Stay Callie is shocked when she is ripped from her home in the middle of the night She is taken to a city that she never knew existed only to find that she has a strange connection to her sexy captor To to
  • Title: Stay
  • Author: C.C. Jackson Shannon Hicks
  • ISBN: 2940012257987
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Nook
  • Stay
    Callie is shocked when she is ripped from her home in the middle of the night She is taken to a city that she never knew existed only to find that she has a strange connection to her sexy captor To top it all off, he tries to convince her that she is not even human She learns that she is actually a fairy Not just any fairy, but a fairy who has been destined to become qCallie is shocked when she is ripped from her home in the middle of the night She is taken to a city that she never knew existed only to find that she has a strange connection to her sexy captor To top it all off, he tries to convince her that she is not even human She learns that she is actually a fairy Not just any fairy, but a fairy who has been destined to become queen of the fairies The only problem is that the current queen is a cruel tyrant and Callie will have to fight for the title that she was meant for She is not completely convinced that this is a life that she wants to live She would love nothing than to go back to being the normal human girl that she always thought that she was.When tragedy strikes, Callie finds that she no longer knows who she can trust She must learn to survive on her own in a harsh underground world.She finds herself dealing with the struggles of life and love for the first time Two gorgeous guys, a bunch of new friends, and a whole new world Will it be than she can bear
    Stay By C.C. Jackson Shannon Hicks,
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  • C.C. Jackson Shannon Hicks

    I am C.C Jackson, I am an Indie Writer and the author of Stay, a paranormal romance novel for young adults In case you were wondering, I have been married to an awesome guy for almost 13 years I have three not so little boys They range in age from 10 to 18 They have been my biggest inspiration in my writing From watching the three of them and their friends grow up, I have been able to dream up all sorts of wonderful things I moved to South Louisiana after meeting my husband back in 1996 and have been here ever since I love reading I would spend my entire life with my nose in a book if I could I am partial to romance and suspense, but I will read almost anything I hate to clean, especially the dishes My husband is a way better cook than me I am a recovering Coca Cola addict I crave it ALL the time, but I am trying to avoid it I love yoga and I love to do anything outdoors We do a lot of fishing, hiking, and camping Of course every time that we go camping I say never gain We haven t had much luck with camping but we keep trying I like all types of music, but I am usually the last one to discover new stuff Maybe you guys can help me out with that I love Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Greenday, anything like that really I rarely watch TV, but I make an exception for True Blood and sometimes for American Idol It s not that I don t approve of watching TV, it s because I can never get on one There is usually a game being played or a football game being watched on them Maybe that s why I read so much.


  • It has been a long time since I have had the time to sit down and just be a book critic, not properly anyway Without a doubt I knew that I had to write this just so that I would remember the time I read a book outside of Walmart on BlackFriday, if nothing else Stay by C.C Jackson, I have to say was a okay read, it kept me entertained even if the plot was erratic and predictable if that makes sense.The title pulled me in from the start and it was seriously a cheap buy on bn I picked it up and was [...]

  • Stay is a nice fantasy read C.C Jackson did an excellent job of setting the scenes for her story When she described the underground fey world I was all but transported there I could almost smell the earth, feel the the moisture of the dank walls, feel the rush of the air as Callie learn to fly.I love strong female characters When Callie first learns about her secret heritage, she is hesitant to stay and learn to fight for what is rightfully hers But as she becomes accustomed to the idea of being [...]

  • Why is there a butterfly on the cover of a book about fairies There s a few things that are a little odd, with Stay The main issue for me was the writing style, as well as the characters reactions to both each other and the situations The writing is far too formal, and at times it was as if I am reading a very serious textbook if this is Callie s voice, she does not speak as a teen or young adult would Other times, sentences end abruptly and the tense changes It s just awkward Additionally, Call [...]

  • The very first thought I had about this book, before reading it Why would there be a picture of a butterfly on the cover of a fairy book I think that maybe I should have taken it as a sign, but I still bought it.And this book, was kind of stupid I didn t really like it all that much Kailen was stupid and mean when you think he is nice, Brokk apparently is this though bodyguard guy that repeatedly gets beat up Ok, I haven t ripped into Brokk enough I want to make fun of him some He kidnaps Calli [...]

