historia en s , tiene un narrador testigo, que se identifica como la autora de la narraci n y nos cuenta la h [...]

  • When Gerald, Kathleen and Jimmy find the enchanted castle they don t immediately take it seriously Yet bit by bit they realize the magic is powerful than expected, and they need every ounce of imagination and courage to come out on top.

  • This book is just delightful Nesbit doesn t create perfect little darlings, though her child characters are certainly likable and engaging it s just that they seem to be actual people They get hungry and irritable, and have moments of sweeping exhilaration, and want to be kinder and braver and better organized and all that than they manage to be most of the time The adult narrator of The Enchanted Castle has a low lying dry wit that I enjoy this voice seems to ally itself with the children three [...]

  • The banter and humor was fantastic and subtle I need to go on another adventure with Nesbit and see what other characters she comes up with Her writing is magic The Railway Children is next

  • I picked this book as a quick read to complete my Pre Tolkien requirement for a reading bingo So the irony that the Pre Tolkien book I picked turned out to be a different type of cautionary tale about the danger of magic rings is rather delightful.

  • As a general rule I do not like fantasy but I had heard that this book was similar to but better than Harry Potter and I do like HP For me, this book was okay, at best I think what made HP so much better than other fantasy books I have read is that Rowling made me care about the characters and created a world that I could truly imagine and be interested in This book just read like a chronology of events about people I knew nothing and cared nothing about It also seemed very disjointeda little fa [...]

  • I enjoy E Nesbit, her books are filled with magic, but mindful of the careful what you wish for mantra Magic never is completely magical and harm free in her books Something always goes a little haywire.This book takes a sister and her two brothers on a journey with a self proclaimed princess from a nearby castle Of course, this princess is merely the housekeeper s niece, but she claims to have magical items that fill the children s time with mischief and fun They go about town having a little f [...]

  • I m being generous with my ratings because I was not the intended audience for this book and while I thought it was good I wish I had read it twenty years ago The book has a timeless feel that many children s Brit Lit books do The plot is basically that four ordinary children find a magic object and have strange things happen to them Some of the things seemed silly to me once again I am not the intended audience but some of the things were really funny At one point the little boy in the story wo [...]

  • In many ways, my discover of E Nesbit chronicled here is like my discovery of Diana Wynne Jones There is the same breathless enjoyment of the author s creativity, humor, and imagination There is the same gulping of one book after another There is the same desire to begin buying copies for everyone I know.The Enchanted Castle is said to be one of Nesbit s very best The LibriVox recording is far from best but it ll do, especially if I imagine the narrator as a beloved uncle earnestly sharing a fav [...]

  • Josh WilsonThis is a whimsical story about four children who find a magic ring, after they stumble upon a hidden passage to a magnificent castle estate Every chapter is its own episode I think E Nesbit has written a British version of Mark Twain s Tom Sawyer They re not similar in theme, but they both give the sense of taking you through several mini plots until the end, which reveals the overarching narrative I was afraid the end would simply be the conclusion of another of these episodes, but [...]

  • Four English children discover the magic of a ring, a castle, true love, and many adventures How amazing that over 100 years later this story still enchants children and adults alike The mix of magic with everyday life is brilliant My children and I enjoyed reading this story that inspired other fabulous authors like C.S Lewis We re grateful for Nesbit s creativity that not only kept us spellbound, but also opened the way for many of the modern fantasy books that we love.

  • I read this book years ago and the only thing I really remembered about it was the children finding a princess in the center of a hedge maze, who turned out to be the housekeeper s daughter That s basically chapter 1 I liked E Nesbit s writing style, but the children in the book were rather selfish at times The book is okay, but it didn t make me want to go on a big E Nesbit kick or anything.

  • Not as riddled with commentary and digressions as Peter Pan and not as thin as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz two books I appreciate for their place in child fantasy history, and continue trying, but failing, to finish , but somewhere in the middle The middle is not necessarily a good place to be, depending on your surroundings Sitting between a sweaty man and a screaming child on a cramped subway car is not an ideal location I m sure both have fans and for some the halfway point between the two wou [...]

  • An entertaining children s story liberally sprinkled with moments of profundity Here s an example of her describing an experience the children have with a strange light in the midst of living statues Everything changes or, rather, everything is revealed There are no secrets The plan of the world seems plain, like an easy sum that one writes in big figures on a child s slate One wonders how one can ever have wondered about anything Space is not every place that one has seen or dreamed of is here [...]

  • This was my first experience with E Nesbit I think that if I d read this as a child I would ve enjoyed it a lot It dragged on a little too much for my taste and I wasn t sure where it was going For most of the book I was thinking the title should be The Enchanted Ring, because there wasn t much that was enchanted about the actual castle That being said, it was a nice light read and very kid friendly, if that s what you re looking for.

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