  • Enchantingly Cute Very Fast Read with some editing issues But overall I enjoyed the story It s about a girl who must overcome major changes in her life, her parents death, and finding out she s a fairy princess that everyone is depending on to take back her thrown I would be interested in reading about these characters

  • This was a super fast read for me It was a really enjoyable book and I will read the other books in the series when they come out Not the greatest book I ve read, but still a good read I m a sucker for anything faerie

  • In a word, I would describe Stay as cute How do I feel about it overall Ambivalent I finished this book about a month ago and it has taken me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to say, because I kept changing my mind.Let s start with The Love Interest When reading a book there is a tipping point from when you are sitting on a fence, considering backing a love interest, to when you ve fallen flat on your face Hard I backed Team Brokk from the beginning, because of the way he treated Call [...]

  • Okay, Stay is pretty quick paced to say the least Callie is kidnapped on like the second page, then she s taken to Petrona and proposed to on like the twentieth page I wont go into all the nitty gritty details, but let me tell you, there are plenty I feel like all of the information in this one book could have and maybe should have been divided up into its own little saga.As a result of Jackson s bombardingly rapid movement of plot, exploring certain events and characters is pretty much out of t [...]

  • Stay was a decent short read although the writing was lacking a few things The book is written in first person as Callie as the protagonist It was an enjoyable read but not a remarkable debut Honestly, Jackson would done a better effort in the book was greatly developed The story moved on very quickly and the characters were poorly identified C.C Jackson s writing within the dialogue was dull It seems as though Jackson rushed through the dialogue but the story was good.This book is about an eigh [...]

  • Stay by C.C Jackson follows a girl, Callie Rose, ripped from her home in the middle of the night and forced into the world of the fae a world she once belonged to, but has long since forgotten I bought this book because it was only 99 cents and came highly recommended by a couple friends While the dialogue came off as a little too formal in my opinion after all, this is a young adult book , Stay was fast paced and a truly quick read I finished it in two hours I absolutely cannot stand weak heroi [...]

  • Callie s life is about to to be flipped upside down She wakes up with a stranger in her room thinking it was her imagination until she s ripped from her bed and drug through the swamp and woods then underground tunnels She discovers her capture s name is Brokk and amazingly enough he s her betrothed He misguidedly and shall I say unceremoniously dumps her at the steps of the palace for her to be sequestered by the reigning queen LilithShe manages and escape and then is taken in by the exiled and [...]

  • This book was a great short read I picked it up and finished it within a few hours It flows really well and keeps you turning the page for , because you just have to know what is going to happen to Callie next.My only problem with this book was how easily it all did flow Sure, you had your fair share of battles or problems to face, but they all got resolved quite quickly I would have loved to seen the big battle at the end, be a little , well, big But, it does leave you wondering if there will b [...]

  • Overall 2 5 It was okay Characters 2 5Dialogue 3 5Plot 3 5Writing 2 5This book had a good story idea was pretty interesting, but there were many flaws that prevented me from truly liking this book First, Callie s actions don t seem very realistic When she is kidnapped and the guy finally sets her down, she doesn t even try to run away She just follows him into a dark cave Also, she falls in love way too fast And Callie is somehow able to learn to fight really well in a day, then master her power [...]

  • Stay is a brilliant fantasy novel C.C Jackson does a brilliant job of setting and maintaining the scene throughout the novel I was instantly transported to this world and was able to stay there for the whole novel.All the characters have a purpose within the novel and each is described so vividly that they become alive within your imagination.I did feel that parts of the novel where rushed and time should of been spent on these areas For example Callie s training and confrontation with the Quee [...]

  • Faeries I agreed to read and review this book because I love faeries Stay is about a human girl who was taken from her home in the middle of the night by Brokk, a very attractive fae guard of the tyrant queen fae.Callie, the main character learns that she s actually a princess in the fae world According to Brokk, she is summoned by the queen fae to formally introduce her to her people It was too late when they realize that the queen wanted to kill her and her parents because of the prophecy, tha [...]

  • Very Cute read I loved how I was transported to this very unique world of The Fae Callie is just an ordinary girl, or so she thinks, until one night she is forcibly taken from the confines of her home, by an ultra attractive man She can t help feeling the pull and attraction to him and is completely perplexed why Callie learns from her captor that they are destined to be together, and that she is actually the heir to the throne in Petrona The Land of The Fae Fairies.To make matters worse, the cu [...]

  • Stay is a fae story of Calliope Callie Rose who is taken from her home in the middle of the night, by a sexy abductor, who just happens to be her betrothed He, Brokk, was sent by the stand in Queen, Lilith Who, since the true Royals, Callie s parents, left for a better life, has been power tripping by raising taxes, pretty much just being a bitch to the kingdom Callie goes to the palace but soon realizes that she s just the queen s prisoner She escapes into the tunnels of far out Petrona There s [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading Stay Callie was an interesting character She was very determined when she was set on getting something done and I admired that about her When it came to Callie taking care of people and sticking up for herself she was phenomenal I was so disappointed in Kailen I had really high hopes for him Oh well Tha language in the book seemed so proper and then Callie will say something like I hate your freaking guts It was really hard trying to hear the characters voices in my head [...]

  • While it took me quite awhile to find this book, It was not what I was expecting There way something s were written left my mind reeling, but other than that it was a good easy read So if you want to read a book that is quick and easy on the mind this is it This book is written in first person so if you are the kind of reader that minds that then this is not the book for you The character development is their its just in the beginning stages and think that in the later books we will see charact [...]

  • This is an unfair rating and review because I ve only read about a couple of pages of this book I just can t bring myself to go on Callie is just so darn annoying and unrealistic I can t seem to get over the fact that callie is crushing on the guy who snatched her from her bed, a stranger who kidnapped her Is she afraid No She thinks the stranger who snatched her has beautiful blue eyes And oh, that he seems to be sad and in pain Is this girl for real I literally not figuratively slapped the scr [...]

  • This was a first reads giveaway It didn t impact my review in any way, although it did stretch me into a genre I hadn t read before If you like books about fairies, this would probably be an enjoyable read I was hoping I would get past the wings to enjoy the story, but it wasn t like Harry Potter or Twilight where the story is than the elements Callie tended to solve her boy problems by punching them out, and I didn t think that was a healthy approach Other than the female on male violence and [...]

  • This book was a nice twist to young adult books,with the protagonist Callie a likable character It was somewhat a mystery because you can t trust anyone Callie s change from an ordinary girl to a fairy princess was for the most part smooth despite several leaps I don t particularly like love triangles,but this one came to my liking Although it was a nice novel,some peaces such as instant love and Callie s ability to accept being kidnapped were too spontaneous.Overall an entertaining book

  • I was honestly a bit disappointed in this one The characters were underdeveloped and the story and actions happened and then moved on to quickly for you to wonder about A lot of it consisted of the author just stating what happened and not so much of a play by play of conversation It was a cute read and I liked many parts, but it was not very well written and worth only the.99 cents I spent on it.

  • This is a short and fast paced book The main character annoyed me Kinda like Buffy out of the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I still really enjoyed it If you are kinda hanging around and want a light fantasy read, this is a good one to pick up Mind you, the eBook I had was littered with typo s and lord knows if I see them, there must have been some pretty bad ones You ve been warned grammar natzis

  • This was a Good Reads First Reads Win for me I was kind of going into it not knowing what the out come would be it got mixed reviews by the readers Also about some of the miscorrections there was in the book I however LOVED it I laughed and I thought about the book when I was not able to be reading it I enjoyed it alot and the drama and situations that was brought into it I am looking forward to reading by this author

  • I had a few problems with this book first off it kept going back and forth between two guys and both relationships where really rushed and her grammar Gah I was getting so frustrated Over all it was an okay read, it just felt like events were just thrown into there and it didn t run very smoothly at all And another thing SPOILER ALERT we never met Callie s parents so I didn t feel a deep sadness when ever they died.

  • 4.5 rather than 4 Great story for MG YA readers who love fae and fantasy The plot was fun and lively, with wonderful descriptions.At times it felt just a tiny bit rushed, and there were a few editing oopses , but other than that, the story of Callie Rose was quite enjoyable, and I recommend it for those looking for an entertaining and romantic fantasy I look forward to the further adventures author C.C Jackson has in store for her characters in this series

  • This is the first book that I have read in years I know that sounds crazy but I never seem to have time to read any between work and kids I started reading this one night at work on my iPhone and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN Every free second that I got, I was pulling it up and reading it I can t wait for the next book in the series I hope that it s out soon

  • This is the first book that I have read in years I know that sounds crazy but I never seem to have time to read any between work and kids I started reading this one night at work on my iPhone and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN Every free second that I got, I was pulling it up and reading it I can t wait for the next book in the series I hope that it s out soon

  • Stay was an ok book I think that the author just breezed over a lot of things that would make the book better It just seemed like it hit the three or four main things in the book and then the end I don t know if I will read the next book in the series when it comes out.

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